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  • Hi I am starting a new business taking over the deliveries for the company I'm currently employed with so I know there is a guaranteed income. I am looking for 4 of your highest pay loaded long wheelbase vans on lease purchase to eliminate any hand back charges. Would it be possible to finance these with no deposit and with out having any business accounts, the only thing I would have is a 5 year delivery contract . My company will be VAT registered

    Richard Wells

    Our expert Richard answered...

    Hi David, thank you for getting in touch, We would love to help, we can supply the vehicles on a contract purchase agreement which at the end of the term if you would like to you can pay the final rental and own the vehicles, I have pastes the link to the product page for you to have a look at. Unfortunately as you are a new start business you will need to put down an initial rental, but please speak to one of the team who can have a look at the different options. Kind regards, Richard.


    Question asked 08/04/2018
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