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  • I'm not 100% sure if I want a 3 or 5 year contract yet? If I were to take a 5 year Finance Lease or Contract Hire on a Nissan Navara, would I be able to exchange or sell it for a new vehicle at 3 years? If so would there be any penalties or anything else that would happen and what? Thanks for your time.

    Gary Lemon

    Our expert Gary answered...

    Hi,  thank you very much for leaving your question on our website. Yes you would absolutely be able to part exchange your vehicle after 3 years however, you would only be able to do this with a Finance Lease contract. The way this would work is that you would need to contact us at the time you wish to change your vehicle, we will request a settlement figure on your behalf from the lease company and at the same time we will take all the details for your vehicle with the view of establishing a part exchange value. In regards to a Contract Hire, you are able to terminate early however, there will be a penalty for doing so. The penalty you will be charged is 50% of the remaining rentals that are left on the agreement. If you would like to discuss these option in further detail, please let us know what will be a convenient time and also the best contact number for you and one of our specialists can contact you. Alternatively, if it is easier for you please feel free to call us on 01442 838193. Many thanks once again for your question.

    Question asked 05/02/2015
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