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Leasing Process

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Is It Possible To View The Vehicle Before Proceeding With Finance Application? its A Vehicle That You Have In Stock.

No, unfortunately you're unable to view the vehicle. Although the majority of our vehicles are in stock they are in stock all around the country in various compounds.

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How Long It Takes To Get A Leased Vehicle From Start To Finish?

Once we have the finance approved and in place, providing the vehicle is in stock we aim to have the vehicle delivered to you direct within approximately 7-10 days. If the vehicle is not in stock and the order is a factory order, depending on the manufacturer the delivery could be up to 20 weeks.

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If A Deposit Is Paid And For Unforeseen Circumstances I Cannot Lease The Van, Will I Lose The Deposit?

If you cancel a lease order with us, the deposit will be refunded back to you in full.

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All Questions

What is the wait time for a new vehicle if I order from you?

Our expert Mike answered... Hello Lee, thanks for getting in touch. If the vehicle you order is in stock with our supplying dealer, the general turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks. If the vehicle is not in stock and is a factory order, subject to the manufacturer and the specific vehicle the lead time could be anywhere between 8 weeks up to 22 weeks. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please feel free to contact any of our specialist direct on 01442 838193 so we can discuss the options in greater detail. Alternatively, you can drop me an email with your contact details and I'll make sure one of my team give you a call. Kind regards, Mike Daly.

Hi I've ordered a new van from yourselves. I had to pay a Vehicle Reservation Fee of £400, does that come off and how long is it held for? thanks.

Our expert Richard answered... Hi James, the £500 Vehicle Reservation Fee is separate to the finance agreement, we require this to secure the vehicle. once you receive delivery we will refund the amount back to you minus any documentations fees that may be applicable. Kind regards, Richard Wells.

Hiya, me and my partner are looking to lease a LWB van. The lease would be in my name and the insurance inHis, is this a problem? Also, please can you explain the process of how we put the plans in motion? I.e do we need a deposit? Is it just an initial credit check then we pay a monthly payment? Also, how long would it take to actually get the van (when should we sell our current van) Many thanks.

Our expert Mike answered... Hello Charlotte, thank you very much for leaving your question on our website. With the insurance, if the agreement is in your name then the insurance would also need to be in your name however your partner can be on the insurance as a name driver. Depending on if you are a business and how the business is set up, or if you are looking at a personal contract, this may differ. To begin the process the first step would be for one of our specialists to make contact with you to discuss your requirements, vehicle type, annual mileage, contract type & monthly budget. There are various leasing contracts available which we will talk you through and together we can establish which contract will be a benefit to you and your business. The initial deposit for any of the contracts can vary from the equivalent of one monthly payment as a deposit up to any comfortable amount. Depending on your monthly budget we can calculate the deposit required to achieve the specific monthly figure. Once we have provided you with a quotation the next stage will be to submit the application to the lease company. We will require some further information from you to process this and then the lease company will carry out the initial credit check. Once the lease company has come back to us the next stage from here is to place the order for you and secure a vehicle. To do this we will require a Vehicle Reservation Fee of £500 which will be refunded back to you on the day the vehicle is delivered to you. From date of order to delivery date, if the vehicle is a stock vehicle, we will estimate an overall turnaround time of approximately 2-3 weeks. This allows time for all paperwork to be produced, issued and returned and once that is complete we can confirm a delivery date and have the vehicle delivered to you direct to you. If you would like to discuss this in greater detail Charlotte, please let us know the best contact number for you and when would be a convenient time for one of our specialists to contact you direct. Many thanks once again for your question. Kind regards, Mike Daly.

My current van has died, so I'm in need of a replacement asap. If I decide to finance a van through you guys how long does it take for a new one to end up on my drive?

Our expert Richard answered... Hi Ben, sorry to hear about your current van. In regards to a replacement vehicle, it depends which van you choose. If we have the van in stock it usually takes around 3 weeks to take delivery. However as you are desperate we may potentially be able to speed this up! Please get in contact with one of our van Account Managers on 01442 838 195 and they will be able to advise. Kind regards, Richard Wells.

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