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Lowest Price Guaranteed
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Lowest Price Guaranteed
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Ford Transit Custom 320 L2 Fwd2.0 EcoBlue 130ps Low Roof D/Cab Limited Van

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Vehicle Highlights

LoadWidthLoad Length1944 MM
No. Of Seats6
Payload1109 KG
Rear Parking Sensors
Alloy Wheels
Air Conditioning

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Independent Review By Car & Driving

Ford's Transit Custom one-tonne mid-sized van offers an even stronger LCV proposition with smarter styling and frugal electrified engine technology. Jonathan Crouch takes a look at what's on offer.

Ten Second Review

Ford's Transit has ruled the British large LCV market for around half a century, its very name synonymous with its purpose. In the past, this may have had a great deal...Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Will My Vehicle Delivery Take?
    Delivery time really depends on several factors, including the vehicle you choose, whether it's in stock & if you're having accessories fitted. If your vehicle is in stock, available & already kitted out the way you want it, it could take as little as 2-3 weeks to be delivered.
    Can I Lease A Vehicle With Bad Credit?
    Leasing is a form of vehicle finance or credit, which means funders will look into your credit history when you apply to lease. If you’ve missed payments or cancelled finance in the past, these can negatively impact your credit score. Vanarama works with more than 10 potential funders & we’ll always try to match you with a funder to suit your needs.
    Can I Cancel A Lease Part Way Through?
    A lease contract can be cancelled by requesting an early termination. If you request this, the vehicle must be returned to the funder & you’ll pay a penalty fee - the amount varies depending on the funder & the type of lease agreement you have, but it could be more than 50% of all remaining payments. If you lease a car with us, you will be covered by Redundancy Protection. This means if due to an unexpected life event you are suddenly unable to afford your payments, we may be able to help. See more about this here.
    Which Businesses Can Lease Vehicles?
    In general, any business can lease a vehicle & benefit from the cost savings leasing offers - even new businesses.
    Can I Change My Annual Mileage Limit Mid-Contract?
    Yes, although the process will depend on which funder your lease is with & if you are eligible to do so. If you think your mileage limit needs changing, call us straight away so we can discuss your options.
    What Is The Shortest Lease Contract I Can Take?
    The shortest lease term available from Vanarama is 2 years, up to a maximum term of 5 years.
    How Does Fair Wear & Tear Work?
    If your lease contract requires you to hand your vehicle back at the end, it will be inspected by the finance company for any damage that isn’t considered ‘fair wear & tear’. The odd bump, scratch or scuff is fine - after all, you could have been driving this vehicle for up to 5 years - excessive damage is not & penalties are often charged to repair it.
  • How many miles per gallon can this van do?
    Ford Transit Customs fitted with the 2.0-litre EcoBlue 130PS engine offer drivers between 42.8-47.1mpg.
    What is this van's maximum payload?
    This Ford Transit custom can carry a payload of up to 1118kg.
    What driver assistance technology does the Ford Transit Custom have as standard?
    As standard, all Ford Transit Customs will have the following driver tech installed: Ford's excellent Sync infotainments system with integrated 4.2-inch screen, DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel controls and two 12v power sockets. If you opt for a vehicle with a higher trim level, more tech and features are added at each level, so check the full spec above for additional features included with this vehicle.
    How long is the warranty on the Ford Transit Custom?
    Every Ford Transit Custom comes with a 3-year or 100,000-mile (whichever comes first) manufacturer's warranty. You also get a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty for the bodywork. This warranty cover begins when the vehicle is first registered.
    What safety equipment does the Ford Transit Custom have as standard?
    Every Ford Transit Custom comes with remote locking, and electronic stability control (ESC) that adjusts itself depending on how heavily loaded the van is. Transit Customs all come with crosswind assistance technology as standard - one of very few vans in the market to come with it at the base level. All models also get Ford's clever Roll Stability Control system (which helps keep the vehicle from toppling on steep corners) and Trailer Sway Stabilisation (which - you guessed it - stops an already-swaying trailer from swaying even more).
    How many doors does the Ford Transit Custom have?
    All Ford Transit Customs come with 2 rear doors, 1 side sliding door and 2 cabin doors (driver and passenger) as standard.
    What is the Ford Transit Custom 320 L2 FWD's maximum payload?
