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You Never Know How A Used Van's Been Used

Don't buy used... lease brand new! Leasing a new van could actually cost you less. So what are you waiting for?

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Don't buy used... lease brand new!

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Of customers say if you turned up in a used van, it would affect their decision to employ you.


Of customers say if you turned up in a used van, it would affect their decision to recommend you.


Of customers say if you turned up in a used van, they would question your professionalism.

Leasing a new van could actually cost you less.

So what are you waiting for?

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Top 10 costly problems with used vans

Used vans are called "used" for a reason... they're full of whatever the previous owners have left behind & are probably hiding some costly mechanical issues too. There's no best time to buy a used van, even if you have a checklist!

Here are the top 10 wallet-hitting problems every used van could be hiding:

  1. Leaks & Drips The older a van is, the more likely it is to leak (just like us). Oil leaks are easy to spot and one of the top things to look for when buying a used van. Water leaks aren't & could mean a leak in the cooling system, a faulty radiator or a blown cylinder head gasket!
  2. Rust Bucket Even the most reliable used vans get rusty! Under the wings, sills & bumpers is where you'll find the rust hiding. Push it with your finger... if it gives way & crunches it's already deep in the metalwork.
  3. Flaky Interior Seatbelts, electric windows, warning lights, the dreaded engine management light & more, they could all go wrong in a used van... & what is THAT stain on the passenger seat?!
  4. Ageing Suspension A used van might bounce nicely when you first buy it, but the suspension coils have probably already taken a pounding rolling on & off sites. If they break, they're not cheap to replace.
  5. Engine Miles 40,000 miles on the clock is good mileage for a used van, but that still means the engine has done loads of work. You have to hope whoever owned it before you kept the vehicle's servicing up to date.
  6. Noisy Air Con If the air con is loud it could mean the compressor is about to break, & you'd better check the heater too because if both break you either have to lump it in the heat/cold or shell out.
  7. Flickering Lights A used van's lights will tell you everything you need to know about its electrical system's health. Even a tiny flicker could be the first glimpse of a huge & costly problem in the electrics.
  8. Dodgy Tyres They probably look okay, but even tyres can be cleaned to look shiny & new. When a tyre blows it can cause serious damage to the wheel, axle, suspension, body work, & even cause a crash.
  9. Old Brakes If a used van can't stop in a straight line, the brake discs & pads are worn down & probably dangerous... that'll cost you in safety & cash because a new set of discs & pads isn't cheap!
  10. Steering Issues Power steering is great, but as the system gets older turning will feel sluggish. Best case, the fluid level needs topping up. Worst case, the pump is broken & needs urgently replacing.

And there are far more than just these 10 problems. Don't make do with buying a used van, you're probably just buying someone else's baggage & costly problems. Lease a brand new one & put that list out of your mind completely.

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