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Mitsubishi L200 Van Review

5 Stars (242 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Andrew Raynes - 31/01/2020

    Very happy so far but we’ve only had iit a couple of weeks. Time will tell, but very happy so far!

    5 Stars
  • Craig Preston - 17/12/2019

    It's beautiful.

    4 Stars
  • David Alexander Campbell - 05/12/2019

    Really pleased with it. Just taking a little while to get used to the automatic transmission

    4 Stars
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Our Review

Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian

Let’s face it, any vehicle that gets away with being called a Barbarian without looking naff or pose-y has got to be a pick-up truck, right? We already know the Mitsubishi L200 can carry it off, because buyers have been snapping up versions of the L200 with macho names like Animal, Warrior and Trojan for years. Some people will feel self-conscious behind the wheel of anything with Barbarian writ large down its flanks but, hey, that’s just added kudos when you’re down at your local on a Friday night with the lads and you know you’re going to be king of the road. Your wife or girlfriend are going to hate it, but what the heck!

At a glance

The Mitsubishi L200's stand-out feature has got to be the way it looks. Curves are not things we're used to seeing on macho pick-up trucks, but the L200 is smothered in them. The front end, unmistakably Mitsubishi, is softened with rounded edges for grille and headlamps with oval recesses for the circular fog lights. The rear edge of the cabin arcs down and around the vehicle's lower edge, while the fluid lines of the tailgate and windows are a world away from those on boxy rivals. The Barbarian confirms its status as the flagship model in the range with a special body kit including a sports grille and almost everything else that’s screwed or bolted on swathed in chrome.

Engines and spec.

The Barbarian is the range-topping L200, with a choice of 131 or 175 bhp 2.5-litre turbo diesel engines and manual or auto transmission options. Standard kit includes Select 4WD, M-ASTC, 17-inch alloy wheels and a host of interior and exterior bling including: Barbarian graphics, chrome rear lamp bezels, door mirrors and handles and a sports front grille. That’s not forgetting a reversing camera, Kenwood integrated satellite navigation system and multi-display radio / CD player with touch-screen operation, luxury leather seats, Bluetooth hands-free kit and even illuminated door entry guards. Ours also came with the grand-sounding Sports Utility Top, which features heavily tinted windows and lockable tailgate window.

The L200 is narrower than most other UK market pick-ups, which helps with the manoeuvrability and produces a reasonably tight turning circle. The down side is a slight reduction in interior space and carrying capacity. The double cab body style is the only one you can get in Barbarian trim. This is a five-seater model with a reasonable amount of legroom for the rear passengers, always providing that the driver is not a six footer, and seat backs angled at 25 degrees make a pleasant change from the rigidly upright offerings usually found in older double-cab pick-ups. There has to be a compromise for this extra passenger space and it comes in the shape of its modest 1,325mm load length. At the wheel

You climb up and into the L200’s impressive looking cabin and first impressions are good. Large, comfortable looking stitched leather seats with Barbarian logos, matching leather gear knob and 4x4 option selector and leather steering wheel. Inside, there’s lashings of chrome and aluminium trim and hi tech-looking Instruments are easy to read, with the familiar Mitsubishi drive-configuration graphic to the right of the instrument cluster. The L200's cabin is spacious and practical with cubby holes, a gigantic glove compartment and lots of oddment storage. The real practicality can be found in the load bay, which can be plastic or metal lined and have additional strap-eyes or any number of utility options added. The load bay is restricted in size by the double-cab but is still a very healthy size and perfect for trips to the tips or carrying bikes and outdoor equipment or heavy tools and machinery. The four-wheel drive transmission and low ration transfer box makes it a versatile vehicle with lots of towing and off-road potential. In practice, we found the radio / sat nav / CD system over-complicated and almost baffling in its complexity. But the leather seats are comfortable and the steering wheel can be adjusted to suit most drivers.

On the road

The Barbarian feels as though it will withstand any amount of abuse off-road, but that’s at the expense of the handling on the open road. The L200 has a soft ride and deals well with cracked urban streets. However, it struggles to cope with undulations in the road surface at even moderate speeds, bouncing up and down rather like a toy boat in a bath. Lifeless steering that's slow to react to the wheel and scary body roll through fast bends further undermines the Mitsubishi on tarmac roads. The engine is gruff and rattly on start-up and gets noisier the faster you go. That said, the L200 has an impressive turn of speed, thanks to its powerful turbo diesel engines, and it’s easy to exceed motorway speed limits once the powerful turbocharger gets a-blowin’ in earnest!