    The Ford Transit Custom 320 L2 FWD can carry a maximum payload of up to 1232kg (but be aware that this will need to include the weight of the driver and any passengers). Manual transmission models can carry the full 1232kg, while the automatic models can carry 1148kg. If you choose an EcoBlue Hybrid model with manual transmission, you'll be able to carry 1169kg. And finally, if you choose the Sport trim level with automatic transmission, you'll be able to carry up to 1113kg.
    How long is the warranty on this van?
    All Ford Transit Customs come with a 3-year, 100,000-mile warranty, and a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty.
    What are the service intervals on this van?
    Ford recommends an annual safety inspection, but heavy operators might require a service every 10,000 miles or each year.
    How popular is the Ford Transit Custom?
    The Ford Transit Custom is the most popular and best-selling van in the UK. It's also the third most popular best-selling vehicle.
    Is this available with a medium roof and or a long wheelbase ?
    The Transit Custom van is available in a short (L1) or long (L2) wheelbase version, the difference in load length between the two models is only 40cm. There are two roof heights - H1 or H2
    What size engine do Ford Transit Customs have?
    Ford have standardised their engine sizes for the Transit Custom, which now use the 2 litre EcoBlue.
    Can I fit the van out with a water tank?
    Yes, you are able to kit the inside of the van out. If you are to go ahead with this then we recommend a company that specializes in this sector. As long as there is no damage to the vehicle at the end of the contract, there will be no additional fees from the funder.
    Do you do the medium roof version of this van?
    We have access to every commercial vehicle available. The Ford Transit custom comes in either a low or high roof version with various different levels of specification, starting with the Custom, Trend, then Limited.
    Can I fit my own reversing camera to this van?
    Yes, you can fit a rear camera to the vehicle.
    Do you take trade-ins?
    We would certainly look at taking your current vehicle in as a part exchange.
    Can you fit deadlocks on a Ford Transit Custom?
    Yes. Deadlocks are around £175+vat, these can either be brought outright or we could add these into your monthly rentals
    Can you add any logo or signage on the vehicle?
    Yes, you can sign write the van. We recommend using the vinyl or magnetic type as it is easier to remove. If the vehicle is on a contract hire agreement this should be removed before returning the van to avoid a charge.
    Can the van be leased with sign writing and is this something Vanarama can sort?
    Yes. You are able to sign write a leased van, however we do not offer this as a service unfortunately.
    Is there an automatic transmission option available on all ford transits?
    Hello. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes! Ford have only recently released the automatic version of this van. Please get in touch with one of the team who will be happy to help.
    Do you do a credit check before starting the lease agreement?
    Yes, a credit check is done after you have ordered the vehicle.
    I'm looking at doing 30,000 miles per year. Looking at transit crew limited. Is there a cap on mileage?
    Most funders will not allow a vehicle to be handed back with more than 150,000 miles, so 30,000 per annum will be fine.
    The Gross train weight and max towing weight figures don't tally, which one is right?
    Hi Gavin, thank you for getting in touch. Ford have just changed their engine from a Euro 5 to a new Euro 6 engine which may be why you are finding differences. The Gross Train Weight is 4840kg, The max Braked Towing weight is 2500kg and unbraked is 750kg. Kind regards, Richard Wells
    Can I get this with a automatic gearbox?
    Hi Anthony, Unfortunately this model does not come with an automatic gearbox yet, however the VW Transporter, Mercedes Vito both have automatic versions. Kind regards, Richard Wells
    Do you do a double side loading door?
    Yes you can order this vehicle with two side loading doors, it will usually be a factory order which may mean you have to wait a little longer for delivery, however please get in touch and we can see what we have available.
    Are the Ford Transit Custom Limited with the eco 6 engine?
    Hi Shaun, that’s correct, this model has the new Euro 6 engine.
    Can the van be sign written and wracked out in the rear?
    Hi Stephen, thanks for getting in touch. During the lease of your vehicle you can certainly have the vehicle sign written. We would recommend to use the vinyl lettering as it would need to be professional removed at the end of the contract subject to the type of contract you decide to take. Racking in the back of the van can also be done again subject to the type of contract you decide on and also how the racking will be fitted. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please feel free to contact one of our specialists direct on 01442 838 195 so we can discuss the options. Kind regards, Mike Daly.
