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Vanarama's moving experience - Rapid growth signals relocation

Published on Wednesday 07 May 2014 in Company News

Vanarama's moving experience - Rapid growth signals relocation

We hope that, as one of our valued customers, you will have been blissfully unaware of the fact that we have relocated and your buying experience will have flowed as smoothly as ever. But you might be interested to know that, following rapid expansion, we have moved to Mark Road in Hemel Hempstead; and no, we didn't need to hire a man with a van!

Targeted investment in our website and industry leading staff training, coupled with a healthy construction sector has meant a huge increase in business for Vanarama and seen our staff numbers grow by 30% in the last two months. We are already the largest supplier of new commercial vehicles in the UK employing more than 60 staff at our head office and with a network of 40 regional salespeople. As we were already bursting at the seams at our old location, the staff are certainly enjoying having room to stretch their legs at the bigger offices in Hemel Hempstead.

We won't be deserting our old location altogether though as Managing Director, Andy Alderson, explains, "Our base near Tring has served us well and will remain an important part of our local presence, with a forecourt selling used vehicles as well as a vehicle workshop, used to fit accessories and make sure all our new vehicles are in tiptop condition before they go to our customers."

Boom times for all

The great news is that it's not just Vanarama which is benefitting from a healthier building climate. Figures show that the construction sector remains 15% behind where it was in 2007, so we predict that the economy will continue to recover. We speak to construction workers from small and medium sized companies on a daily basis and it's clear that confidence in the sector is high. For the first time in years the Chancellor and respected economists are united in projecting strong growth for the UK economy. A large part of that growth is being delivered by the construction sector and while headline writers will focus on things like the Government's 'Help to Buy' scheme and the big builders' share prices, there are literally thousands of smaller businesses in building and related trades as well as a multitude of other SME's, that are benefiting from the burgeoning construction sector and the part it is playing in our growing economy.

So, the chances are we are not the only business benefitting from a building boom and hope that you are reaping rewards too.