Van Insurance FAQs

We try to make everything about van insurance a little clearer, so we've put together the answers to the questions we get asked the most. Enjoy!
    • Before you give us a call, make sure you have these things to hand:

      Vehicle details (make, model, reg number, etc). Your full address & postcode. Your driving licence. Number of years of No-Claims Bonus (NCB). Claims & convictions details (if any) for the past 5 years. Details of any other drivers including their licence details.

    • You can enter the vehicle's year of manufacture, make & model instead.

    • Yes, you can, but we will need this info if you decide to purchase a policy

    • It's what you need to pay if you make a claim. For example, if you have a £100 excess on your policy then you pay the first £100 of the claim you make.

    • These include your policy excess, loss of earnings, vehicle hire charges, personal injury damages (such as compensation for whiplash). Other losses may include vehicle repair costs (if third party cover), medical fees, compensation for the loss of use of your vehicle, damage to personal belongings, vehicle recovery, storage charges & out of pocket expenses.

    • Even if an accident is not your fault, no insurance policy will cover ALL your losses – these are known as uninsured losses. Our Legal cover, however, can provide uninsured loss recovery and legal expenses up to £100,000.

    • No, cover is provided for the vehicle shown in your motor insurance certificate only & the named drivers on the policy.

    • Yes – subject to the insurer's terms & conditions.

    • This is the number of years you have been insured & not made a claim. You need proof of NCB when you purchase a new policy.

    • The table shows the Private Car discount awarded for each year of No Claims Bonus in 2019

      | NCB | Weighted Average | |--------------------------|------------------| | 0 | 0% | | 1 | 24% | | 2 | 33% | | 3 | 38% | | 4 | 36% | | 5 | 52% | | 6 | 41% | | 7 | 44% | | 8 | 47% | | 9 | 49% | | Max | 51% |

      CMA declaration Feb 2020

    • If you decide to take protection out on your no claims bonus (NCB), you will be able to make a certain number of claims before your number of NCB years falls. Please refer to your policy wording for full details. NCB protection does not protect the overall price of your insurance policy. The price of your insurance policy may increase following an accident even if you were not at fault.

    • Yes, we can accept a No Claims Bonus earned on another vehicle.

    • A renewal notice, policy schedule or letter from the previous insurance company is fine by us.

    • This site uses the latest technology to ensure that your payment details are secure. Take a look at our terms & conditions for more info.

    • No.

    • It's a guaranteed fixed premium per year for your whole lease. This means that if you don't have any accidents, driving endorsements, or make any changes to your cover, we can guarantee your premium will stay the same EVERY year. This excludes any changes in tax rates that the government might make.

    • Over 50% of people could get one tomorrow! Give us a call on 01442 838173 to find out if you're one of them.