    Can you get the van covered in personal advertising whilst it is under lease?
    Yes, you can
    How much for a tow bar and roof rack to be fitted?
    Hi Diarmid, thank you for getting in touch. There are a whole range of accessories available which can all be fitted prior to the vehicle being delivered. To enable us to get the correct accessory costing for you it’s best that we speak with you direct. Please feel free to contact one of our specialists direct on 01442 838195. Kind regards, Mike Daly.
    What does FWD mean?
    With most commercial manufacturers they will often have FWD or RWD in the vehicle specification. FWD stands for Front Wheel Drive and RWD stands for Rear Wheel Drive.
    With the lease deal, will I own the vehicle at the end of the term
    There are different types of lease and to find the best arrangement for you and your business, we need to speak with you, to ensure we tailor the right package. The best finance option for you will depend on a number of things, such as what kind of condition the vehicle will be in at the end of the contract, what kind of mileage you will be covering, and what options you’d like at the end of the contract. Finance Lease gives you the benefits of taking advantage of equity built up in the vehicle. You also benefit from a low deposit, which can be as little as just one payment upfront. Monthly rentals are up to 100% tax deductible if you are VAT registered. Contract Hire is the perfect product for you if you want fixed cost motoring and are confident about the mileage and condition of your vehicle over a set period of time. It is an easy and cost effective way to fund vehicles, which would enable you to control one of your biggest business expenses. You get a new vehicle without the up-front costs, freeing up money for you to invest elsewhere in your business. Tax benefits include reclaiming 100% of the VAT on all your payments and maintenance charges (if you have that included). Rentals are also 100% allowable against corporation tax.
    Are these LWB?
    These vans do come in LWB.
    Do you do B2C leasing as well as B2B on vans?
    Yes, you can choose any van on Personal Contract Hire (B2C) just select 'personal' in the 'customise your lease' section of this page.
    Can you get this van in the Magnetic Grey colour?
    If the colour is available, it will be an option in the colour dropdown on this page.
    What would the payments be with a £2,000 deposit?
    Hi Jamie, thank you for your question. It's very hard to confirm figures as there is a lot to factor into a quote, for example the term of the contract, deposit, mileage, accessories, along with what type of agreement would be best for you. I will arrange for one of our team to contact you to discuss all your options. Kind regards, Rob Cox.
    Does it cost more to have DAB?
    The Trend model doesn’t come standard with DAB, so it’s likely the rental will increase if you choose to have DAB radio. Alternatively, you could go for the Transit Custom Limited and the DAB will be standard along with other options like heated front seats, air conditioning, alloy wheels and much more.
    Can I get this van without a bulkhead?
    The bulkhead in the Transit Custom comes as standard on the vehicle. It comes with a load through hatch at the bottom of the bulkhead for longer pipes that you may need to fit in the vehicle. The bulkhead can be removed and we recommend this is carried out by the main dealer. If you are on a Contract Hire agreement the lease company will need to be informed or the bulkhead should be put back into the vehicle before the vehicle is returned at the end of the lease to avoid any additional fees.
    Can you upgrade the front seats on the Crew Cab Transit Custom? .
    On the Ford Transit Custom Double Cab Limited there are various seat pack upgrades available. You can pick from Front Seat Pack 24, 25, 35 and 37. You can download the official brochure on the vehicle page, this will show you in detail what the seat pack upgrades consist of.
    Is it possible to remove the rear seats easily? If not are there any vans that have this feature?
    Hi James, thanks for getting in touch. The rear seats in a Ford Transit Custom Double Cab are not removable as they are moulded to the bulkhead and fixed to floor. This would also be the same for other manufactures. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please feel free to contact any of our specialists direct on 01442 838 193. Thank you, Mike Daly Team Leader
    Does this contract come with a Service, Maintenance and Tyres package or do I need to purchase that separately?
    There is a service and maintenance package we are able to offer - just select maintenance on this page. This will cover you for all servicing and MOT's, mechanical and electrical repairs due to fair wear and tear and any replacement brakes, wiper blades and bulbs are included too (subject to wear and tear). You're entitled to replacement batteries and exhausts and unlimited tyre replacements including valve and balance.
    What is the max mileage per year and the cost over that per mile?