Around town, the Barbarian is not at its best. You are never allowed to forget the sheer size of the L200 and parking is not made easier by the poor fore and aft visibility and the absence of parking sensors on the version we tested. The view through the rear view mirror is almost non-existent, thanks to heavily tinted windows and a central rear headrest, and must be considered a potential hazard. You can alleviate this by dropping the electrically powered rear window in the cab, the down side being that you get the weather coming in via that Sports Ute Top, which doesn’t seal against the back of the cab.

Our Verdict

So, is the L200 Barbarian a car, or a commercial vehicle? Clearly the latter, in our view despite all those trinkets and bling. It’s also a very expensive commercial vehicle if you play fast and loose with the options list, in which case the competition gets a lot tougher. However, it’s car-like enough to still make a good family vehicle and the importance of wipe-clean seats and hose-down mats can’t be understated. Nor can all the commercial vehicle running costs and tax breaks.

On the one hand, the L200 in Barbarian trim means you get some of the luxuries you’d expect of a more up-market 4x4 vehicle, with sat nav and leather seats taking away some truck-like feel. On the other, it retains the workman-like veneer though, so loses none of its practicality. The alloy wheels, leather seats, chromed accessories and those illuminated door kick plates do not disguise the fact that the L200 Barbarian is at heart a down to earth, tough-as-old-boots workhorse.

Our man with a van

Adrian Foster

Motoring journalist Adrian Foster has been commissioned to write impartial van and pick up reviews for our website, specifically to help with your decision making process. We have provided him with a van and the spec and nothing more, so you can rely on his views being real and honest.

Adrian began his career in the motor retail industry with Perry’s Group before turning his hand to motoring journalism. He launched the Drivelines motoring press agency as a means of providing high quality journalism on new cars, commercial vehicles, motorsport and the motor industry at large.

Customer reviews

Below are our customer reviews for the Mitsubishi L200. Want to have your say? Leave a review for the Mitsubishi L200 now.

  • November 19 2019

    Excellent all rounder with a high level of standard equipment

  • November 05 2019

    Stunning truck inside and out - drives like a dream.

  • October 15 2019

    Spot on

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    October 14 2019

    Having driven a van for 10 years, am very impressed with the Challenger. It had all the gadgets I wanted, and found a few more. Spacious cab, handles very well, power when you need it, more like driving a car. The suspension is a little hard, but its a pick up, so to be expected. Had a few bags of cement in the back, and it did improve it. Warranty is excellent too. Looks good, is very quiet when cruising, excellent infotainment system too (once you figure it out) Can't fault it just now, very happy with it 👍

  • October 02 2019

    This is the 3rd L200 single cab I have had over the past 9 years and have never had a break down or any other problem in that time so when it came time for a new pickup I did not consider any other make. The L200 single cab is what it is, a well built basic no frills vehicle with a minimum of fancy equipment & gadgets, a large load area with proper external lashing down hooks and ladder rack, fairly good fuel economy and reasonably comfortable. This model is much quieter in the cab than the two previous models I have had. If this one is anything like the previous two the reliability should be excellent.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    September 24 2019

    The Barbarian gives me the flexibility of a car with the load carrying capacity of a van. Stylish and smart it sets a tone and people comment on it.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    September 19 2019

    Comfortable fit for purpose commercial vehicle

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    September 10 2019

    Very nice. Very happy

  • August 09 2019

    The truck was great. However when it arrived, I could not attach my trailer to the truck as there was not enough clearance between the trailer hitch and the bumper so I had to go and buy a ball hitch with a longer neck to solve the problem. The seat covers that I also ordered are for a Ford Ranger and not a L200 . They do fit apart from the rear arm rest cover. I am also having a small problem opening the canopy back window as it tends to catch at one side . Looks like the canopy has not been installed correctly on the tub so will require some adjustment which is a bit disappointing as they had the truck for long enough before delivery!

  • August 08 2019

    I've never had a truck before and so far I think it's brilliant, it's big! even the fuel consumption is good, high 30's low 40's. I do think something this big should come with parking sensors as standard though! but would highly recommend if you need a vehicle for personal use or for work it's good enough for both.

