Top 5 Things We Love About The Volkswagen Caddy

For anyone out there looking for a small van, The Volkswagen Caddyis a clear top choice. Not only will you get around 70 mpg and a maximum payload of 739kg, but its suspension also makes it a very comfortable ride. Not bad at all for a compact van!

And it has all the mod cons too - great road holding, provided by front MacPherson strut suspension and telescopic shock absorbers. It also promises to keep you safe with ABS, Engine Braking Control & Traction Control System.

Available in three trim levels – Startline, Trendline & Highline as well as short and long body lengths the Caddy is a small but mighty van, perfect for electricians, caterers, couriers, cleaning services and even dog walkers/groomers. So, let's take a look at the top 5 best bits:

1)     The Reversing Camera

The VW Caddy has an excellent reversing camera which is included with the highline trim level. Simply knock the van into reverse and up pops the screen which shows you what's behind you! It also comes with a proximity warning. Excellent!


2) The Hatch Door

The hatch door at the back of the Caddy is not only easy to open, but will shield you from the sun & give you shelter when it rains. Perfect for when you're working in all (unpredictable) weathers throughout the year.


3) Under-Seat Storage

This Caddy also gives you some brilliant under-seat storage, just open this hatch, pop something in and shut the door. The only thing for you to do is to remember you've stashed something in there!


4) Radar Cruise Control

Why have normal cruise control when you can have Radar Cruise Control? It's true that Volkswagen could have just installed a normal cruise control into the Caddy & you'd have been happy, but they didn't. You're blessed with a radar transmitter & receiver which allows you to keep your van moving at a safe, constant speed.


5) Ply Lining

We can all appreciate a bit of ply lining here at Vanarama & what's not to like about the ply lining installed in this van. Their ply lining is Volkswagen build quality, so it's installed with perfection. They could have shoved a bit of timber in here, but every curve of this van is covered & sealed, ready for you to use. They've even made the grain go in the same way, it's beautiful.


Want to know more about this leading small van, why not take a look at our Volkswagen Caddy review?

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