    You can lease from 2-5 years. Most of our finance partners will not allow any more than 150,000 miles at the end of the contract.
    Can I tow a catering trailer with this van?
    Hi, thanks for your question. The Ford Transit custom double cab is a great van and very versatile. It would depend on the weight of the catering trailer but the custom Double cab has a max Trailer weight braked of 2500 kg and unbraked 750 kg. The van doesn’t come standard with a tow bar so you would need to add this on as a dealer or factory fit accessory. Thank you.
    Once I have purchased a van can I change my yearly mileage allowance if I think I will go over it?
    Hi, thanks for your question. There are various leasing options available to you depending on what you would like to happen with the vehicle at the end of the contract. Each option will also have different terms and conditions regarding the mileage allowance. Finance lease is a very popular option but you will not have facility to change your mileage. At the end of a Finance Lease there is a “Final Payment” which is calculated by the annual mileage you do. If you go over your estimated mileage it could mean your vehicle might not be worth as much as the final payment. Contract Hire agreements again are calculated on the term and mileage you estimate at the beginning of the agreement. You will have the option to change your mileage with this type of agreement but this can depend on the lease company. If you want to change your mileage we recommend that you change this no later than 9 months prior to the end of the contract. Thanks.
    What is the mileage allowance on this £125pcm deal advertised? Regards Alan
    Hi, the deal advertised is based on 8,000 miles per annum over a two year term. If you need us to adjust the quotation please get in touch and a member of the sales team will be happy to help. Thank you .
    Can you put a 240v and 110 plug on it? to run off engine? save me carrying a generator.
    Hello, Yes you can. We might need to ask some more questions about your exact usage to see if you need an additional battery fitted. Thank you
    Can this van be ordered with no bulkhead and folding seats in the cab?
    Hi, thank you for getting in touch. The full steel bulkhead in the ford transit custom limited is a standard part of the specification and is not able to be removed. The seats in the cab of the vehicle will have a split folding backrest in the passenger seat which allows you to fold the back of the seat down to act as a desk top for paper work. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please feel free to contact one of our specialist direct on 01442 838193. Thanks.
    What is the maximum load length?
    All measurements can be found in the technical specification.
    How much am I charged if I go over my mileage?
    If you then went over the mileage on your contract, you would be charged a pence per mile which can range anywhere from 3p to 12p.
    Can the van be supplied with a single lifting rear door rather than split rear doors?
    Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Yes, this vehicle can be ordered with a rear tailgate, please let us know when we run a quotation as this is an optional extra which could potentially delay delivery.
    Does the transit have an option of back seats ?
    Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Ford offer this model as a double cab which will have 3 seats in the front and 3 in the back of the van. You can find an example of this vehicle under the “crew” button at the top of the webpage, alternatively I have attached a link below. http://www.vanarama.co.uk/ford-van-leasing/transit-custom/low-roof-d/cab-van-limited-tdci-125ps-7269.html
    Does it come with spare wheel
    Hello, thanks for getting in touch. Yes, the model in question does come with a spare wheel.
    Is there a crew cab Transit Custom?
    The Ford Transit Custom does come in a double cab/crew cab specification and it's currently one of our most popular model crew cabs along with the Vauxhall Vivaro crew cab.
    Can you have a roof rack fitted?
    Yes, you can have a roof rack fitted to the Ford Transit Custom.
    Is it possible to get additional locks fitted, such as deadlocks or padlocks, to the doors of the leased vans from you?
    Hello, hank you for getting in touch. Yes we are able to fix extra locks to the vehicle, this can be added into the monthly rentals or paid for outright. Thank you.
    Do the front passenger seats recline?
    No, unfortunately the front seats on a Custom are fixed and will not recline.
    Hi, does the Transit Custom crew cab come with two sliding doors or just the one?
    Hello, thank you for getting in touch. The model you selected as standard has 2 side loading doors. Thank you.
    Is a DAB radio standard or extra?
    Hello, the model you selected does have a DAB Radio as one of the standard features.
    Are there any mileage limitations?
    Hello, yes the finance companies do have limitations on the mileage, The maximum most will allow is 50K per annum. Most of our funders will not allow the vehicle to be handed back with any more than 180,000 miles. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please feel free to contact one of our specialist on 01442 838 193. Thank you.
