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Ford Transit Connect Van Review

5 Stars (235 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Daniel Mares - 04/12/2019

    Ford Transit Connect is very economical compared to other vans. I am very pleased with the van.

    5 Stars
  • Christopher Lovett - 18/11/2019

    Great little van, would have got the L2 (long wheelbase) in hindsight, but happy nonetheless.

    5 Stars
  • Gary Redford - 12/11/2019

    Ideal choice of vehicle for our business

    5 Stars
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  • Handling: STARS
  • Comfort: STARS
  • Quality: STARS
  • Reliability: STARS
  • Performance: STARS
  • Practicality: STARS
  • Running Costs: STARS
  • Value for Money: STARS

Our Review

When people think of commercial vans they often refer to them as 'Transit Vans', such was Ford's dominance in the market of yesteryear. The Ford Transit Connect represents Ford's flurry into the compact van market, a market which until fairly recently it had avoided.

Ford's Transit name is one that has served the company well. Ford Transits are still a competitor in the market place, and the Ford Transit Connect carries the reliability and the ruggedness into the compact van design, and as a result, the Ford Transit Connect can hold its head among the better compact vans on the market.

The 1800cc diesel engine that lies at the heart of the Ford Transit Connect provides 90 bhp and gives an impressive torque of 220Nm at 1750rpm. This impressive power ratio enables the Ford Transit Connect to shift its impressive 902Kg payload very smartly around town, on the motorway, and from a starting position. The power at low revs contributes to a competitive miles per gallon fuel consumption, coming in at 45.6.

The drive on the Ford Transit Connect is admirable too. The steering is a good balance of weight and lightness, which makes for a van which is easily piloted around town, but at the same time it is clear there is something of substance to it. Improving the drive further, are some of the clever technologies built into the van including ABS, EBD, ESP, EBA, and Ford's Hill Start Assist. The kerb to kerb turning circle is 11.9m.

The high roof version of the Ford Transit Connect gives that little bit extra in terms of volume. The standard model provides a respectable 3.4m3, but the high roof gives 4.4m3, which enables a Euro pallet to be loaded on the back. Increasing the payload and flexibility further is the rear mesh can be folded to allow the passenger seat to be used as cargo area, and Ford have given the Ford Transit Connect a sliding side door to allow easier loading access. Dimensions wise, the load length measures 1986mm, the width 1490mm narrowing to 1226mm, and the load height is 1364mm.

Arguably, the compact van market is the most competitive given both the choice of models and the competition in weights. Vans of this nature that are successful tend to carve out their own niche and markets, as too much loading space puts them into a size above, and too little and the car - van market becomes a serious choice. This is the Ford Transit Connect strength, as it offers a highly competitive payload without compromising on manoeuvrability and size.

Ford Transit Connect Van Review is brought to you by our motoring professionals at Vanarama.

Customer reviews

Below are our customer reviews for the Ford Transit Connect. Want to have your say? Leave a review for the Ford Transit Connect now.

  • October 21 2019

  • September 03 2019

    It was cheaper than I thought it would be and is the right size for what we need

  • August 16 2019

    Very nice van. Exterior looks sporty and stylish. Drives well. Bulkhead takes up quite a bit of room, hence the smaller than expected rear interior. Seats are comfy, plenty of space at the front. Could do with more compartments at the front for some small storage items, such as keys etc

  • August 16 2019

    Really smart looking van drives like a car

  • July 25 2019

    Engine management light came on first day but Ford updated software as known fault. Other than that can't believe the spec level. Only other thing is that the 3 seats at front are more like 2 1/2. Would be nice if it was three full seats. If being really picky, cup holder in centre console is difficult to get cup in and out of.

  • July 25 2019

    Engine management light came on first day but Ford updated software as known fault. Other than that can't believe the spec level. Only other thing is that the 3 seats at front are more like 2 1/2. Would be nice if it was three full seats. If being really picky, cup holder in centre console is difficult to get cup in and out of.

  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    July 05 2019

    Fantastic van with all the mod cons!beautiful colour also.alloys are very nice.i love it!!

