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  • Hi, I'm looking at getting a Berlingo van, but I just have a few questions. I live in Northern Ireland and I have my own limited company and it's VAT registered. Can I shelve the rest of the van as I please? Can I get a towbar fitted? What is the milage allowance? Thank you. Kirk.

    Richard Wells

    Our expert Richard answered...

    Hi Kirk, thank you for leaving your detail on the site. We would be able to fit the tow bar onto the vehicle for you, however if you are making any other changes to the vehicle you would need to inform the finance company to let them know. The mileage allowance is completely up to you, we will set up a quotation with the anticipated mileage you require. If you'd like to discuss this in greater detail, please let us know the best contact number for you and when it's convenient for one of ourĀ  specialists to call you. Alternatively, please call us on 01442 838 195. Kind regards, Richard Wells.

    Question asked 21/03/2015
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