    Can I have the van sign written. If yes is there a extra cost involved when I hand the van back.
    Hi, yes you can sign write the van. We recommend using the vinyl type as it is easier to remove. If the vehicle is on a contract hire agreement this should be removed before returning the van to avoid being charged. Thanks.
    We need a medium van around June 2016 but it has to be automatic.
    Hi, thanks for getting in touch. If it is an automatic van you are looking for, unfortunately, the Ford Transit Custom isn’t available with an automatic gear box. If it is specifically a medium size van you require, the options available to you are the Volkswagen Transporter or a Mercedes-Benz Vito which are both available with an automatic gearbox. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please feel free to contact one of our specialists direct on 01442 838193. Alternatively, you can drop me an email with your contact details and I’ll make sure one of my team give you a call.
    How much extra is the high roof?
    The high roof transit custom will be priced slightly higher, however, the cost will depend on the specification level, the length of contract you are considering, the initial deposit you are looking to put down and also the mileage you are doing a year. Use the comparison tool to compare different roof heights and prices.
    Hi do you have a transit custom in the 155 bhp option? Lwb limited
    Hello and thank you very much for leaving your question on our website. We do have an option for the Ford Transit Custom LWB Limited 155 BHP which we are certainly happy to provide you with a quotation for. The availability of the 155 BHP will be subject to your colour choice. If you would like to discuss this in greater detail please let us know the best contact number for you and also a convenient time for one of our specialist to contact you direct. Alternatively please feel free to call us direct on 01442 838193. Thanks again for leaving us your question.
    At the end of the lease, will there be costly penalties for the odd scratch etc?
    There can be penalty charges for damage subject to the type of contract you decide to go for. There is a Fair Ware & Tear Guide here for more information: https://www.vanarama-prod.com/van-leasing-explained/van-leasing-fair-wear-and-tear.html
    Is Road Tax included?
    Road tax is included in a contract hire agreement
    Does the Transit Custom Limited has an option to have a left side and right side sliding door?
    Yes, you are able to add an option called dual side loading doors which will give you both the left and right side loading doors.
    Does the Transit Custom come with ply lining in the back?
    As standard, the Transit does not include ply lining. However we can add this for you so it will arrive fully lined out.
    Is there a reversing camera package for this van and at what cost ?
    That’s correct, the rear camera is around £250+VAT, if it is added as a factory fitted option.
    Can you get the limited D cab in the colour magnet as I have seen in my local showroom?
    Hi, thanks for your question. Yes you can get the Ford Transit Custom 290 L2 Low Roof double cab in Magnetic Grey. This particular vehicle is currently very popular with our customers as it has 6 seats along with a large rear load area to store all your tools or equipment.
    Can you an auto gearbox model?
    Hi, thank you very much for leaving us your question. Unfortunately the Ford Transit Custom is not available with an automatic gearbox. However there are some other options we are able to look at for you which will have an automatic gearbox. If you would like to discuss these options in further detail please let us know the best contact number for you and a convenient time for you so one of our specialist can contact you direct.
    Can I have the rear view camera fitted?
    Hi, thank you for getting in touch. We are able to order the new Ford Custom model with a rear view camera. This will make the vehicle a factory order, so you may have to wait up to 14weeks for the van.
    SWB twin cab . What vans do you have, and at what price?
    Hello and thank you for making contact with us via our website. We are able to supply a whole range of panel vans through most manufacturers and also double cab vans. In regards to cost, this will depend on the type of contract that will suit your needs and business requirements. There are a number options available to you depending on what you would like to happen at the end of the term. So that we can discuss this with you in further detail, please let us know what the best contact number for you and also when would be a convenient time for one of our specialists to contact you. Thanks again for making contact with us.
    Doe the Ford Transit Crew Cab come without a bulkhead?
    The Ford Transit Custom Crew Cab will come with a bulkhead from the factory.
    Hi, just wondering if there is a mileage limit on your vans? Plus, do you have a brochure I could look at please?