  • June 28 2019

    I absolutely love it I think I made an excellent choice. The bodylines are beautiful with a slightly aggressive look about it!

  • June 24 2019

    Don't know yet.

  • June 14 2019

    Very reliable and economical van. Very tidy inside and plenty of space in the back. Only downside it’s only 2.5 seats not really a 3 seater.

  • June 14 2019

    Very reliable and economical van. Very tidy inside and plenty of space in the back. Only downside it’s only 2.5 seats not really a 3 seater.

  • June 02 2019


  • May 30 2019

    Really good van. Everything from the look to the fuel efficiency is fantastic. The only thing I would mention as a negative is the ply lining is very poor inside and looks like an apprentice has cut up the ply. But the rest of the van is spot on.

  • May 30 2019


  • May 25 2019

    Was going to buy a Ranger truck for the cab. For the comfort. Glad I went for the connect

  • April 30 2019

    Lovely van

  • April 04 2019

    Its a great compact van, plenty of equipment if you go for the 'limited' trim level and it looks great too! There a great deal of performance from the engine, but then again its a van, not a sports car.

  • April 04 2019

    Second connect reliable and economic

  • March 28 2019

    Very happy

  • March 26 2019


  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    March 15 2019

    Very practical for my needs.

  • March 01 2019


  • February 26 2019

    Brilliant van all round

  • February 25 2019

    Very nice

  • February 25 2019

    Very nice van!!

  • February 23 2019

    It is an amazing vehicle all round

  • February 18 2019

    Its a nice little van to drive

  • February 11 2019

    Don't no yet

  • February 07 2019

    I’ve not driven it much as I’ve been away on a contract, it did look nice in the car park though and it got me there on time.

  • January 31 2019

    getting used to it. Had Caddy's for many years. Overall pleased.

  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    January 30 2019

    It was exactly as described, and hi spec very pleased with it.

  • January 28 2019

    Very good!

  • January 15 2019

    Great van. Fantastic tech and comfort.

  • January 15 2019


  • January 07 2019

    Bob on!

  • December 17 2018

    It's a good vehicle with plenty of equipment.

  • December 12 2018

    A lot better than the trend verson

  • December 11 2018

    Very nice

  • November 22 2018

    Best van for our needs. Small enough to park in London bays and all car parks but big enough to get 6 tread steps in with all the tools you need. 45+ to the gallon even when in town. Very comfortable, heated seat and screen handy this week!!

  • November 22 2018

    It’s a van

  • November 06 2018

    It’s a great drive

  • October 31 2018

    I think the improvements made by this latest model is better all round

  • October 30 2018

    Very happy with the vehicle

  • October 15 2018

    Great for purpose required

  • September 19 2018

    Good van

  • September 10 2018

    Very nice good quality. Easy to drive and good dashboard controls

  • September 06 2018

    Overall a good van. I did expect a bit more grunt out of the engine though. I had an Astra van 120ps beforehand and that had plenty of power, this I could do with a bit more.

  • September 04 2018

    Very nice comfortable van, the quality shines through.

  • September 04 2018

    Great van so far, prefer driving it to our 16 plate golf now. Passenger seat not nearly as comfy as the drivers on longer journeys though.

  • September 02 2018

    Nice compact van which is ideal for what I need it for

  • August 23 2018

    Very nippy little van, handles very well even with a load in the back

  • August 15 2018

    It’s a great size for our needs and drives like a normal car.

  • August 01 2018

    It’s the best van on the road today, it’s ideal for my usage

  • July 25 2018

    suits our purpose

  • July 05 2018

    a dream come true.

  • June 18 2018

    The Ford Transit Connect is almost identical to it's big brother, apart from the size.

