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  • Hi, I currently have a van contract with you & to date one year in I have exceeded my mileage allowance within my contract. Is it possible to amend my mileage/monthly rental? Many thanks.

    Richard Wells

    Our expert Richard answered...

    Hi David, thank you for getting in touch. That’s correct! We will have to check which finance company you are with, however we should be able to get a price to increase the mileage in your monthly payments. It would be worth giving us a call first, as it may be less money to pay the excess pence per mile at the end of the term, instead of increasing the monthly rentals. Please give us a call on the below number and we will be able to talk through the options. Please call 0845 094 1399 and select option 4. Many thanks. Kind regards, Richard Wells.

    Question asked 02/03/2015
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