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Whatta Vanarama Van! New TV advert makes waves

Published on Wednesday 04 July 2018 in Company News

Whatta Vanarama Van! New TV advert makes waves

Whatta Vanarama van!

Vanarama's brand-new TV advert has landed – making its debut on ITV1 in the advert breaks around the 2018 World Cup match between England and Belgium. Whatta ad, whatta van, whatta Vanarama van!

If you were watching England play Belgium on ITV1, you'll have definitely seen the new TV advert from Vanarama make its debut – how could you miss it?! The lyrics of Salt 'n' Pepa's 1994 version of Whatta Man have been changed to "Whatta van"...and you can guess the rest...

Whatta van, whatta van, whatta van...

If you're anything like us, you'll want to watch it again and again…if only to check out the van driver's reaction when a troupe of bright orange-clad dancers saunter towards him while he's enjoying his lunch in his newly-leased Vanarama van.

But that's nothing compared to when they surround his vehicle and begin twerking, flipping and popping & locking as he joins in.

THAT'S the reaction of a man who's leased a Vanarama Van. Why? Because he hasn't made do, he's leased brand new and didn't need no big deposit! Check out the main page here.