Peugeot Partner Van Review

At A Glance

The small van market is a competitive one due to the needs of businesses that require a van to carry equipment, that is both too heavy & bulky to fit in the boot of a car & not quite heavy & bulky enough to warrant anything too large. To that end, the Peugeot Partner L1 fits the role quite nicely, giving good driver comforts & performance too.

Engines & Payload

The Peugeot Partner supports a 1.6-litre diesel engine which in turn provides 75bhp. Though this may not look like much on paper, this still provides 175Nm of torque at 1750rpm. The Peugeot Partner is more than capable of carrying its 624Kg payload to wherever it is need to go & is not underpowered when negotiating steep inclines or negotiating busy urban environments.

Loading is via the rear doors & for a van of its class offers the driver adequate dimensions for his or her cargo. Length wise the van offers 1800mm, while width wise it provides an impressive 1620mm. This narrows to 1229mm between the wheel arches. Load height measures 1250mm, while the Peugeot Partner's loading area is just 584mm from the ground. Like all good vans in its class, getting a load into & out of it is not an issue.

On The Road

It has to be said that the Peugeot Partner does provide a good driving experience. The steering is a good balance between weight & fluidity, while the dashboard layout is chunky yet useful, containing several storage options. There is also a nice digital display in the centre of the dash displaying useful information such as the current temperature & time. The van is at home travelling distance on the motorway where engine noise is not intrusive & does equally well traversing city streets. The fuel consumption of the vehicle is a pleasant 48.7 miles per gallon.

At The Wheel

As standard, the Peugeot Partner offers power steering, height adjustable steering column, a CD stereo & a driver's airbag. Though there are no ABS brakes on the standard setup, arguably the vehicle does not really need them.

Our Verdict

It is difficult to fault the Peugeot Partner as it offers good value for money & a good design to do its job. Businesses that opt for this type of van could well be swayed by its on road performance & nicely laid out interior.

Expert Review

The latest version of the Peugeot Partner has one of the best cabins on the market - it combines that with an excellent loading bay & powerful engine range to create a compelling choice in the small van marketplace.
Tom Roberts

Customer Reviews

This particular model is our second to our fleet, and for us ticks all the boxes for our company needs for an acceptable price.
Robert Jones
It's a superb van. I'm very pleased with it.
John Wootton

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