Renault Kangoo Van Review

At A Glance

The Renault Kangoo Compact Diesel SL represents Renault's attempt to attack the market for this type of van in a slightly different way to its competitors. Where as many manufacturers of vans try to improve all elements and balance one against the other for an overall better van, Renault have opted to concentrate on fuel economy - no doubt in the hope that financial logic will tempt drivers to take on a Renault Kangoo over a more performance orientated competitor.

Renault Kangoo Payload & Engines

The Renault Kangoo offers a fair payload of 500Kg and a highly competitive 53.3 miles per gallon. The 70bhp may not set anyone's pulse racing but the 160Nm torque at 1700 rpm will still see a capacity payload moving quite nicely through the city streets. The 1500cc diesel engine does a fair job in this respect, and the 5 speed gearbox has been configured to maximise fuel efficiency.

The Renault Kangoo has also been configured to take a Euro pallet which is unusual for a vehicle of this size. Both rear doors can open a full 180 degrees and a mesh grille protects the driver from the load.

On The Road

Renault has given the Renault Kangoo a design to suit the urban environment of city streets. The driver will not feel the bumps too much when transporting a payload and visibility is good. The turning circle on the Renault Kangoo is just 9.6m kerb to kerb, and subsequently it can squeeze into the tightest of gaps and be piloted accurately with no problems at all. The drive quality is a good selling point on this van.

Renault Kangoo Interior

Renault's financial selling point extends to the materials used in the van's construction. The Renault Kangoo is made with composite materials which are cheaper to repair than the materials used on most vans.

As standard, the Renault Kangoo comes with ABS braking with brake assist, MSR torque overrun regulation, a drivers side airbag, and pretensioner seatbelts.

Inside the van the dashboard design mirrors the Renault Scenic MPV and features a dash mounted gearlever. It offers drivers a quality layout and finish and there is plenty of room and considerable storage options which are all nice features to have.

Our Verdict

The Renault Kangoo offers drivers fuel efficiency, lower repair costs and a good load space for this type of van. Though the van's performance may not be quite as good as the competition, the calculators point to this van over any other in its class.

Expert Review

The Renault Kangoo continues to offer drivers fuel efficiency, lower repair costs & a solid load space for this size of van. It won't break the bank either!
Tom Roberts

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