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Renault Trafic Van Review

5 Stars (62 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Paul Melia - 07/01/2020

    Awesome van, long awaited new vehicle. Love it - thanks Tom.

    5 Stars
  • Laurence Corrigan - 08/10/2019

    Great van, very comfortable and quite lots of features very happy with it but I was told it comes with a reversing camera which it didn’t.

    5 Stars
  • David Littlefield - 16/09/2019

    Nice to drive comfortable good size van great spec..

    5 Stars
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Our Review

It is fair to say that the Renault Trafic LWB LL29 dCi 115 Sport Crew Van is aimed at the business that requires the transportation of people as well as goods. The downside to having an extra row of seats is that it eats away into the load space. Through clever design however, Renault have equipped the Renault Trafic with adequate room for both.

The Renault Trafic can transport a payload of 962Kg and gives the driver 115bhp to work with. This gives a torque rating of 290Nm at revs of 1600rpm. Moving people and the payload will not be an issue thanks to this rating, and the motorway will not be an issue if distance travel is involved.

Payload wise, the dimensions of the loading area are quite good to. The length measures 1435mm, height 1387mm, and width is 1690mm narrowing to 1268mm at the wheel arches. The Renault Trafic can easily accommodate a Euro pallet or two, and with a crew of six it should be fairly easy to load it on and off the van. All in all, the load volume on the Renault Trafic scores 3.22m3.

The cab features a very similar layout to Renault cars and it serves the Renault Trafic well. Everything is where it needs to be on the van and storage options are sensible too. The gear stick is dashboard mounted, though it still impedes into the middle passenger's personal space. The stereo controls are sensibly placed on the steering wheel and one button can lock all the doors.

Fuel consumption is an impressive 34.2 miles per gallon, so the Renault Trafic will not eat into the profit and loss sheet in terms of costs too much. As it is capable of carrying six people as well, there is no need for an additional vehicle to carry the three workers that could not fit into a more conventionally designed panel van, and so additional savings can be made in that regard too.

The features inside the cab are impressive too, the stereo is MP3 compatible and the glove box is cooled, so keeping a can of drink cool is straight forward. The steering wheel and drivers seat is adjustable to suit the drivers needs, and to protect the passengers from the load, Renault has given the Renault Trafic a full bulkhead.

The Renault Trafic is a market leader in its class, and with the design and features it is not hard to see why.

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Customer reviews

Below are our customer reviews for the Renault Trafic. Want to have your say? Leave a review for the Renault Trafic now.

  • August 29 2019

    Very impressed.

  • August 29 2019

    Very impressed.

  • Renault Trafic Swb Diesel
    July 22 2019

    Thought the van was very nice to.drive loads of space. Also looks good and handles well.

  • June 06 2019

    Lovely van it’s like driving a car

  • May 15 2019

    Running costs as yet not fully known. Other wise very impressed

  • September 21 2018


  • April 22 2018

    It's no different to the last van I had. They are good vans and ideal size for my business. they look good also.

  • August 06 2017

    Love the van, big improvement over existing model.

  • August 02 2017

    It's a lovely van but compared to others we have for the same price the specification isn't as good as others.

  • June 27 2017


  • Renault Trafic Swb Diesel
    September 13 2016

    I used to drive a 2007 Vauxhall Vivaro and since driving around in the new Renault Trafic Sport it has been an absolute game changer. Finally great to have air conditioning, rear view reversing camera, digital radio and all the other add-on's make the van GREAT!!! Would pick Renault again.

  • September 13 2016

    Nice van, just a bit lacking in performance as it's a small engine.

  • September 13 2016


  • August 17 2016

    Very nice van and so far I'm really happy with the miles per gallon.

  • August 16 2016


  • August 10 2016

    Feels and looks nice but could do with a little more leg room in cab.

  • Renault Trafic Swb Diesel
    July 20 2016

    Nice looking vehicle and great to drive.

  • June 21 2016

    Amazing van great choice and delivered on time. Feels great to drive overall very happy with purchase.

  • Renault Trafic Swb Diesel
    June 13 2016

    Best van I have driven.

  • June 06 2016


  • June 06 2016


  • May 20 2016

    Excellent SWB van, I love it!

  • May 19 2016

    Its all good so far.

  • May 17 2016

    Good choice. I ordered black which is proving hard to keep clean and mark free but it does look lovely when it's clean. It's a very nice van, nice to drive and all round I'm very impressed. It's good on fuel as well. I can't really comment on reliability and I've only had it less than 2 weeks but I've been told they're good by others who use them.

  • May 03 2016

    The van isn't anywhere near as good on fuel as stated and the electric window switch isn't automatic but this is just something that I've found with Renault. Other than that it's not bad and does what I need it to do.

  • April 19 2016


  • Renault Trafic Swb Diesel
    April 15 2016

    Has all the creature comforts you would expect (air con, Bluetooth, DAB), with excellent practicality and very economical running costs.

  • April 15 2016

    Smart looking vehicle. Has all the features which I need. Will be ideal for my plumbing business.

  • April 15 2016

    Really pleased with overall look and performance of my new van. Although I only just got it, it's a very quiet drive and excellent comfort. Very good choice in the oyster grey colour that makes it stand out from the rest. Great!!

