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  • Hi, My name is Rebecca Taylor and I am currently leasing a Nissan Quashqai from you. I am 10 months into my contract but due to unforeseen circumstance (falling pregnant) the car is no longer suitable for my needs. I have my partners 2 children every weekend and my 2 daughters all the time so am in desperate need of a bigger car with more seats so we are able to go out as a family. Is there something that can be done to change/amend my current contract in order to suit my needs? Many thanks Beccy

    Dominic Tutton

    Our expert Dominic answered...

    Hello Rebecca, thanks for your question. We can certainly look at this, a member of our dedicated Customer Service Team will be in touch today to discuss further with you and see the options that would be available to you. Kind regards, Dominic Tutton.

    Question asked 27/11/2017
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