  • June 09 2018

    I have come from a 63’ caddy, So far wow. I can’t believe how far vans have come along in recent years. Finally, we are moving along with the times! No longer do they need to be basic, uncomfortable and boring. I have the limited L1 120 with sat nav, reverse cam etc. The spec these have is that I would expect of a car. They also drive like one too! Things I would change are the alloys they look very bland for what other wise is (IMO) the class leader in looks (sporty). Also I’m very in to my music after work I like to unwind and whilst I do have the awesome sync sat nav screen the speakers are a little underwhelming. Things I like, I like the sporty exterior looks, the interior is spacious and very generously equipped. Limited factory spec (excluding options) ; AC Cruise control Bluetooth Voice control Steering wheel mounted volume controls Heated seat Parking sensors Alloy wheels I’ll sum it up, it is the Ferrari of vans and I doubt you could get a similar spec alternative for near the price these are offered. I love my van!

  • June 06 2018

    Very good

  • May 22 2018

    Very good

  • May 14 2018

    I am very glad with my new van. That is exactly what I wanted.

  • May 04 2018

    I love the van, it has the comfort of a car with all the practicality of using a van

  • May 04 2018


  • April 25 2018

    Very nice van not too big not too small.

  • April 24 2018

    Great van with a surprising amount of space.

  • April 23 2018

    Very good choice

  • April 18 2018

    Good thanks

  • April 06 2018

    Good road handling and positive feedback from my own business customers on look and quality of van.

  • March 27 2018

    Very high spec van , pleasure to drive

  • March 12 2018

    Great van

  • March 12 2018

    A very good compact van that suits our need perfectly.

  • March 11 2018

    Great van, drives just like a car and has all the room I need.

  • March 07 2018

    Excellent van ideal for my purpose

  • March 03 2018

    Great looking van. Eats tyres for fun every 9000miles. Mine has suffered 3 breakdowns in under 3 yrs. currently waiting 2 weeks for Ford to fix. Turbo leaking oil heavily over actuator. Ford or Leaseplan seam uninterested. Wasn’t told at lease start by Vanarama that I would have to pay £270 to tax not £210 it should be as Leaseplan charge VAT as wont tell me 16 digit number off V5 to do it myself.

  • February 21 2018

    Only had my Van a couple of weeks but have been really pleased with it and it is a joy to drive .

  • January 31 2018

    pleasure to drive

  • January 11 2018

    It’s just what I required.

  • January 11 2018

    Too early to say but all looking good so far!

  • December 12 2017

    Very nice all round just wish it had sat nav.

  • December 12 2017

    Very good and looks professional outside customers homes.

  • December 07 2017


  • December 05 2017

    Ore expensive than the competitors but time will tell if worth it.

  • August 17 2017

    Absolutely brilliant, best /nicest van I've had!

  • July 14 2017

    Brilliant little van!

  • June 22 2017

    Good looking and does what I need it to do.

  • June 01 2017

    Drives like a car very comfortable a luxury having electric windows and air con. As others have mentioned third seat not practical and if left down passenger near door struggles to get seat belt locked in. Love the colour Deep impact blue and style of the van an eye catcher shame to put signage on it.

  • May 30 2017

    Great little van, far superior to my last vehicle - the Berlingo. Only moan - NO sat nav?

  • May 17 2017

    It is probably too soon to judge my vehicle. But so far, very good!

  • April 18 2017

    We did a lot of research and we knew what we were getting.

  • March 22 2017


  • March 21 2017

    The van is spot on only one problem that I noticed after using it was I asked for it to bee ply lined and where the wood has been attached to the wheel arches they have not fully covered them.

  • March 02 2017

    Just a brilliant van that is just what we wanted, the L1 size is perfect for us. You wouldn't know you were driving a van. Comfort is excellent & equipment level is outstanding. Would highly recommend.

  • February 27 2017

    I'm very happy with it. It looks sleek and professional as well as being a very practical van for my business.

  • February 14 2017

    Its a great van. Feels like driving a car and has all the practicality we need.

  • January 26 2017

    I couldn't be happier with my vehicle.

  • January 24 2017

    Good reliable van. Great specification.

  • November 29 2016

    Nice van inside & out, like a car to drive, voice sync technology & sound system inside very good. Middle seat is small; dashboard is very big for the size of the van which seems to take away from the internal space of the van unnecessarily.

  • November 29 2016

    Great van with comfort throughout. Many extras that you will benefit from.