  • August 01 2019

    very nice

  • July 23 2019


  • July 19 2019

    A good vehicle for trades people.

  • July 19 2019

    Its a well fitted vehicle. Does everything I ask of it. The only irritation is the length of time it takes for the radio to start after the engine is turned on

  • June 25 2019


  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    June 22 2019

    Very impressed

  • June 20 2019

    I absolutely love this vehicle ! Had a 2006 model and it this is most definitely it’s better younger sister! MPG not quite what the specs say but it never is and can go as low as 22mpg when towing 1.5-2 tonne but it tows like a dream. Especially love the capability to change from fully automatic to manual with steering wheel paddles for manual gear change. Excellent styling and great space for work items with a hardtop fitted, great interior space for the school run enroute to the construction site!

  • June 07 2019

    Absolutely delighted how the car was presented when delivered, however the problem with not being able to open rail gate and an unusable tow bar dampened. However Vanarama have been quick to rectify this.

  • June 06 2019

    Love it its just what I wanted really good fun and majorly good for space inside and I am 6ft 4!

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    May 20 2019

    Great overall just wish I'd not had the overrail liner as now cannot get a Tonnau cover to fit it

  • April 30 2019

    A flexible, durable vehicle that will withstand the rigours of multiple staff use but smart enough to maintain an executive presence. A damned good all rounder that doesn't break the bank!

  • April 18 2019

    Very comfortable, pulls well when you put your foot down. Much better than rattling about in my previous van!

  • April 17 2019

    A great improvement on my older model Accessories were fitted very well Really happy with the new truck

  • April 17 2019

    A great improvement on my older model Accessories were fitted very well Really happy with the new truck

  • April 15 2019

    Needed a truck to get stuff done and it servesthat need

  • April 04 2019


  • March 26 2019

    Best car for me !!!

  • March 26 2019

    Best car for me !!!

  • March 18 2019

    just a tool, does the job

  • March 14 2019

    I have only had it a week. Ask me again in a year. Some of the above stars are too early to tell.

  • March 14 2019

    Good all round vehicle, seems to have enough power when towing. handles OK but live back axel and leaf sprigs gives it a bit of an old fashioned handling feel and could be a bit skitty on the back end in snow and ice.

  • March 09 2019

    It’s a excellent pick up with loads of features.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    March 07 2019

    This is my first truck so I didn't know what to expect. The L200 Barbarian is very comfortable, so much so that it's easy to forget that you're sitting in a commercial vehicle. It took some getting used to due to the size of the vehicle, although there is a rear view camera, the absent of parking sensors is noticeable, especially parking around London. Steering is very light and responsive. Interior styling is beautiful - really love the mood lighting in the foot wells front and rear. The truck is however rather juicy and doesn't quite achieve the 38mpg that Mitsubishi have boasted. On motorways while using cruise control just under 70mph I still only just get 31mpg. City driving I'm getting an uninspiring 23mpg. My only other complaint is that the rear window no longer lowers meaning that I either have to cut down anything long before loading or put them on the roof of the truck. Overall though, very happy and I don't think I'd be without one now!

  • March 07 2019

    Very smooth, comfortable and refined for a pick up.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    March 04 2019

    A beast

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    March 04 2019

    A beast

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    February 26 2019

    Impressed, less utility than expected.

  • February 21 2019

    Great vehicle, seems very well built, handles the road well, bit disappointed you have to have your phone connected to run the sat nav, could do with a couple more storage spaces in the cabin, very comfortable to sit in with good ride height

  • February 04 2019

    We use our vehicle for work, and social. Having completed various journeys between home on the Isle of Skye, and West Yorkshire, the L200 is quiet, comfortable, and very economical. The last journey having used Shell Diesel, we got 807 miles out of the tank. Awesome.

  • January 21 2019

    Yes very happy so far

  • January 21 2019


  • January 11 2019

    Early days but seems good so far

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    January 09 2019

    Nice, a bit bumpy for Missus, but perfect for work

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    December 28 2018

    Great reliable vehicle with smooth drive

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    December 20 2018


  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    December 17 2018


  • December 14 2018

    Good quality vehicle

  • December 10 2018


  • November 30 2018

    Perfect for my buisness

  • November 30 2018


  • November 28 2018


  • November 27 2018

    Pleased with everything apart from the reversing lights, Because you only get 1 in the dark it’s not so easy to see especially along the side, We’ve had to invest in some extra l e d lights & wire them up to the reversing light, now that’s better

  • November 26 2018

    Very practical comfortable truck

  • November 19 2018

    Nice and comfortable. Easy to drive. Seems a real go anywhere anytime vehicle

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    November 15 2018

    Seems to be a big improvement on the Ford Ranger had previously.

