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Mercedes-Benz Vito Van Review

4 Stars (23 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Jamie Barry - 31/01/2020

    Thought it might of had a dab radio at least not very powerful alas it is the base model

    5 Stars
  • Stephen John Dixon - 29/01/2020

    Very nice looking van, seems well screwed together. Everything from my old Vivaro lwb van has gone into it. The thing I thought I wouldn't like, the off side side door is my favourite thing! very useful. The van also drives really nicely, very car like and very comfy. Overall I am very happy with the van.

    5 Stars
  • David Baxter Maitland Cattanach - 10/10/2019

    Too early to tell yet as only had a short time

    4 Stars
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  • Handling: STARS
  • Comfort: STARS
  • Quality: STARS
  • Reliability: STARS
  • Performance: STARS
  • Practicality: STARS
  • Running Costs: STARS
  • Value for Money: STARS

Our Review

Mercedes have always been considered the best van manufacturers in the business, even rivalling the mighty Volkswagen in the market. Of course, past glories cannot make up for the current releases of vans as they have to stand on their own merit. The question that begs to be asked, is simply has the Mercedes-Benz Vito Compact Diesel 109 CDI Van got what it takes?

The answer is simply yes, Mercedes have lost none of the quality that the previous Mercedes Vitos processed, and both in its design and construction, you have a van that can only be described as class.

As a compact van it serves its role very well, the 2148cc engine giving the driver 88bhp and an impressive 220Nm of torque at low revs to move the capacity payload of just under a 1000Kg around. The payload is a particularly impressive part of the van. Not many compact vans payload comes close to the Mercedes Vito. The torque ensures that it will be shifted in a timely and easy manor which is inline to previous models. The fuel consumption could be argued to be a little under par for a panel van at 29.4, but as you can carry more and compared to some of its competitors, a lot more for many this will be a positive trade - off.

The Mercedes Vito offers drivers a van which has a load length of 2422mm, a width of 1650mm narrowing to 1277mm, and a load height of 1338mm. To assist loading, the Mercedes Vito is one of the few compact vans to offer two side loading doors. For a compact van to be able to take a Euro pallet is notable, as is the load volume of 4.65m3.

As standard the Mercedes Vito comes with ABS, ESP, ASR, EBV, BAS, speed limiter, and traction control. All of these clever pieces of technology conspire to give the driver more control over the van and provide a better and safer driving experience. These elements are rare to be fitted as standard to a compact van, and this just typifies the quality Mercedes - Benz bring to their vehicles.

Other aspects which are of note are a 3 point seatbelts and tensioners for all seats, together with a driver's airbag. Rounding things off are electric windows and a decent CD stereo.

The Mercedes - Benz Vito as previous incarnations of the vehicle has simply taken the lead in terms of the competition in nearly all respects. There is simply nothing more to be said.

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