  • November 15 2016

    very comfortable with plenty of space.

  • November 08 2016

    The van is better than I thought it would be, very impressed so far, only thing I would critise is the dual passenger seat think it's fairly pointless 2 small for 2 people.

  • October 27 2016

    It's a fantastic van, as good as any for its size. The fuel economy is probably not as good as stated but everything else is. I love it.

  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    October 27 2016

    Very good. Only slight negative is that when you put anything small on the passenger seat it always ends up falling down a hole or on the floor.

  • October 26 2016

    Exactly what we needed, although would have loved a SatNav inside just to complete it.

  • October 24 2016

    Quality vehicle with everything that's needed.

  • October 11 2016

    Fantastic, great small van. Not like a van inside like a decent car 😀.

  • October 10 2016

    So far so good.

  • October 07 2016

    Lovely looking van, very practical for a working vehicle but also comfortable enough to use daily with up to date features and extras.

  • October 05 2016

    Very smart and practical.

  • October 04 2016

    Brilliant van and fantastic spec! Fourth one that we have ordered.

  • September 26 2016

    Better than I thought it would be and very roomy. I love it.

  • September 13 2016

    Delighted with the new van.

  • August 31 2016

    Excellent all round van that drives like a car.

  • August 16 2016

    It seems to be a good, easily driven van.

  • August 16 2016

    More than I expected from a van, great comfort, good on fuel, air con and cruise control was an added bonus. Would go for one again.

  • August 16 2016

    Fuel economy not as good as claimed. Couple of faults with electric windows in the first week but covered under warranty. Just inconvenient having to take the van to the garage.

  • August 10 2016

    It's a comfortable vehicle.

  • August 10 2016

    Great van, it's like driving a car.

  • June 21 2016

    A very good van, well done Ford.

  • May 27 2016

    Excellent van. Drives like a car even with a load. Would highly recommend.

  • May 25 2016

    Fantastic inside and out with all new mod cons included.

  • May 13 2016

    Can't fault it, good mpg and drives like a car.

  • April 28 2016

    I've only had the van a ten days so far but I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you.

  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    April 28 2016

    The van is great thanks.

  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    April 28 2016

    Excellent van with many extras, this will no doubt save my business money. There are lots of room and cubby holes and it's like driving a car.

  • April 15 2016


  • April 08 2016


  • March 31 2016

    Very pleased so far.

  • March 31 2016

    Great vehicle that drives like a car with all the up to date technology.

  • March 29 2016

    A great van, superbly equiped. Ive had so many comments about how smart and professional it looks, and you can see the envy on other tradesmens faces!

  • March 22 2016

    Great little van. A little sluggish at times but that does not present a problem.

  • March 22 2016

    It's a high price to pay for a high spec van in limited edition, cheap interior plastics and constant rattling in van. Looks good on the outside but very poorly made. I should have chosen a different manufacturer.

  • March 15 2016

    Gorgeous vehicle with all of the features of a high specification car. I can't give you my full opinion on the running costs, value for money & reliability as I've only had the van for a week. Overall really impressed with it

  • February 12 2016

    We use our vehicle for installing rural broadband to houses that traditionally cannot get more than 1-2Mb. We carry radio transmitter equipment and various tools for the job. This vehicle has come along way and feels more like a car to drive than a van. We particularly like the L2 longer wheelbase version. A pleasure to drive.

  • February 12 2016

    A very good all rounder, it is used to travel and to transport small electrical parts. It looks very good and provides a good impression to customers.

  • February 12 2016

    The 3rd seat is very handy although any trip longer than 20 minutes will leave you with disgruntled passengers. I love the comfort features such as heated seats. Perfect for what I need the vehicle for.

  • February 11 2016

    Way more advanced than any van I've ever been in.

  • February 11 2016

    This is a fantastic van to drive.

  • February 08 2016

    Fantastic looking van. Very spacious in the front and plenty of room in the back for what I use it for. Good mpg even with a full load.

  • February 05 2016

    Love it!!

