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  • My boss has asked me to search for a new company vehicle as the lease on the Audi A4 I currently have is expiring soon. Tax on it was quite steep as it was a top of the range model. I am interested in a Pick up of some sort like an Amerok or a Ford Ranger. Are these vehicles exempt from company car tax rules and classed as commercial vehicles?

    Richard Wells

    Our expert Richard answered...

    Hello Finlay, thank you for getting in touch. Any Pickup truck with a payload of over 1 tonne will be classed as a commercial vehicle, however, they are not completely exempt from the company car tax rule. If you are using the vehicle for private use, benefit in kind is currently £3150 x your marginal tax rate. So a 20% tax payer will pay £630 per year whilst a 40% tax payer will pay £1260 per year. If fuel is also provided you will have to pay an additional Benefit in kind of £595, this means that a 20% tax payer would pay an extra £119 and a 40% tax payer would pay an extra £238. Please note that all of these figures could change in April 2016. Kind regards, Richard Wells.


    Question asked 25/11/2015
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