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  • Hi, I presently have a 54 plate Ford Transit MWB, with medium height roof, and single cab. It's nearly 10 and so I want a new one. My mileage is only around 8k-10k per year and the current one is only just about to go to 102k. I have an expanding family and now care responsibilities for my Dad and so want a crew van, but still be able to have all of my tools in the back. Have considered the new Vivaro and Transit Customs - which do you recommend, please? Do Ford do a crew cab with decent load area? Or L2 crew Vivaro, with under seat hatch for long pipes etc? (plumber). I want a lease purchase without a balloon final, but at term end the vehicle is mine. I really look after them - hence keeping them so long. I have about £5k, maybe a little more, to put down as the deposit. Can I also over pay on finance to have it cleared sooner, without penalty? Thanks, Rawson

    Gary Lemon

    Our expert Gary answered...

    Hi Rawson, thank you for leaving your question on our website. I would need to take down a few more details to work out an exact quotation, but with the deposit you are looking to contribute we should have a nice low monthly payment. In regards to which vehicle you choose both the Vauxhall and Ford are brand new models so they would be the best to choose from if you are looking to have the vehicle for another 10 years. Also with both models having fantastic reviews and both being loaded with great features they are very hard to choose between. I would advise the long wheel base on both models so you have a bigger load area. In the back of the Vauxhall you will have a load area of 1740mm and you would get 1944mm in the Ford. Unfortunately neither of the double cab models has the option of a load through hatch so we may need to add a roof rack on the top of the vehicle. Hope this helps. Thank you, Richard Wells, Senior Account Manager

    Question asked 26/08/2014
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