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  • I am a self-employed steel fabricator. I need a drop side style Transit three and a half metre bed on back. What is the best finance for me? Thanks Ross

    Rob Cox

    Our expert Rob answered...

    Hi Ross, thanks for your question. We would always take time to find the best option for you and your business so the vehicle and lease works best for you. Contract Hire is ideal if you can estimate how many miles you will cover and expect to return the van in reasonable condition at the end of the contract. It means you can enjoy fixed monthly payments with no final rental/payment at the end. At the end of the agreement you will hand the vehicle back to the lease company. If you'd like more flexibility at the end of the lease, you could consider a Finance Lease which gives you fixed monthly rentals, no strict mileage or damage penalties although it’s worth noting that excess mileage and damage to the vehicle will affect its value at the end of your contract. You can also retain the majority of the equity built up in the vehicle over the contract and you have the ability to settle the agreement early. Also other questions to consider would be how long would you want to keep the vehicle for? What budget do you have? What mileage would you cover each year? What do you want to happen at the end of the contract?  Finally, what initial payment would you be comfortable with? Whatever you choose, we can go through all the options in detail with you to make sure it works for you. If you'd like to discuss this further please call us on 01442 838 195. Kind regards, Rob Cox

    Question asked 20/02/2015
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