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  • Our expert Richard answered... No, unfortunately now. Anyone leasing a vehicle you would need to have a full and valid UK Driving Licence.

  • Our expert Gary answered... Right now our free, safe and contactless delivery is only available in mainland UK.

  • Our expert Richard answered... The minimum age to lease a vehicle is 18.

  • Our expert Richard answered... When running a credit score, the finance company use a scorecard system to mark the customer/business. There are a lot of factors taken into account outside of previous credit, including time at your address and the size of the initial rental.

  • Our expert Richard answered... We can definitely offer personal contract hire, however it may be a better idea to lease as a sole trader. Even though you're not VAT registered, you will still be able to offset the payments against your taxable profits, which you won't be able to do on a personal agreement. You'll need to double check this with your accountant, but it may be a better option than a personal lease. It will also mean that if for whatever reason you do turn VAT registered, you will be able to claim up to 100% of the VAT back.

  • Our expert Mike answered... There is no set time limit. We are associated with a number of lenders which all have different underwriting criteria. If your company has very little trading history recorded with credit agencies so far, you may need to supply supporting information like profit and loss and your latest balance sheets. Occasionally, as a new established limited company, some of our funders would require a guarantor in this instance, which is typically when a person or a larger company (often a parent company or another related company) will guarantee the lease. If you had previously traded as a sole trader before changing trading entity then the finance companies would ask you to provide your previous trading history.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Yes, you can still lease a vehicle with points on your licence. All we ask is that you carry a valid full UK Driving Licence.

  • Our expert Mike answered... Not at all. We offer both business and personal leasing.