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Škoda Octavia Estate Car Leasing

Why Lease the Škoda Octavia Estate?

Škoda Octavia Estate

The fourth generation Skoda Octavia Estate has grown in both size and sophistication, but it still great value for money when it comes to monthly leasing rates. Plus equipment levels remain generous and you can get even more in thanks to an increase in load capacity that offers up to 640-litres of space out back.

Model History & Overview

The concept of a small or mid-sized estate car has always seemed to be something of a contradiction in terms. You lease an estate because you need lots of room out back, maybe for your dogs, for lugging about the luggage of your university-bound son or daughter or for that regular trip to the garden centre. So an estate that isn’t really very big, might for you not really be very much use. The problem is, the ones you might be able to afford probably won’t be very big, but here’s an exception 0 The Skoda Octavia Estate.

This is the MK4 model and it’s very decently-sized, measuring in at 4.69m in length, which makes it 22mm longer than its direct predecessor – which itself wasn’t small by Focus-class standards. It’s also 15mm wider than it was before. That’s all translated into 30-litres more boot space with this generation model and, as before, there is very generous passenger room.

The finish is classy and there are infotainment screens that are just as sophisticated as those as your find in a Passat. As usual with a Skoda, there are lots of practical ‘Simply Clever’ features. Things like a helpful Ad Blue nozzle for the diesel versions and familiar additions like an ice scraper hidden in the fuel cap. Or a ticket clip on the driver’s-side A-pillar. There’s also a big improvement in camera safety provision.


Most Popular Options

Vanarama customers get a choice of three Octavia Estate trim levels. Either ‘SE First Edition’, ‘SE L’ or ‘SE L First Edition’. All three spec options feature the two core engines in the range, a 1.5-litre TSI 150PS petrol and a 2.0 TDI 116PS diesel. With base ‘SE First Edition’-spec, there’s an entry-level 3 cylinder 1.0 TSI petrol unit available. And with the two plusher trim options, you’ll also be offered a 150PS version of the 2.0 TDI diesel, complete with DSG auto transmission.


Obvious rivals include the Ford Focus Estate, Kia Ceed Sportswagon, the Peugeot 308 SW, and the Renault Megane Sport Tourer although none of these alternatives will give you as much space as you’d get in an Octavia Estate.


In a market currently obsessed with SUVs and crossovers, it’s refreshing to report that this Octavia Estate is still one of those cars that we’d really recommend. Previous versions of this model were class-leadingly spacious, but rather drab and dull inside. This one has really sharpened up its act when it comes to the interior and it feels built to last. Basically, what you’re getting here is a mid-size estate for the price of a compact one. And that’s got to be an attractive proposition.