Working harder, better, faster and stronger to provide brilliant customer service for you

Vanarama is on a journey and you're the reason why. When you receive outstanding customer service, it has the ability to empower you and make you feel special. You shouldn't need to be considered a VIP to receive this, it should happen naturally.The introduction of the Hearts and Minds: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger programme by Vanarama will ensure you're at the forefront of everything we do. Nine members of staff have been selected as Service Ninjas to lead the company in delivering you with class leading customer service.

Being good, isn't good enough

Our aim is to be brilliant, consistently brilliant. This will be achieved by being passionate about how you're treated. We want you to feel special, because you are special to us.Sustainable and successful businesses are built upon exceptional service and strong levels of staff engagement. We want to provide you with the best service possible. With all of our staff being involved in customer service training, we will accomplish this.

Service Ninjas lead the way to share customer service skills and expertise

Michael Heppell is renowned for being a leading expert on customer service, having written six international best-selling books on the subject. He designed the Hearts and Minds programme for Vanarama which was launched at the Ashridge Business School to over 100 members of staff.Michael explained how everyone has the skills to perform fantastic service by setting high expectations and striving to meet them constantly. He was supported by the Service Ninjas who have rolled out the first of 26 staff workshops called Sizzle Sessions. These will include providing staff with the skills and knowledge to deliver you service excellence.

Making your experience easy and enjoyable

It's our intention to make sure your process of ordering a vehicle is as easy as possible for you. From your first contact with us, to the day you take delivery and the whole life of your vehicle - we are here for you. Service Ninja, Sue Stacey said: "Our customers deserve a flawless experience and that's what we're going to give. I'm aiming high and we're all aiming high together."

Always striving to improve your service

Vanarama is committed to customer service. In 2014 the first Hearts and Minds mission was kicked off. This helped us to understand what you expect from us and reinforced the importance of surpassing your needs. Two years later and we're still looking to improve in our roles and dealing with you. New systems and ways of working have been introduced to do this. You can now order your vehicle online 24/7 and an electronic procedure is in place for you to return your documents to us using mobile devices. Your comments and feedback assisted us to develop and offer better support to you.

Being brilliant for you

Phil Humber is a Service Ninja and identified the benefit of becoming a slicker company as vital in offering you first class customer service. "Our customers are busy and it's our job to make everything run smoothly. I like that they can rely on us and trust Vanarama. The Hearts and Minds programme will bring us closer to our customers and make sure that we're brilliant for them."Engagement and dedication are key in providing you with customer service which'll make you feel special. We're working harder, better, faster and stronger to achieve this as we embark on our journey together.

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