  • February 05 2016

    The van is great, it's spacious and really easy to drive, feels more like a car than a work van. Although the fold down bulkhead is not as accessible as some other vans out there, it is much better than using a roof-rack on the odd occasion and fits 3m materials in snug. The Hands-free system is ideal and very clear unlike some, I am overall very pleased with this van and would recommend for city use commuters and all round tradesmen!

  • February 05 2016

    There is a lack of storage in the cabin, supposed to be able to get two passengers in but would struggle to get 2 children into the seats so it would be much better with a single passenger seat. Over all good economical van just a shame about the front.

  • February 05 2016

    Perfect for everything I need and drives like a dream!!!

  • February 05 2016

    The passenger seat belt doesn't retract as it should. Apart from this a very nice small practical van.

  • February 05 2016

    Very pleased. Perfect size for sole trader. No complaints.

  • February 05 2016

    All round great van.

  • February 05 2016

    I absolutely love my Transit Connect. It is comfortable, very practical and really economical. I have had the van four months and prefer to drive it rather than my car, and I have quite a nice car!!!!! It makes driving around London so much easier than the bigger van I had before. It ticks all the boxes for me!

  • February 05 2016

    I drive the van all the time so it's important to me that it works well for work and for my own social use. When driving this van its just like being in a car, over the moon with everything about it.

  • February 05 2016

    Great addition to the company, it so comfortable and easily the best looking small van on the road.

  • February 05 2016

    This is one of two vehicles that we have from Vanarama and we have now had this vehicle for 1 month and so far it appears to be suitable for our needs but as we changed to this vehicle from a previous Ford Connect we knew what to expect. We also installed our own racking system to suit our trade of satellite and TV aerial installation and the drive of this vehicle is much better than the previous van.

  • February 04 2016

    A top quality van. After roughing it for many years I decided to get this van which has the highest spec I have seen on a commercial vehicle. It looks great and impresses clients when I arrive at a new job. In the last few freezing days it has been great to use the quick clear windscreen, which melts the ice in minutes. Also you cannot beat a heated seat.

  • January 28 2016

    As much as I like the van I have had to take it to the Ford garage after only 6 months as there is a leak coming from somewhere which is filling the passenger foot well with water. As if this isn't annoying enough in itself, the customer service at the Ford garage has been shocking. After 7 days I am still without my van.

  • January 28 2016

    The connect is just like driving a car thoroughly enjoyable really pleased with my choice.

  • January 28 2016

    Love it!

  • January 25 2016

    Great van, everything I need and more. Very comfortable and looks great, lots of good features.

  • January 22 2016

    Really nice van packed with lots of extras. It's lovely to drive and I'm glad I chose it. Many thanks.

  • January 22 2016

    For our company needs the van is fantastic we are able to carry out a variety of jobs in and around the area that we cover (the north west of the UK). We have had no problems at all with the vehicle and would recommended the van and also your service to friends and to companies. Aaron Finney General Manager Safe Shred UK Ltd

  • January 21 2016

    Very happy with all aspects of the van. My only complaint would be the "twin" passenger seat which would struggle to fit two small children, let alone two adults.

  • January 21 2016

    I have found the service to be very good and efficient and the van has been great. Very happy with it.

  • January 21 2016

    I am over the moon with performance!

  • January 21 2016

    Couldn`t be happier, as this van becomes my office as well during the day. Everything I need comes with all the added extras on this van, the drive and comfort is better than I thought. A big bonus for me is the amount of mileage I get, so less time spent filling up. Thank you Vanarama I couldn't be happier and I would not hesitate to recommend the new transit connect and of course you to supply it.

  • January 20 2016

    This van is everything I wanted and much more!!! Very good load area I can slide the seat down to fit 3m lengths of trunking. Van interior is a nice place to be and full of gadgets, cruise control, bluetooth, parking sensors and much more. Great fuel economy really can not fault the van after almost 12 months of having it.

  • January 20 2016

    My engineers are always commenting on how good the vans are and how good they are on fuel, so I am very happy with this feedback from my engineers and moving forward I will be ordering more of the same vans when needed.

