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  • Hi we are seriously looking at leasing our next van I understand there is a payment up front and monthly payments, what I don't understand is some places have a end payment which is quite high what is that for if you've paid money up front and the monthly payments over the term why would you pay a balloon / residual payment at the end ? what happens when it comes to end of your contract term, can you apply for another new van ? who is responsible for maintenance / repairs what happens if it has to go in under warranty would an alternative van be supplied

    Richard Wells

    Our expert Richard answered...

    Hello Alison, thank you for getting in touch, there are a number of contract available some as you mentioned have final rentals or payments. It all depends on what you are looking to do at the end of the term, to explain in full it would be best to speak to you so we can explain all of the agreement in detail and recommend which one is best for you.

    I have attached below a link to our site which will explain the contracts, but if you could give us a call we could go into a little more detail,

    All of our vehicles are supplied direct from the main dealer so will come with a full manufactures warranty, however its up to you to service the vehicle, this can either be done yourself by using your local dealer or like a lot of our customers do you could decide to include the maintenance agreement which will include all of the servicing, Mot’s, brakes, bulbs wipers etc. Kind regards, Richard.



    Question asked 21/04/2018
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