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Short-Term Van Insurance

Van insurance should be about convenience.

And that's why Vanarama offers useful, short-term van insurance solutions to keep you covered in every situation for added value and peace of mind.

Need to drive a vehicle that isn't yours, or insure a temporary driver on yours? If you don't want the hassle or expense of adjusting your existing annual policy, temporary insurance cover can offer a cost-effective and flexible option. Policies are available from 1-28 days, and because the policy is separate from any other insurance policy you have – you won't have to worry about it affecting your no claims discount.

In association with:

*Vanarama has entered into an arrangement with the UK's largest provider of short term van insurance policies, You can find a link to their webpage below. Your policy will be arranged by Tempcover Ltd an independent insurance broker, and your policy will be with one of a number of insurers. You should ensure that you read all documents carefully to check that they meet your needs.