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  • Our expert Richard answered... Unfortunately not, the finance companu does not give you the ability to transfer a lease from one person to another.

  • Our expert Gary answered... The minimum contract length for a lease with Vanarama is two years, up to a maximum of five years.

  • Our expert Mike answered... Unfortunately you cannot change your vehicle mid-contract. If you wanted a different vehicle, you would have to terminate your current lease and take out a new one.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Yes, if you pay a larger initial rental the monthly rentals will decrease. Likewise, the rental will also decrease if you lengthen the term of your contract.

  • Our expert Richard answered... There is an excess mileage charge if you go over your agreed mileage. The charge itself varies from finance company to finance company.

  • Our expert Dominic answered... I am afraid this is not possible. However, we can look at a deal with an initial rental as low as 1 month's payment, so that you can clear off the negative equity (subject to status and credit approval).

  • Our expert Richard answered... We always aim to keep the delivery mileage to a minimum, however, it would depend on where you live and which dealership has the vehicle. The delivery mileage will not count towards your agree contracted mileage.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Once your vehicle is delivered, you won't be able to amend the end date of your lease, unless you settle your agreement early. You may be able to change your mileage, but this would need to be discussed direct with the finance company.

  • Our expert Mike answered... The cost of leasing will depend on the contract type, the length of the lease and how many miles you'll do. Take a look at the vehicle you're interested in on our site and once you've entered in your specifications, you'll see the available deals.

  • Our expert Rob answered... Currently we only offer vehicles for 2-5 years. Typically these involve paying a small upfront payment and monthly rentals. Currently we do not offer a month by month lease on vehicles.

  • Our expert Rob answered... The initial payment will usually be taken 7- 10 days after delivery by direct debit.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Most finance companies have limitations on the mileage. The maximum most finance companies will allow is 50K per annum. Most of our funders will not allow the vehicle to be handed back with any more than 180,000 miles.

  • Our expert Mike answered... With contract hire you don't actually pay a 'deposit'. What you put down at the start of your contract is an initial payment and is part of your contractual rentals with the finance company. This payment is not refundable at the end of the term.

  • Our expert Richard answered... If you go for a contract hire agreement, you will be asked to estimate your annual mileage at the beginning of the contract, to establish the most suitable arrangement for you. You will be expected to stay within this mileage and would be charged for excess mileage at the end of the contract if you go over it. For Finance Lease agreements, you will still be asked about your typical mileage but excess mileage charges won't apply. Instead, your final rental (balloon) would be calculated based on the residual value of the vehicle at the end of the contract. That means it's still important for your mileage estimate to be accurate, as your mileage will impact the vehicle's residual value.

  • Our expert Richard answered... You will not be able to pay the full lease up front, however, you may be able to pay a large initial rental at the start of the agreement which will lower the monthly rentals over the term.

  • Our expert Gary answered... We will not charge you any admin or processing fees and there are no hidden charges when you lease a vehicle with us.

  • Our expert Richard answered... This would depend if you're a limited company. If this is the case, the new owner will automatically take over the lease of the van. However, if you're not a limited company, you'd need to talk to the finance company directly.

  • Our expert Mike answered... Subject to the type of personal lease you have, you may be able to extend it. This usually happens at the end of your contract.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Yes you can, the van can be used for both business and personal.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Unfortunately not, at the end of your lease, you'll need to hand back your vehicle to the finance company. Once this is done you can upgrade to a brand new vehicle.

  • Our expert Mike answered... Yes we do! With regards to insurance, we can also run a quote and find the best policy for you.

  • Our expert Dominic answered... Unfortunately not. These are all classed as 'hire and reward' which finance companies do not allow.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Yes! You'll simply need to notify the finance company so they can supply you with the vehicle documents needed to leave the country. I'd advise giving them at least a week's notice just to be safe.

  • Our expert Mike answered... There are no limitations on what you can carry in a van, however, depending on which type of contract you decide on, may determine the condition that the vehicle would be expected to be in at the end of your contract.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Yes we lease vehicles to both business and personal individuals for all industries.

  • Our expert Mike answered... If the sole use of the vehicle will be for your son, then the lease agreement would have to be in your son's name. Unfortunately the agreement could not go in to your name for your son's usage.

  • Our expert Mike answered... The cost of your insurance for a lease vehicle is not part of the agreement, however, Vanarama offers insurance seperately. We also offer Advanced Breakdown Cover for £7.50 per month including VAT, which includes full breakdown recovery, home start and a replacement commercial vehicle.