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Why lease it?

Published on Thursday 22 February 2018 in Van News

Why lease it?

The real question is…why WOULDN'T you lease it?

Leasing is not always top dog when it comes to people deciding between leasing and buying a vehicle…but, it should be. Why would you buy, when leasing comes with SO many perks? Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

It all boils down to whether you DO or DON'T want to save money, drive a vehicle without worrying about depreciation, AND experience the prestige and premium feel that comes with driving a brand-new vehicle!

Maybe I should be a bit clearer…


Reason No. 1 to lease

You can't escape the fact that buying a vehicle outright, old or new, will involve a lump sum.

The beauty about leasing is that it doesn't involve a huge upfront payment, and it lets you drive a brand-new vehicle, for a small deposit and manageable monthly costs. Leasing means you'll be paying a fraction of the price for a brand-new vehicle, than if you were to buy outright.

And, not only does it allow you to sidestep the big upfront payment, but it means that you're freeing up money for you to invest elsewhere in your business as well.

Do you need more persuading? I thought so. Well, here's more proof…


Reason No. 2 to lease

The reality is, when you purchase a vehicle, you are essentially buying an asset that is constantly depreciating – and, where's the sense in this?

When you lease a brand-new vehicle, you can forget worrying about depreciation, because it won't affect you and your new motor. This is because on certain contracts you'll be handing it back anyway, with the chance to then lease ANOTHER luxury vehicle – an ideal situation if you ask me.

And, don't just take my word for it, there's an old saying: "If it appreciates in value, buy it. If it depreciates in value, lease it." That's not coming from me, but from a famous oil tycoon called Paul Getty.


Reason No. 3 to lease

Another issue that arises with buying an older vehicle is their lack of warranties as they only last for the first few years of a vehicle's life. This means that when you buy an older vehicle, you're unlikely to see the perks of its warranty.

However, leasing means you'll feel the full effects of a warranty. This is because most typical lease agreements last for 3 years and this just happens to be the usual length of a vehicle's warranty anyway. So, during your leased vehicle's life with you, you'll be protected from any surprise repair bills.


Reason No. 4 to lease

Last, but not least – the prestige that comes with driving a brand-new vehicle is second to none. Leasing gives you the chance to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that you might not have been able to afford, if you were to buy it outright.

If you don't believe me, check out our deals on our website here, and you'll see exactly what I mean!


Take it or LEASE it!

Well, there you have our BIG reasons why leasing trumps buying. Has it been enough to persuade you?

When it comes to leasing, you've got nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain.

If you've got any questions about leasing, or if you would like to speak to a member of our team about finance or our deals, call us on 01442 838195. We are always happy to help.