  • November 06 2018

    Very practical for what I need. Really smart too and nice to drive. Some great features inside. Could do with some rear paring sensors those as got used to those in my old vehicle and is odd not having them on something this size.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    October 29 2018

    Love it it makes life easy looks great strong and very useful to me for our type of work

  • October 29 2018


  • October 23 2018

    Good van tows really well

  • October 23 2018

    My barbarian is a fantastic looking vehicle, I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it. It looks very professional when I go to see clients to quote for work.

  • October 19 2018

    I thought this vehicle is perfect for what I wanted, work and play, really comfortable, like a car to drive, really pleased.

  • October 18 2018

    It’s big,it’s really big but ideal for what I need it for.

  • October 12 2018

    As a pick up it's well equipped, the drive is fairly car like and it's practical. Hate the LDW, wish I could turn it off permanently, but it's a minor thing in an overall very good vehicle.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    October 10 2018

    I think the truck is great... looks great, well equipped and really easy to drive. Downsides... running costs so far aren't great... with the auto gearbox it really needs another gear on motorway trips. Fuel economy though might increase as engine wears in. But for driving around town and hauling loads of equipment in a well equipped cabin for the money you are paying its a really good choice.

  • October 10 2018

    great value for the money with good spec overall -

  • October 09 2018

    Very pleased with the build quality and specification.

  • October 09 2018

    It’s not the best looking pick up. But it’s a good value for money. And after couple days of using a love it.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    September 26 2018

    Pretty good, little flimsy but smooth and comfortable

  • September 24 2018

    Nice tidy and comfortable

  • September 19 2018

    I haven't had it long enough to assess the reliability, but all other aspects of the vehicle are very impressive. (Running cost will obviously be less than ideal as its a large vehicle).

  • September 19 2018

    Exerlent - had a shogun for 11 years and this is my seconds L200 but must be the ‘mark 5 as the previous versions were bad on fuel and handling

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    September 19 2018

    Nice truck very comfortable, rated the reliability low due to only having the truck for around 10 days so can't comment.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    September 19 2018

    A great product, ideal for my work

  • September 13 2018

    Good vehicle to drive very smooth perhaps lacking a little bit of power

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    September 06 2018

    I enjoy drivingn it.the purpose of it is to pull my food trailer which weighs 3 ton.it does it with ease.

  • September 05 2018

    The driver loves it!

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    September 04 2018

    Does the job it is needed for

  • August 29 2018

    It is a great pickup and plenty of room in the pack for all my kit including spare kit. I am very happy with the car but too early yet to assess running costs as only had it for two weeks although early impressions suggest that it is good on mpg.

  • August 24 2018

    marvellous machine. previously had the series 4. loved it. i'd say i'm going to best of friends with the series 5 too.

  • August 15 2018

    A bit hard on the suspension and frustrated it didn’t come with a boot lid. Otherwise love it

  • August 09 2018

    Exceeded my expectations. I'm am delighted as it is very practical and comfortable to drive.

  • August 07 2018

    A please to drive and room for the family with plenty of room.

  • August 02 2018

    General use for family, tow the trailer with 2 ton weight. Had the pickup 3 months and 3000 miles Cost to lease was great, light handling, decent spec on the warrior. (rear camera is ok although no park assist front or rear) Ride quality over anything other than smooth tarmac is shocking, a characteristic for anyone who has never had a pickup before, need to be aware of. Tows brilliantly and I mean brilliantly. Town, lanes and motorway driving, it handles well, acceleration is ok, brakes have good feel, visibility good, feels predictable and light to drive on smooth surfaces. A car this long should have park assist as standard front and rear. I drive like Miss Daisy and I can't get above 33mpg on motorway driving at 60mph. (Warrior Auto box) Infotainment; Stereo, no CD slot! Apple play is good. Navigation is through Apple Play, so, no phone, no Nav. The car doesn't have its own navigation system. Summary A decent truck, that can be fun to drive and own with some cracking contract hire deals out there. Disappointed with MPG and ride quality being the only let downs.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    August 01 2018

    Great well built vehicle. Very quiet and the suto box is great to drive though a little more thirsty than expected. I have had it only for one month but put 2,000miles on it including a trip fully loaded with roof tent and roof rack full and no problems. Also done over 1,000 miles towing 2t plus and it's been great. Trip computer is a bit basic but the android auto and all the other toys are great and work very well. All accessories fitted seem good quality and fitted well. Tows well and drives well, happy so far.

