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Nissan Cabstar Van Review

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Expert Review

The Nissan Cabstar Swb Diesel is designed to carry heavy loads over short distances, in built up areas such as cities. To this end, it performs its role admirably.

The Nissan Cabstar offers a payload of 1300KG and its 2.5 litre diesel engine offers a bhp of 130. Though this may not look too hot on paper, the Nissan Cabstar gives 270Nm of torque at minimum revs, so moving that fully laden cargo from a to be b is in actuality very easy, as is initially moving the vehicle from standing still. Another nice feature of the Nissan Cabstar is the low engine noise, despite the fact the driver effectively sits on top of it.

Loading wise, the Nissan Cabstar's load width is 1900mm and the load length comes in nicely at 3200mm. Its loading height is 400mm and it overhangs at the back by 1330mm. The Nissan Cabstar is a fairly typical flatbed truck in a van's body, which is part of the appeal. Unloading, the Nissan Cabstar offers a range of options including the tipper variety, and a basic dropping of the sides to gain access to the loading area.

Nissan have successfully identified the Nissan Cabstar's role in the commercial market and to this end have put a lot of emphasis on driver visibility and manoeuvrability of the vehicle. The forward driving position - this is where the driver sits ahead of the front axle, the improved gear box, rear wheel drive, and the 360 degree views from the driving position, allow the Nissan Cabstar to be piloted in the smallest of gaps. The design of the van gives the Nissan Cabstar a turning circle of 9.5m kerb to kerb.

The cab itself is a no frills affair which is much like the rest of the Nissan Cabstar. As standard all Nissan Cabstars come with a CD stereo, driver side airbag, and pretensioner seatbelts. Though storage spaces are small there are a lot of them, and a crew of three are easily accommodated in the cab.

Due to the market the Nissan Cabstar operates it is difficult to find a more suited vehicle to its roll. The building trade especially would benefit from a vehicle of this kind, and to that end it is difficult to see how business in this industry will make any other choice other than the Nissan Cabstar.

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