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  • Hi there if you lease say a car for 3years can you just exchange it for another one and have a role over payment it just continues? Or do you have to pay a final deposit I the cost of the car? I was looking at the mini cooper diesel,do you get a choice if colour? Cheers

    Dominic Tutton

    Our expert Dominic answered...

    Hello Della, thanks for your question. Usually, the vehicle goes back to the leasing company and you can get a new agreement this is called Contract Hire. However, we do have agreements that will allow you to part exchange the vehicle at the end which are called PCP agreements’. Both types of agreements make leasing a car very affordable depending on your circumstances, and we have many cars in stock in various colors so this is not limited. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact one of our specialists on 01442 835765. Kind regards, Dominic Tutton.

    Question asked 25/12/2017
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