  • January 20 2016

    This is probably the best van I've had. Don't need nothing too big and this is the best van out there. Interior is to a very high standard for a van. Good on deisel and goes well enough and it looks lovely. Ford have done a very good job with this van. Highly recommended.

  • January 20 2016

    Too early to judge the van on reliability but we love the van, great to drive, economical and it looks great! I can't recommend Vanarama enough as they were brilliant to deal with!!

  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    January 19 2016

    I've had my van for 3 months - Brilliant!!! More like a car really, it has a 6 speed box and cruise control, great. Ford could have updated the front door seals though!!! But at least it starts every time :-)

  • January 19 2016

    Had van about a week went for the top of the range Limited model and it is fantastic. I use it for my oven cleaning business and I don't have a car so wanted a comfortable van that has car extras and car comfort. The Ford Connect Transit fits the brief perfectly, good economy, good performance, very practical and extremely comfy. I particularly like the folding middle front seat that doubles as a desk with cup holders and pen tray. Steering wheel controls are another great feature. I made the right choice buying this great van and using Vanarama who handled everything very efficiently. Thanks to Chris Sharpe and Tom. Very professional courteous and helpful - 5*****!

  • January 13 2016

    Great van, perfect size for work and smooth to drive.

  • December 17 2015

    I am over the moon with the van and actually look forward to going to work every morning!!

  • December 02 2015

    It's a great van, it looks lovely and drives well. I'm very pleased.

  • December 02 2015


  • November 20 2015

    All seems great and very up market.

  • November 18 2015

    Best van I ever had.

  • November 09 2015

    Very good van. Drives like a car one of the best vans I have driven.

  • November 06 2015

    Awesome van! Perfect size and loads of gadgets.

  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    November 04 2015

    There are a few 4 stars there, but only because it's a bit early to know. I've only had the van a couple of weeks.

  • November 02 2015

    Very good.

  • October 29 2015

    Love it.

  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    October 29 2015

    Brilliant!!! So far so good. More like a car than a van. The end of unreliable motors for me?? I hope so. Thanks guys!

  • October 29 2015

    Fantastic van for the week I've had it.

  • October 19 2015

    A great van for me. Whoever design this van must have been a day to day van driver.

  • October 19 2015

    Great van so far, very happy with my choice. Great kit as standard and I find it very comfortable to drive. I have put running costs as 4 stars and not had van long enough to get a true figure. Glad I went for the L2 as nice amount of space in the back for all my tools and materials.

  • October 19 2015

    Very pleased with the quality and extras that are standard.

  • October 16 2015

    Fantastic van,looks well and drives spot on. My engineer had and still has the biggest smile on his face. I have had quite a few comments about how the van looks and have been told it's the best looking van on the road - I have to agree.

  • October 01 2015


  • September 30 2015

    Very good van ideal for my needs

  • September 30 2015

    Beautiful van, a dream to drive. It is a really top spec vehicle.

  • September 30 2015

    Best van... no, best vehicle I've ever had & I've had some pretty decent sports cars! Fantastic to drive, all the mod cons & tonnes of room in the back. The perfect van!

  • September 30 2015

    As a ford lover i was not disapointed, it has great layout inside, quality as always with ford. Very well built and thought of everything when developing it. The styling is a great attraction to this van and will benifit my business greatly.

  • September 29 2015


  • September 24 2015

    Very well equipped van that's a pleasure to drive.

  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    September 24 2015

    Very nice only had it 2 weeks, hence all 5 stars. Very nice to drive like the automatic wipers. The sync is Great.

  • September 24 2015

    Just like a car inside, if I am being critical..... too many buttons to operate things

  • September 24 2015

    Very practical value for money vehicle.

  • September 09 2015


  • September 03 2015

    Looks good, drives well and has everything I could want in a van. 10/10

  • September 01 2015

    Great van but three seats? Only if you are taking two children in it.

  • Ford Ford Transit Connect LWB
    September 01 2015

    Brilliant van thanks.

  • August 19 2015

    Very pleased so far.

  • August 06 2015

    Amazing van, had it 4 weeks now and can't fault it at all. Loaded with loads of extras and fun to drive and doesn't look out of place in the car park as it looks spot on. Great van.

