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Vanarama Switch Guarantee

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join Vanarama and that is why we will also cover the cost of switching your insurance if your existing insurance isn't due for renewal. So if your current insurer charges a cancellation fee, then we will cover up to £50* when you switch to Vanarama Insurance.


Cancellation Fee

Any insurer or broker cancellation fees or administration fees, incurred as a direct result of the customer cancelling their current insurance product, including add ons. This does not include premium owing.

Evidence of Cancellation Fees

Any document from a previous insurer which confirms the exact amounts charged to the customer for cancellation, excluding any premium owing. General policy terms are not acceptable.

*Terms and conditions

1. You may lose any partial No Claims Discount (NCD) entitlement you have accumulated for the current year with your previous provider on your policy if you switch insurance provider mid-term.

2. The offer covers up to £50 of cancellation charges when switching from another insurer.

3. You will need to supply written proof from your previous insurer of the cancellation fee you have paid within 30 days of taking out a policy. Please send this to [email protected]

4. The offer is only valid when you have purchased a new Vanarama Insurance annual policy.

5. Once Vanarama have verified the documentation and first payment has been made Vanarama will refund you the cancellation fee.

6. The switching offer will not affect your annual premium.

7. Only available for Vanarama leasing customers whom have taken delivery of the covered vehicle within the last 90 days.