Vanarama 1000 Excess Mileage Buffer Cover Terms & Conditions


-          **Customer **means the person or firm who purchases the Goods and/or Services from the Supplier.

-          **Damage Charge **means the damage charges sent to the Customer from the Funder at the End of Contract as part of the Vehicle Rental Agreement specified in the vehicle rental agreement

-          **End of Contract **means the end of the agreed term of the Vehicle Rental Agreement specified by the Supplier and the Funder.

-          **Excess Mileage Charge **means End of Contract charge for driven distance that exceeds maximum allowed mileage, usually levied on Pence Per Mile (PPM) basis at the End of Contract as part of the Vehicle Rental Agreement

-          **Fair Wear and Tear **means the most recent British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) guidelines and "Fair Wear and Tear" shall be interpreted in accordance with those guidelines;

-          **Funder – **The manufacturer or Lease provider who finances the lease on the Vehicle provided to the Customer

-          **Services **means the services described within this Terms and Conditions document – Mileage Booster and Up to £500 Damage Cover

-          **Supplier **means Vanarama, a commercial model of Autorama UK Ltd Registered in England and Wales under registration number: 05137709

-          **Term **means the fixed period for the provision of the Services in relation to the Vehicle as specified in the Schedule.

-          **Vehicle **means a vehicle in respect of which the Supplier has agreed to supply the Services specified in the Vehicle Rental Agreement.

-          **Vehicle Rental Agreement /Schedule **means a supplementary document in the form annexed or such other form as the Supplier may specify describing the Vehicle and specifying the Term, the Services to be provided in relation to the Vehicle.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Service Vanarama "1000 Excess Mileage Buffer Cover" operated by Autorama UK Ltd.

Your access to and use of the above services are conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all who access or use the Service.

By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service.

The Services "1000 Excess Mileage Buffer Cover" will begin on delivery date of the customers lease vehicle provided by Vanarama – a commercial model of Autorama UK Ltd.

"1000 Excess Mileage Buffer Cover" is available to all Vanarama Customers who take a new **Vehicle lease **ordered from the Vanarama website between 01/09/18 to 30/06/20.

1000 Excess Mileage Buffer Cover

1000 Excess Mileage Buffer Cover protects customers from excess mileage charges at the end of their lease.

Annual mileage limits are aggregated across the term of your contract – if you select 10,000 miles per year, under a 3-year lease you have 30,000 to use across the full term. Handing the vehicle back (on relevant leases) with excessive mileage will normally incur charges for any miles above your mileage limit.

The Supplier agrees to reimburse the customer at the end of contract up to 1,000 miles of excess mileage of the contracted mileage over the full term of the lease agreement.

1000 Excess Mileage Buffer Cover available to the customer will be calculated as per the example below:

Customer contracted mileage (Full Term) + 1,000 miles = 1000 Excess Mileage Buffer Cover

Contracted Mileage @ 30,000 miles + 1,000 extra miles = 1000 mile Mileage Buffer Cover

In the example above the Supplier would reimburse up to 1,000 miles excess mileage charge at the agreed Pence Per Mile (PPM) rate within the Vehicle Rental Agreement if the customer were to go over contracted mileage within said Vehicle Rental Agreement.

How to claim:

The Customer returns the Vehicle at End of contract, to the Funder:

  1. Excess Mileage statement or invoice is sent to the Customer by the Funder

  2. The Customer pays the funder excess mileage charges and keeps a proof of payment

  3. The Customer completes a claim form supplied by Vanarama here, uploading both the original statement and the proof of payment within 90 days of the excess mileage invoice date from the funder

  4. The Customer will be reimbursed the charges via pre-paid Mastercard within 28 days

  5. Further notes :
    a) This offer covers the original contracted mileage only and is only available at the end of the vehicle contract as stated in the lease agreement, unless the leased mileage is changed through schedule update mid term.**
    **b) The offer will not be valid if vehicle is terminated early or before the end of the contracted lease agreement.