Van ply lining – why it works and where to get it done

Want ply lining in your van? Sensible choice...Ply lining the load space of a van is in high demand, mainly because it's an affordable and sensible way to keep your van spick and span. But how does it work and where can you get it done? Vanarama's Tom Roberts reports.

You can't always keep your van tidy, but you can protect the metal work – especially in the load space. Ply lining a van is a widespread practice, especially among tradespeople looking to keep their van's interior unscratched and scuff-free.

Leasing is one of the most popular ways to drive a brand-new van, and as part of most lease agreements you need to keep the van in relatively good nick (because of fair wear and tear guidelines) – that's where ply lining can save you from incurring any charges at the end of your contract.

Why ply line a van?

Of all the linings available to van drivers – alongside vinyl, mainly – ply wood is a great choice because of its sturdiness and adaptability.

First thing's first, the metalwork in the load space of a van is likely to take the biggest beating as you load and unload. A ply wood covering offers a smoother loading surface and scratching the ply is hugely preferable to doing permanent damage to the metal.

Where can I get ply lining fitted?

If you lease your van – or are thinking of leasing – most companies (including us) will be able to have it fitted for you before the vehicle is delivered. It can be paid for in one go or split across your lease term's monthly rentals making it a very affordable way to protect your van.

Alternatively, there are likely to be plenty of suppliers around your area who are more than prepared and capable to ply line your van. Some of the more industrious among you may even be able to fit it yourselves – but if you're leasing a commercial vehicle, there are easier ways to get ply lining.

Leasing a van? Ply line it!

Just a tip: if you're thinking of leasing a van, on certain contracts you'll have to hand the vehicle back at the end of the term – the vehicle will be checked over and any damage deemed NOT to be "fair wear and tear" will be charged to you.

Ply lining is therefore an elegant solution because you can damage it as much as you like and remove it before you hand it back.

What other benefits does ply lining offer?

Simply put, ply wood provides a great surface for construction of your own internal storage solutions. I've seen some truly excellent examples of home-made wooden storage in the backs of vans where tradespeople have built directly onto the ply lining.

You can also drill mounting holes for purpose-built storage solutions straight into ply lining. Modular storage solutions are incredibly popular amongst tradespeople – especially in medium vans where every inch of space can count.

A final ode to ply lining

So, raise a glass to ply lining your van, because not only does it protect your vehicle, it offers a durable loading surface and blank canvas for you to build your storage solutions onto.

All in all, I'd say that pretty much nails this blog home.

Enjoyed this blog? Why not take a look at this one about the best and worst motorway service stations in England, or if you're thinking about leasing a brand-new van why not take a look at our deals? Alternatively, if you want to find out more about the ply lining options we can offer, give us a call on 01442 838195.

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