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  • Hi My sister Angie-Leigh McPike recently received a new Ford Ranger pick up from Vanarama around mid December, I am unsure f the exact date. I am her brother and also a guarantor for the pick up. As part of the deal to get the van I had to pay a £1000 deposit on the van on my sisters behalf and I understand I would receive £820 back as there was admin cost of £180. I am wondering when I would receive the £820 back as I was told I would get the money back when the van got delivered. My sister has told me she has phoned and spoke to you about the matter but I don’t think she has been giving me the correct information and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Rob Cox

    Our expert Rob answered...

    Hello David, thank you for your question. Following on from your question, I have forwarded this on to the Customer Service team who will assist you on this. We will make sure this gets sorted out. Kind regards, Rob Cox.

    Question asked 03/01/2018
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