    Hi, thanks for your question. It would depend on what lease option works best for you. The most popular lease agreements at the moment are Contract Hire and Finance Lease. Contract hire is perfect product for you if you want fixed cost motoring and are confident about the mileage at the end of the lease. The maximum mileage we can choose on Contract Hire is 150,000 miles over the total length of the agreement. With Finance lease you don’t have strict mileage or damage penalties however, if there is excess mileage and damage to the vehicle this will affect the value at the end of your contract. We keep all the latest information available from the manufacturers on our website. If you select the model on the website you will be able to find all the information including 360 view of the vehicle. At the top right of the van image you will find a brochure for you to download. This is the link for the Ford Transit Custom 270 SWB Low Roof Limited.http://www.vanarama.co.uk/ford-van-leasing/transit-custom/low-roof-van-limited-tdci-125ps-7228.html. I hope you find this information is useful.
    Can I sign the van up with company logos?
    Thanks for your question. We would encourage you to have the van sign written, as the advertising could boost your business! Please use vinyl sign writing so that it can be easily removed at the end of your contract. We have some great offers, so if you did want to discuss this further please let us know the best number to contact you on and we can discuss your options. We will find the best option for you and your business. Thanks.
    Can we sign write a leased van?
    Hello, thank you for your question. Yes, you can sign write your van with the vinyl type of signwriting, so it can be easily removed at the end of your contract. We highly recommend signwriting your van, as feedback from our customers shows us that it increases awareness of your business and can bring you more work, just from having it parked outside the job you’re working on.
    What immobiliser comes with Transit custom
    Hello, thank you for leaving your question on the site. In regards to the security features on the new Transit Custom the Limited model comes standard with a Thatcham category 1 alarm and a Ford Factory Fitted Immobiliser. Thank you.
    Hi, how many years is the Transit Custom Trend LWB 125 ps term? What is the overall cost? What is the deposit? What are the monthly payments? What is the balloon? For contract purchase. Thank you.
    The deal currently shown on the website is for a five year term. We would work out the deposit and payments with you to find a deal that works best for you and takes into account your individual circumstances. For instance, there is no mileage limit for Contract Purchase deals, but it makes sense to take your anticipated mileage into account to ensure that your Optional Final Payment is realistic.
    Hello which document do I need for lease? Regards, Viorel
    Hi, thank you for leaving your question. Once you have successfully placed an order for a new vehicle we would need to see a copy of the driver’s licence (the paper part and card part) and prior to delivery we must also see a copy of your insurance cover note. Initially all we need to place an order is 5 years' address history, bank account details, Vehicle Reservation Fee details, phone numbers, email address and some simple details relating to your business.
    Is there a sat nav option on the Transit Custom?
    Hi Sean, The Ford Transit 290 LWB Custom Limited does have the option of Sat Nav. The manufacturer calls the option Ice pack 11, this option includes Ford DAB radio/CD with Navigation and SYNC, 5” multifunction display, Steering wheel remote audio controls, USB Connectivity and Bluetooth handsfree. This can be fitted to any of the four different models Base, Trend, Limited and Sport.
    Can you tell me the maximum length of material you can put in the rear of a Transit Custom SWB & LWB?
    The SWB Ford Transit Custom has a load length of 2555mm and the LWB model has a load length of 2922mm, both models also benefit from a hatch under the passenger seats which increases the load length by roughly an extra 300mm for small pipes and tubes.
    Refrigerated van. Contract hire price shown for Ford Custom. Does this include van/fridge full maintenance?
    Thank you very much for your question. The price shown on the site for the refrigerated Ford Transit Custom van does include the price of a fridge unit. This is for a standard unit that goes down to 0 without a standby. We can however quote you on most specifications of fridge unit if your needs differ from this. The prices does not include maintenance, as this is an optional service which will alter depending on your mileage and length of lease.
    Can you have Bluetooth fitted for phone connection?
    The Limited model already has something called Ford Sync which is a Bluetooth system that allows you to make and receive calls and also play music wirelessly though Bluetooth. This is a standard feature on the Limited so will be no extra cost.
    Does this van have alloy wheels?
    Yes, the Ford Transit Custom Limited includes 16" alloy wheels as standard.
    Hi, could you tell me what insurance group a Ford Transit Custom 290 is listed under? Many thanks, Graham
    Hi Graham. This vehicle's group rating is 7E. It's important to use this as a guideline only because how you use your van will have a big effect on your insurance cover. For instance, if you are going to be storing and carrying expensive tools in your van, your insurance cover will need to reflect this.
