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  • Our expert Rob answered... We are able to lease vehicles that are adapted to specific needs, however as this is quite a bespoke request we would need to know the full specification of the adaption. This is because we would need to notify the dealer supplying the vehicle and also the chosen funder, as we are modifying the vehicle. The cost of the adaption can be paid outright or included in your monthly rentals.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Unfortunately, we are not currently able to supply left hand drive vehicles.

  • Our expert Gary answered... The miles per gallon figures on the Vivaro are class leading. The new Vivaro model aims to achieve 47.9MPG combined on the short wheel base and 43.5MPG combined on the long wheel base. Please remember with normal driving conditions the figures may be slightly less.

  • Our expert Richard answered... There are no petrol pickup trucks currently in production, however, Citroen do supply a petrol Berlingo model.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Unfortunately we cannot swap vehicles part way through your lease but we can look at ending the agreement early. With a contract hire agreement there will be an early termination fee which will be 50% of the remaining rentals.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Apart From the Fiat Doblo, all of the Tippers that we offer have a gross vehicle weight of 3 tonne or above.

  • Our expert Mike answered... We deal with most manufacturers, so if there is a specific vehicle that you would like us to look at please let us know and we will look into if we are able to supply it for you.

  • Our expert Rob answered... This would depend on what vehicle you decided to go for, but air conditioning is becoming standard on a lot of vehicles now. If it's not standard it can generally be added to the vehicle as a factory option. This would be the same with the seats, most manufacturers will give the option at the factory to add leather or upgraded seats.

  • Our expert Mike answered... Yes, we can supply a Ford Transit Connect Crew Van. There are various options available depending on your specific requirements.

  • Our expert Mike answered... Double cab vans are available on a personal lease. The type of personal lease we can offer is called personal contract hire. This type of contract can be taken over a period anywhere from 2 years as a minimum and up to 5 years as a maximum.

  • Our expert Gary answered... The Kombi is classed as a Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV). You can confirm this by looking on the V5 for the vehicle.

  • Our expert Tom answered. Yes we do. There's a few models to choose from that can seat 9 people - such as some of the larger Ford vans (Transit or Transit custom) modified as mini-buses.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Most of the pickup trucks we offer will tow a maximum of 2.6 tonne, however the brand new Ford Ranger and Isuzu D-Max are capable of towing up to 3.5 tonnes. If you are looking to tow heavy loads these two trucks would be the best to look at!

  • Our expert Gary answered... Yes we have automatic vans. They are not as common, but we still have some fantastic deals on a selection of them.

  • Our expert Richard answered... Currently no pickup truck will have extras like tow bars fitted as standard but this is something we can get added for you at our designated fitting centre.