  • August 01 2018

    very happy with the complete package, no issues

  • July 23 2018

    Very spacious and easy to drive but needs good car park due to size. Rear suspension a bit firm but it is a load carrying vehicle. Could do with having more info available on the dashboard rather than scroll through options such as temperature and average fuel etc.

  • July 19 2018

    quality truck use it as my personal vehicle with 3 kids; looks great fully loaded inside all good

  • July 19 2018

    Great vehicle

  • July 17 2018


  • July 12 2018

    Very happy with L200. It is the perfect vehicle for my combined business and private use needs.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    July 12 2018

    more refined than previous model

  • July 02 2018

    Received L200 Barbarian Peal Black with roller shutter fitted by Vanarama on Friday; using it as my main vehicle 3 kids and keen mountain biker. Had a Audi A4 Estate 3litre before this so I knew there would be a drop in speed and handling; but have to say could not be happier, miles more room inside and out, just a comfy seat and drive wise and with the built in Apple Car play a lot better than the Audi had which I had upgraded when bought new. Its looks quality and kids love it - full on practical hard wearing vehicle that was needed.

  • June 28 2018

    As a working vehicle, not as good as the Nissan Tekna, but value for money

  • June 08 2018

    Brilliant car, easy on the eye, safe car!

  • May 23 2018

    Only had the truck a couple of weeks after running a VW Passat for 6 years,but more than happy with it so far.Does the day job and double's up as a great family vehicle.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    May 21 2018

    Comfortable and great every day car

  • May 16 2018

    Having previously owned a Series 4 L200 in Barbarian trim, the new Series 5 Barbarian is a massive improvement. The ride quality and handling of the new L200 is excellent. Gone is the vague feeling when steering into corners, it is now more precise and confidence inspiring. The bouncy suspension of the old L200 has also been sorted, with a lot less body roll experienced with the Series 5 over the Series 4. Passengers have also commented on the comfort and handling, having a much better ride in the Series 5. The other thing worth a mention is the much improved MPG. I am easily achieving an extra 120 miles for the same number of litres purchased over the Series 4. Overall it's a great vehicle, with the Barbarian trim adding some nice features that you would find in any top of the range car.

  • May 15 2018

    Very pleased with the L200, looks great, drives really well, practical and economical.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    May 15 2018

    Really impressive vehicle, nice to drive, perfect for carrying goods for the business

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    May 10 2018

    Love it

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    May 01 2018

    Great vehicle !

  • April 27 2018

    Lovely vehicle all round

  • April 26 2018

    perfect for my world

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    April 18 2018

    An excellent bit of kit for both work and weekends. It feels just like a car inside and very luxurious for a work vehicle. Fuel economy for me has been around 40mpg and hasn’t even done 1000 miles yet so extremely happy.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    April 17 2018

    no complaints

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    April 17 2018

    Fantastic vehicle,does exactly what I need it for with the comfort of a car. Very pleased with it so far and don't forsee having any problems.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    April 04 2018

    Good pick up

  • March 23 2018

    Only taken delivery a week ago but impressed so far.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    March 23 2018

    It is a practical vehicle for our business offering the comfort of a car and the flexibility of a van at a reasonable cost.

  • March 21 2018

    So far after a week of using it I am more than impressed, fuel consumption is better than I thought it would be. My only other thought is that I was expecting there to be Barbarian lettering on the drivers and passenger doors but in saying that it is on all the other chrome handles etc. It’s an eye catcher in black with the solid rear canopy. Had many compliments on how good it looks. I just have to keep it clean so it looks good all the time.

  • March 06 2018

    The best driving position I have ever had. Will be more than big enough in the back for our business needs. The kids & some adults that have sat in the back love being able to see the world,because of high the ride is. Kids take over the radio though via their blue tooth, as soon as they get in, but hey... happy kids are... well HAPPY kids, its all good.

