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  • I am purchasing my second van and once completed I am thinking of having some advertising done on the vans. Can you suggest some reputable companies and advice on if this is allowed? I will be doing the writing in white, but want to make sure that before my 2 years are finished I should be able to completely remove it and not cause any damage to the vehicle. Thanks Deven Changela

    Mike Daly

    Our expert Mike answered...

    Hi Deven,

    Yes you can certainly sign write the van. It is recommend to use a vinyl type as it is easier to remove. If the vehicle is on a contract hire agreement this should be removed before returning the van to avoid a charge. If you have any further questions regarding sign writing please feel free to contact your account manager on 01442 838193.

    Kind regards,

    Mike Daly

    Team Leader

    Question asked 04/07/2016
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