  • July 31 2015


  • July 31 2015

    Very nice, comfortable van.

  • July 27 2015

    Ideal van for our work, extremely satisfied.

  • July 27 2015

    I Have owned a few vans and I have to say that this is hands down the BEST van I have owned. Ford have thought of everything.

  • July 27 2015

    An excellent choice for any builder. Easily load all of my tools in the back and the cabin has been developed to suit every need. What a great van.

  • July 24 2015

    It is the right van for my business. Carries all of my tools and leaves me adequate room for materials. For a van it is very quiet. The lack of a sat nav is poor at this level but other than that I am very pleased with the vehicle

  • July 23 2015

    Had the van for 3 weeks, really love it. Drives like a car, it's quiet, great on diesel, looks very professional, air con so good, gadgets galore. Well done Ford - hopefully stays this way.

  • July 20 2015

    Great van all round!

  • July 10 2015

    Great van, really pleased with it. One issue is the roof vent modification. I wanted it to match the paintwork, it doesn't. Otherwise all good.

  • July 08 2015

    I've only had the van three weeks, but I find it very nice to drive. Also the DAB radio and hands free Bluetooth is brilliant.

  • June 22 2015

    I absolutely love my van, in fact I have to keep reminding myself I'm in a van and not a car because it's so comfortable to drive. It handles like a dream and doesn't sound like a tin can van when you shut the doors. Rear parking sensors, how did I cope without these before and as for the drivers heated seat, I'm reluctant to leave the van to go to work when I'm literally warmed to the core. I'm showing this van off to anyone who will take a look with a great big smile on my face!

  • June 10 2015

    Overall very pleased. The passenger seat (main) is a little uncomfortable, hence only giving it three stars. Otherwise, pleased so far.

  • June 10 2015

    Very happy with it. It feels like a regular car inside, unlike some other mini vans.

  • April 28 2015

    Good value

  • April 17 2015

    I love it! It's the best van I have ever driven.

  • April 07 2015

    Lovely van. Great to drive looks great and would definitely recommended.

  • March 23 2015

    Like a car to drive and great lease value

  • March 09 2015

    Great looking, great handling, good mpg. I can't really comment on reliability yet, but so far can't fault this van. The Ford sync works really well with my phone too.

  • March 03 2015

    Very good. A nice little van.

  • February 16 2015

    Having only had the van a couple of days, I have only chosen 3 stars for reliability as it's too soon to tell, this is also the same for running costs. The van comes with a high spec with the Bluetooth system, usb, heated driver seat, parking sensors and cruise control this van has everything. Van is 3 seater but would struggle to fit three would be very cramped. But overall a great van that I'm very happy with and I would recommend to anyone looking for a small van.

  • January 19 2015

    Great all round van.

  • December 16 2014

    The van is superb. You wouldn't think you were driving a van. It is a very nice, comfortable vehicle to drive.

  • December 16 2014

    I have only had the van 6 hours, so I still have to get used to it, but it's a great looking van and perfect for my job.

  • December 16 2014

    Lovely compact small van. Much better than I'd imagined. Just like driving a car....

  • November 20 2014

    Nice design, however not having any wing mirror adjustors, electric or manual is an annoyance.

  • November 04 2014

    It's a great van.

  • November 04 2014

    Everything I needed and more.

  • October 30 2014

    Very smart looking vehicle, but the triple seat is not great and the bulkhead does decrease the rear storage space, unlike the Berlingo, which has better seating for three and more room in the back. However, it is very comfortable for two people and great to drive.

  • October 15 2014


  • October 15 2014

    Looks very nice. Can't give honest opinion, only had it a day.

  • September 25 2014

    A class above.

  • September 03 2014

    As I only got it today I'm very pleased, not sure on running cost as yet.

  • August 11 2014

    Very nice, a quality van.

  • April 30 2014

    Its ace

  • April 30 2014

    Second best van I have driven and owned

  • March 19 2014

    I bought this van because it is probably the best van on the market at this time I've always like Fords, they are built well and from my experience very reliable

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