  • March 06 2018

    So far so good

  • March 02 2018

    So far so good. The weather hasn't been good with snow and ice but the Mitsubishi has come into its own and been boss of the job.

  • February 21 2018

    A horse and cart would be better than my old car. Really pleased with the L200, ticks all the boxes.

  • February 21 2018

    As we havent had the vehicle that long it is very difficult to be fully accurate on these ratings, I have rated on initial feelings.

  • February 20 2018

    Very pleased up too now

  • February 16 2018

    It makes going to work a little less painful!!

  • February 15 2018

    I'm quite impressed with the vehicle, nice exterior, nice interior, very happy

  • January 31 2018

    To early to say would require a few months to answer this question, and the same really for the above rating.

  • January 31 2018

    Good looking vehicle. Heavy on fuel

  • January 29 2018

    i am only days in to my truck but so far so good massive space packed the family the bikes and all the clothes for a weekend at centre parks with loads of room to spare sat happily on the motorway listening to music and following the sat nav and averaged 37mpg which is excellent for a 2.5 tonne machine clutch is light gear box direct infotainment system is a tag confusing to start with but am getting it under control now. this really is great value for money with the toys and the spec you get my only two gripes so far is very small but never the less annoying when you flash someone to say thank you the full beam comes on to easy and blinds the other car user and the tail gate doesn't lock so can be opened regardless of the truck being locked so security of products in the bed is terrible i guess this is solvable with a top on the bed but i don't want one i preferred the tonnoue cover for the flexibility it offers over all massive truck easy to drive easy to park thanks to reversing camera and full to the brim with toys great value in this market

  • January 26 2018

    Very stylish and over the moon with the truck

  • January 19 2018


  • January 11 2018

    For both my family needs and my business needs its the best vehicle I could of chosen. very pleased.

  • January 10 2018

    Quality truck with all the comforts of a good 4x4. Used all day cant fault it apart from the general truck issue of the sides being too tall to be practical.

  • January 04 2018

    Really nice until I discovered the leaks in the boot. I know they are not made to be watertight but should be water resistant and to get pools of water in back suggest the canopy is poorly fitted.

  • January 04 2018

    Very good looking vehicle, very smooth, and the engine is silent for a van, it’s just like a car inside, I love It! This is gonna last me a very long time. Isn’t juicy either, for a 2.4 and a beast of a vehicle the Diesel lasts ages.

  • December 29 2017

    Exceeded my expectations as a commercial vehicle from the standard or interior and driver functions. The vehicle suits my need perfectly - the only criticism is no rear wiper on the rear of the load cover.

  • December 20 2017

    Very good but the tailgate needs to be lockable.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    December 16 2017

    Nice comfortable ride good on fuel should have got a reverse camera or beep warning because reversing is difficult.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    December 15 2017

    Not for myself, but the guy that drives it is very pleased with it.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    December 11 2017

    It's my second Mitsubishi L200 LWB Lb Double Cab DI-D 178 - this one is replacing a 2 year old Warrior. I had problems with the other one so hope this will be more reliable.

  • December 06 2017

    This is our fourth L200, they have improved in technology and comfort hugely over the years. This Warrior has a much nicer finish and is more comfortable than the 2013 Barbarian that I own.

  • December 04 2017

    Very good Too much beeping going on, there is a warning tone for everything

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    November 30 2017

    Having had many 4x4 this is right up there.

  • September 04 2017

    A great truck, handles well, comfortable and has most of the toys you need, the only thing is the DAB is not as good as the rest of the car and front parking sensors would be good too.

  • July 18 2017

    Overall very nice with lots of toys and great sat nav and hands-free. The only thing that lets it down are some of the finishes aren't great but it is a pickup.

  • July 12 2017

    Ideal for me.

  • July 06 2017

    A very good truck to have.

  • June 30 2017

    Very pleased with the vehicle, it is everything I wanted.

  • June 29 2017

    I love it but most of all my wife loves it. Perfect for the job and posh to boot.

  • June 28 2017

    It's a great vehicle for the site and the road. Still a bit thirsty but very comfy. Does what it says on the tin.

  • June 18 2017

    It's an amazing beast! I love it!

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    June 14 2017

    Very comfortable and nice vehicle to be in as a work truck.

  • June 06 2017

    Very pleased with the L200 overall.

  • June 05 2017

    Initial opinion is positive but we have only used it for 2 weeks. Reliability is unknown but I expect it to be positive. Too early for an opinion on running costs.

