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  • Hi there, I'm looking to lease a large van for two years without looking for ownership. It would be for couriering. I would be doing around 70.000 miles a year. I've got £1,300 for a deposit. Is this something you can help me with?

    Rob Cox

    Our expert Rob answered...

    Hi David, thanks for your question. With the information you have supplied us it sounds like you might be looking at Contract Hire. This is ideal if you want fixed monthly rentals and confident about your annual mileage and condition of the vehicle over a set period of time. You will never own the vehicle and simply hand the vehicle back at the end of the lease. It is possible to include a maintenance package in the monthly rentals. The monthly rentals will depend on the value of the vehicle, length of the contract, and the agreed mileage. We would most certainly be able to help you find the right van and lease agreement that works for you and your business.  I will makes sure one of our experienced account managers will be in touch. Kind regards, Rob Cox.

    Question asked 09/03/2015
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