Renault Trafic Van Review

At A Glance

It is fair to say that the Renault Trafic LWB LL29 dCi 115 Sport Crew Van is aimed at businesses that require the transportation of people as well as goods. The downside to having an extra row of seats is that it eats away into the load space. Through clever design however, Renault have equipped the Renault Trafic with adequate room for both.

Engines & Spec

The Renault Trafic can transport a payload of 962Kg and gives the driver 115bhp to work with. This gives a torque rating of 290Nm at revs of 1600rpm. Moving people and the payload will not be an issue thanks to this rating, and the motorway will not be an issue if distance travel is involved.

Fuel consumption is an impressive 34.2 miles per gallon, so the Renault Trafic will not eat into the profit and loss sheet in terms of costs too much. As it is capable of carrying 6 people as well, there is no need for an additional vehicle to carry the 3 workers that could not fit into a more conventionally designed panel van, and so additional savings can be made in that regard too.

Payload wise, the dimensions of the loading area are quite good to. The length measures 1435mm, height 1387mm, and width is 1690mm narrowing to 1268mm at the wheel arches. The Renault Trafic can easily accommodate a Euro pallet or 2, and with a crew of 6 it should be fairly easy to load it on and off the van. All in all, the load volume on the Renault Trafic scores 3.22m3.

Inside The Renault Trafic

The cab features a very similar layout to Renault cars and it serves the Renault Trafic well. Everything is where it needs to be on the van and storage options are sensible too. The gear stick is dashboard mounted, though it still impedes into the middle passenger's personal space. The stereo controls are sensibly placed on the steering wheel and one button can lock all the doors.

The features inside the cab are impressive too, the stereo is MP3 compatible and the glove box is cooled, so keeping a can of drink cool is straight forward. The steering wheel and drivers seat is adjustable to suit the drivers needs, and to protect the passengers from the load, Renault has given the Renault Trafic a full bulkhead.

Our Verdict

The _[Renault Trafic Van] is a market leader in its class, and with the design and features it is not hard to see why.

Expert Review

The Renault Trafic is a market leader in its class & when you check out the design & spec it's not hard to see why. Renault have continued to improve this van to the point of near perfection.
Tom Roberts

Customer Reviews

Awesome van, long awaited new vehicle. Love it
Paul Melia
Great van, very comfortable and quite lots of features very happy with it but I was told it comes with a reversing camera which it didn’t.
Laurence Corrigan

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