    What is the maximum weight the roof bars can take? Does it depend on the roof bars fitted?
    Two roof bars can hold up to 100KG and three roof bars could hold up to 150KG on the Ford Transit Custom. If you need to carry a heaver load then please give us a call so we can find a different set for you.
    Is it possible to fit deadlocks to all doors of the van?
    Yes, deadlocks can be fitted to all doors of this Ford Transit Custom.
    Is this van available with an automatic gearbox? Thanks
    Unfortunately Ford do not offer automatic in the Custom range.
    Hi, am I able to buy a Kombi van (Transit Custom or Volkswagen Transporter) on a PCP deal as a private individual? Thanks, Barry
    Hi Barry, on a PCP deal as a private individual we would only be able to offer you a pickup truck from our commercial range. This would offer you 5 seats and still have space for tools and materials in the back. If it was the Double Cab Van you were set on we would be able to offer this on a personal contract hire basis. A member of our team will be able to talk you through these options in more detail to find the right option for you.
    How much more would it cost to have a ice pack 11 fitted in a Ford Transit Custom Limited?
    We can arrange to have accessories fitted for you before delivery and include the cost in your monthly payments. This means you can spread the cost and the monthly price will depend on the length of your contract. If you'd like to let us know the time period you're interested in, we can give you a better estimate.
    Do you sell the Kombi version of the Ford Transit Custom with 9 seats?
    The Ford Transit Custom is available in a Double Cab, which is supplied with 6 seats and comes in both short and long wheel base models. It has a load space for tools and materials behind the second row seats. If you wanted to look at a Ford in a 9 seat option it would be the Tourneo you would be looking for. The Tourneo is supplied with 9 seats but will have no designated space for tools and materials.
    Can the van come with a roof rack fitted?
    Yes: the Ford Transit Custom can be fitted with a factory fitted retractable roof rack or we can supply the vehicle with a an aftermarket set of roof bars or a full modular roof rack. We can also supply other aftermarket accessories such as tow bars, beacons or ply Lining and the vehicle itself can be ordered with any of the factory options offered by Ford. We can arrange any of these accessories for you so that they are fitted to your vehicle when it's delivered, and the cost can be included in your monthly payments over the course of your contract.
    Re: Ford Transit Custom 270 Limited SWB 125ps. What does "Limited" mean?
    The 'Limited' is a particular model in the Ford Transit Custom range. The Limited specification includes features such as automatic headlights, rain-sensing front wipers, body colour bodyside mouldings and rear bumper, as well as body colour front, side and cargo door handles. The Limited model also includes 16" 5x2-spoke alloy wheels with locking wheel nuts, and power-adjustable and power-foldable body colour door mirrors. For more details, the brochure is available to download on this page.
    Are Ford Transit Custom vans available with glazed/unglazed tailgates and if so is this a cost extra? Thanks
    Yes, we can provide an unglazed lift gate for around £5 a month extra, depending on the term you select.
    How long will it take to get the vehicle?
    We have the Ford Transit Custom in stock and available for delivery in 2-3 weeks.
    How many miles per gallon can I get from this van?
    The manufacturer quotes that the Ford Transit Custom returns 42.2 mpg.
    Do I get breakdown recovery?
    The Ford Transit Custom comes with one year of breakdown recovery.
    What are the service intervals for this van?
    The service intervals for the Ford Transit Connect are two years or every 30,000 miles.
    Hi, is it possible to have the Transit with 2 side doors? Thanks for your time.
    Yes, we can order the Ford Transit with twin side doors. They come as standard with one door. This may lengthen the delivery time as it is not a standard item. Kind regards, Dominic Tutton, Senior Account Manager
    Does a sheet of ply lay flat in the back of the van? Also what is the length of contract on this deal? Thank you.
    If the sheet is 8' x 4' the ply will only fit at an angle because the wheel arches prevent the sheet from lying flat. We can recommend other vans that can hold an 8' x 4' sheet if that would help. The length of contract for this deal is five years. Kind regards, Rob Cox, Account Manager
    Hi. I was just wondering if you are allowed to fit roof racks to any of the vans?
    Yes, you can fit a roof rack to our range of vans. We can discuss the best option for you when you order - we can fit a roof rack to your van and include it in your monthly payments, or you may arrange to fit it yourself.
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