  • June 01 2017

    I love this truck. It's immense. Nothing else to say!

  • May 30 2017

    It's a great looking pickup with very high spec.

  • May 30 2017

    It's like a posh car with teeth.

  • May 30 2017

    Good and stylish truck.

  • May 04 2017

    Very good. But as an option you could give the choice of road tires or all terrain.

  • April 21 2017

    Fantastic 4x4

  • April 18 2017

    Excellent drive at moment and using half the fuel of previous vehicle.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    April 04 2017


  • April 04 2017

    A well equipped work/family car.

  • April 04 2017


  • April 04 2017

    Once again very good.

  • March 22 2017

    Very impressed with it. Very high spec. A lot different from my old one!

  • March 21 2017


  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    December 15 2016

    I'm definitely happy with it so far.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    December 02 2016

    Very pleased with the l200. Had one on the series before and that was good but this is far better

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    December 01 2016

    Great car/truck

  • November 15 2016

    Great looking truck. Plenty of room for the family.

  • November 14 2016

    Good all round truck.

  • November 14 2016

    A good vehicle well equipped and comfortable.

  • November 07 2016

    Great vehicle

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    October 24 2016

    As a consultancy business I was dubious as to whether this would look as professional but the vehicle looks so impressive and the features really are as good as any of the leading makes of car I would have bought. Very practical for towing our caravan and fitting my massive dogs in! Handles really well and the interior as nice as any of the cars I have had. I'm really pleased with this and a brilliant, tax efficient vehicle to have in the business.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    October 19 2016

    I was unsure of the Mitsubishi Warrior when enquired, it was up against other good quality pickup trucks but it once I received the vehicle I realised that it beats them all. Fuel economy is great especially when towing 2 tonnes. I love it!

  • October 13 2016

    Very good machine.

  • October 05 2016

    Very pleased. Like a lovely 4x4 in a commercial vehicle.

  • October 04 2016

    Just what we need and fulfills most requirements for us.

  • September 19 2016

    I love this Mitsubishi, it drives fantastic, great power and look great. The seats are a little hard but still comfortable to sit in, overall I love it.

  • August 31 2016

    Excellent vehicle.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    August 16 2016

    Great vehicle for my gardening business. Very practical yet still has the comforts and spec of a family car.

  • July 25 2016

    Stunning looking vehicle. Pleased we listened to the advice to get this one.

  • July 11 2016

    Very nice pickup and well designed with a lot of leg room in the back. Stereo system takes a bit of getting used to and the GPS system is good but the voice that gives you direction is shocking and I can't find a way of changing it. The ride is good and from what I can see you get about 500 miles out of a full tank. Its early day but I'm enjoying the L200.

  • July 11 2016

    Faultless, excellent pick up truck and a lot more economical than I expected.

  • June 27 2016

    Great looking and good comfort. High spec although some of the interior design is lacking and the dashboard display is a bit dated.

  • June 27 2016

    Only had it for a few weeks but really pleased, not sure on usage costs yet but seems ok.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    June 13 2016

    I love the truck. It is very comfortable and the ride is smooth and quite. All of the accessories are great and work really well making travelling from job to job easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. Very happy with the choice.

  • June 06 2016

    Great all purpose vehicle.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    May 27 2016

    Great pickup with a good balance between flexible utility and driving comfort. Highly recommend this vehicle.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    April 08 2016

    The rear cab central locking has stopped working and the dab radio stations fade in and out.

  • April 05 2016

    I am very pleased with my choice of vehicle.

  • March 31 2016

    Excellent all round.

  • March 31 2016

    A great mix for work and family use, plenty of space and power.

  • March 31 2016

    Very smooth and comfortable to drive. Good fuel economy. Ample space both in the cargo bay and in the cabin. The instrument layout is great and both audio and Sat-Nav work incredibly well. Overall a brilliant vehicle, very much an eye catcher.

  • March 29 2016

    Great vehicle. Very nice spec.

  • March 22 2016

    Smart, comfy and a nice drive.

  • March 15 2016

    I love it.

  • March 15 2016

    Over the moon with my new L200 Barbarian. It has surpassed my expectations, with the exception of the average mpg which I am hoping will improve with time.

  • February 05 2016

    After 6 days all is good so far.