  • April 15 2016

    Excellent van, very quiet engine when driving. I read a lot of bad reviews on the Sat-Nav and DAB radio but I think it's good. I drive a Range Rover as well but most times I drive the van now as it's nice to drive.

  • April 15 2016

    Super, a very economical van that has helped improve my company image. It is great to drive and the high specification is a real plus.

  • April 15 2016

    I'm a electrical contractor/ solar pv installer and I found this van to be perfect size, the load through is the best thing ever saves tying materials on the roof rack. It's a comfortable van to drive with cruise control, auto windscreen wipers and an arm rest. The pull down middle seat is used all the time and it has a handy clip board. The touch screen media system is very car-like. I haven't really used the Sat-Nav due to it being easier to use iPhone maps. Eco-mode seems to be handy in static situations. Overall very sexy looking van.

  • April 15 2016

    It is a very good vehicle for our purposes. We have had these before and found them excellent.

  • Renault Trafic Swb Diesel
    April 08 2016

    Does what it says on the tin. All the creature comforts you need, with easily accessible load space, an efficient engine and incredibly good value for money compared to other vehicles in the class.

  • February 17 2016

    Reliable, practical van.

  • February 08 2016

    Excellent van with great new features like long loads that can go under front seats

  • February 04 2016

    I LOVE my van! It is the most practical, beautiful addition to my floristry business. It is comfortable for long journeys even with 3 of us in the front at 5am. I am able to fit all my sundries as well as fresh flowers comfortably in tbe back for each event I attend. It is easy to drive and the driving position is comfortable even for me at 5 feet tall! I will definitely buy another one in the future and have already recommended to everyone who will listen 😄

  • February 04 2016

    A very good vehicle for my needs.

  • February 03 2016

    Having owned a Volkswagen Transporter for the last few years with numerous faults, three new side door rollers, various electrical faults inc side mirrors blowing fuses, constant squeaking from rear brakes, turbo waste gate valve failure etc. This new Renault Trafic is a breath of fresh air. Fantastic spec, super smooth and quiet and great fuel economy. The build quality is better than my previous Volkswagen and massively cheaper. Only small gripe is the Sat Nav, but other than that very pleased and Vanarama were brilliant to deal with.

  • February 03 2016

    Good van.

  • Renault Trafic Swb Diesel
    January 28 2016

    Initial thoughts are really good.

  • January 25 2016

    The Renault Trafic is perfect for my needs. Stylish, comfortable, well equipped and practical. Only fault I can say at the moment is that it takes quite a while to demist/clear frost in the morning and hands-free doesn't seem to work that well.

  • January 21 2016

    After only having the van for a few weeks my early thoughts of the Renault trafic is it looks stylish, drives smoothly, well equipped, ample room for tools and so at moment I can't really fault it.

  • January 21 2016

    Great van, best one iv'e had so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • January 21 2016

    It's alright.

  • January 21 2016

    A superb van for what I need.

  • January 21 2016

    Reliability takes away the hassle with everything else entailed with running your own business. I love it.

  • January 21 2016

    Very pleased with the van, as good as the old model that I had for 8 years previous. New engine very quiet and economical.

  • January 21 2016

    Got the short wheelbase when I found you can get 8x4 sheets on the floor of the van. If you need sheets upright they need to go corner to corner if you need sheets upright regularly I would go for long wheelbase. Found short van easy to park in car parks etc. I got the van in black looks cool, even customers comment about how good it looks. Nice to drive just like driving a car, nice and nippy too.

  • Renault Trafic Swb Diesel
    December 22 2015

    Great drive!

  • December 17 2015


  • November 12 2015

    Excellent van.

  • November 04 2015

    Good van for the money. I normally only have transits but the Renault Trafic was a lot cheaper. I have only had it 2 weeks but it's a cracking van.

  • October 21 2015

    Brilliant van. I like everything about it. Comfortable and very easy to drive.

  • September 03 2015

    Generally it seems to be a very good vehicle, although the small engine size is highlighted by a noticeable 'turbo lag' which spoils its performance.

  • August 03 2015

    Excellent van, even better than my previous Transit Custom.

  • July 27 2015

    Ok van. Don't think I will get another.

  • July 20 2015

    Good all round van, very happy with it.

  • June 05 2015

    I switched from a VW Transporter to the Trafic and originally I had cold sweat until the day of delivery. I loved my VW but the running cost, repairs, fuel and general maintenance were costing me a couple of days revenue a month. I tried the Ford Custom and I was impressed by the handling, but not as impressed as I am with the Renault. It's super comfy, the seat covers are easy cleanable. The handling is like driving a car even when fully loaded. It doesn't drink much at all ( Newquay to Oxford with £30 diesel). Plenty of gadgets like the hands free kit and sat nav, reversing cam, massive storage, stop/start, eco drive, assisted hand break & impressive loading area. The cab is super quiet, nearly too quiet (can't hear the engine). I'm glad that I have made the switch from VW. You are getting more for your pennies, there is no doubt. I 'll suggest the 120ps twin turbo engine.

  • August 26 2014


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