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Service Plus

Cost-Effective Vehicle Maintenance In 1 Simple Package

Keeping your leased van or pickup truck in top condition is key to keeping your business moving, but it shouldn't cost a fortune - that's why we created Service Plus.

Service Plus is the only cost-effective vehicle maintenance package built for leasing! Add it to your lease and you're covered for all routine servicing, maintenance & standard tyre usage for a hassle-free, affordable monthly charge.

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A man with a clipboard, servicing a van

Service Plus Includes

  • Routine servicing & maintenance (mobile servicing available).
  • Any warranty-related work requested by a manufacturer.
  • All batteries, brake pads & exhaust replacement caused by fair wear & tear.
  • Work required to keep the vehicle roadworthy. E.g. oil & antifreeze.
  • Standard usage tyre replacement, including 1 accidental tyre per year.
  • MOTs, if required.

What's NOT Included?

  • Fuel, Ad Blue, washing or parking charges.
  • Any repairs or maintenance required because of accidental, negligent or wilful damage caused by the driver - including mis-fuelling.
  • Damage to glass. E.g. windscreens or mirrors.
  • Replacing normal tyres with winter tyres.
  • Any service or repair work for converted bodies, tail lifts or refrigerated vehicles.
A man with a clipboard, servicing a van

Why Do You Need Maintenance?

Regular maintenance means you & your van or pickup truck stay mobile and keep making money - but if something goes wrong & you don't keep up to date with maintenance, your wallet could get hit down the line.

Check out these costs for the top 3 mechanical problems caused by ignoring your maintenance schedule:

  1. Cam (timing) belt replacement - This part is usually due to be changed at around 5 years or 60,000 miles and is essential to avoid breakage and catastrophic engine failure. Strap yourself in - for a VW Caddy it's a whopping £527 and for other vehicles it could much higher if you don't have Service Plus!
  2. Tyres - A set of 4 for a Mercedes Vito will blow a hole in your wallet to the tune of £640! With Service Plus you'd be covered for standard use replacements & 1 accidentally damaged tyre replacement each year.
  3. Brake discs and pads - At 40,000 miles it won't be long before the brakes on your Ford Transit need attention. Get ready to break out the credit card because heading your way is a bill for new discs and pads of £581 unless you have a solid maintenance package.