  • January 13 2016


  • December 17 2015

    The L200 5 series is a powerful vehicle, if anyone needs a pickup truck, the L200 is the best choice.

  • December 03 2015

    Excellent pickup, multi purpose machine especially with a canopy fitted. Good performance "does exactly what it says on the tin"..

  • December 03 2015

    Vehicle seems brilliant but it is a bit early to tell. The comfort and features for a van are awesome.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    October 19 2015

    I have had various pickups over the last 15 years and the Mitsubishi L200 is certainly one of the best yet.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    October 19 2015

    Easy to drive comfortable good looking truck.

  • September 24 2015

    like the car think it's good car exactly what I wanted it for and does the job, shame it only has 5 gears and seems very underpowered at times in low gears but once get going it can move quick just bottom end could be better but I do like it all spec I wanted on it etc so overall very good car just could do with been abit more powerful at times would have another but would maybe try another pick up

  • August 03 2015

    Great vehicle and meets my needs exactly. Very nice to drive.

  • July 30 2015

    Purchased as a workhorse, that's exactly what it is. Comfortable to drive and handles better than some pickups I've driven. It's actually nicer to drive with a load in the back than when empty, but I guess that's similar to most pickups. Glad I went for the Barbarian as it affords a higher level of comfort, but then I usually drive Range Rovers, so it's perhaps unfair to expect too much luxury.

  • July 28 2015

    Heaven on wheels.

  • July 24 2015

    Very good to drive and practical for many uses.

  • July 21 2015

    Wife loves it, if she's happy I'm happy.

  • July 07 2015

    I've had my last one from new, but what a vast difference the new one is. Well pleased.

  • June 29 2015

    Great vehicle for work. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Don't expect car-like handling. It's a very big machine...

  • June 24 2015

    Perfect pickup.

  • June 15 2015

    Having owned the same previously, the new truck is much improved.

  • June 08 2015

    Great vehicle that is well finished and a pleasure to drive. Sore on fuel but I knew that anyway.

  • May 28 2015

    I love it.

  • May 26 2015

    Too early but very pleased up to now.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    April 20 2015

    It's a pickup truck! It does what it's supposed to do. Does it well, with a bit of comfort and luxury.

  • April 02 2015

    Happy with our choice

  • March 18 2015


  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    January 20 2015


  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    December 08 2014

    I've only had it a day, but it seems a very nice comfortable vehicle.

  • November 26 2014


  • November 26 2014

    A lot better on fuel then I thought it would be, and a total pleasure to drive.

  • November 13 2014

    Only had it a day. Bit early to judge the above categories.

  • November 05 2014

    A good looking and very drivable truck.

  • November 05 2014

    Big, gutsy, reliable and a truly great ride.

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    October 30 2014

    A big machine, exactly what I wanted.

  • October 30 2014

    Too early to say as I've only used it for 2 days, but early impressions are very good.

  • October 17 2014

    Only had it a couple of days but seems a great pickup.

  • October 15 2014

    It's early days as I only got it today, but on the whole it looks great and has more luxuries than necessary for a work vehicle. Steering seems to be a little low geared for me.

  • October 15 2014

    A good reliable vehicle, much improved on the old model.

  • October 15 2014

    Looks good and good spec.

  • October 15 2014

    It's very good, I have had one before.

  • October 02 2014

    A Mitsubishi pickup that is what it says, it is 4Work, not a Barbarian, Outlaw or Animal.

  • September 11 2014

    A fresh and stylish pickup truck but still keeping true to the ruggedness of an original pickup i.e with a gear stick that shakes with the engine power - which some may like, some may not. I do.

  • August 18 2014

    The Mitsubshi L200 looks great with lots of toys, even a DVD player!

  • July 25 2014

    I am really pleased with my new vehicle & it's been well worth the wait to get it. My only slight disappointment was my new vehicle was driven to me rather than delivered. It meant my new vehicle had already done 171 miles before I sat behind the wheel.

  • July 25 2014


  • July 25 2014

    Bit early to say, but the initial thoughts are good.

  • July 15 2014


  • July 11 2014

    Previously owned one for 3 years, seen what was on the market and still decided with L200 as it ticked all the boxes

  • Mitsubishi L200 Diesel
    June 26 2014


  • April 02 2014

    Really fab

  • March 11 2014

    The perfect truck for my business.

  • March 04 2014

    very good all round truck

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