Vauxhall Combo Cargo Van Review

At A Glance

In terms of getting a payload from a to b, the Vauxhall Combo Diesel does this as well as any van in its class. Like most small compact vans in its class the Vauxhall Combo has been designed and built using common-rail diesel technology, which makes the current version of the van a better proposition than its predecessors.

Engines & Spec

The 1.7 CDTi 16v diesel engine is big for a van of this size, and as a result gives the driver a brake horse power of 100 and a torque of 240Nm at a revs of 2300. This gives the little van a lot of power to shift its 666Kg payload and the fuel consumption is 53.3 miles per gallon. The Vauxhall Combo is compliant with Euro4 emissions regulations.

Loading the Vauxhall Combo is a case of being spoilt for choice. The vehicle's 2 rear doors are supported by sliding doors on both sides. There is no need to climb into the van to load with the Vauxhall Combo. Dimensions wise, the Vauxhall Combo offers loading length of 980mm, a height of 1170mm and a width of 1348mm which narrows to 11107mm between the wheel arches. The Vauxhall Combo stands 584mm from the floor, so heavier loads should not prove too bulky to lift into the van, especially with the 2 sliding side doors.

On The Road

The low end torque is noticeable behind the wheel, especially when negotiating the cut and thrust of city streets. At higher revs the van simply flies along, keeping pace with traffic and moving its capacity payload pretty easily. The same can be said when crawling along in traffic. There is a lot of reassurance knowing the engine is doing a good job at lower speeds. The 5 speed gearbox and power steering make piloting the van into and from tight spaces effortless. The Vauxhall Combo has a kerb to kerb turning circle of 10.82m.

As standard, the Vauxhall Combo competes well. ABS, EBD, and EBA are all fitted, as are 3 point pretensioner seatbelts, and a driver and passenger airbags. The CD player is MP3 compatible and the steering column is adjustable. The cab offers a sturdy appearance and good storage options for paperwork and other items.

Our Verdict

The Vauxhall Combo could be criticised for its payload limitations and power. But, if you are carrying a capacity load everyday, then the Vauxhall Combo gives the power to get it their smartly, a factor which many vans do not have.

Expert Review

The Vauxhall Movano is a large van I'd recommend to anyone looking for a no-nonsense commercial vehicle that does exactly what you'd expect it to do.
Tom Roberts

Customer Reviews

Love the van. I can't really fault it except I wish I had asked for alloy wheels, instead I presumed the top of the range model would come with them already fitted but it hasn't it has some horrible little wheel trims on instead which spoils the look of it
Darren James Sambrooks
Great work van, very reliable, and very economical. Just not that comfortable to drive, but still would recommend though.
James cosreklo

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