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  • Can the van be returned before send of lease ? Can the van be changed for a different one after a period of time ie . Upgrade, if so what are the charges for both questions ?

    Mike Daly

    Our expert Mike answered...

    Hi Nathan, thanks for your question. All our lease agreements have the ability to be terminated early be it to upgrade or to exit an agreement without replacing the vehicle.

    This may involve a termination charge (you must pay off an agreement before looking at a new agreement)  or in the case of Finance Lease agreements, you may have to sell or part exchange the vehicle and pay an “Early Settlement” figure which could result in/involve negative equity that the customer would need to pay.

    All customers need do is request and Early Termination quotation whenever they are thinking of using an early exit option.

    All early termination quotes are no obligation, meaning they do not have to go through with the early termination option if they decide to retain the vehicle as per the original contract.

    Charges for early termination/settlement will depend on when the termination is being requested.   We would need registration number and vehicle current mileage to obtain a quote from the funder to provide absolute clarity of charges. Kind Regards, Mick.



    Question asked 31/01/2018
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