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Vauxhall Vivaro Van Review

5 Stars (327 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Evan Myhill - 29/01/2020

    I like the overall feeling when driving very clear views. Could do with more storage space in the front.

    5 Stars
  • Scott Walker - 22/01/2020

    The van is quite basic.

    4 Stars
  • Gordon Douglas - 10/01/2020

    Very nice

    5 Stars
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  • Comfort: STARS
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  • Reliability: STARS
  • Performance: STARS
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Our Review

Vauxhall Vivaro LWB 2.0CDTi [115PS] Euro 5 Sportive Van Review

Vauxhall may not have realised it at the time, but when they designed the Vivaro van they were doing something rather clever. Because they created a unique product for a growing number of small – and large - businesses that wanted to project a stylish, upmarket image yet have a need for commercial vehicles. And when it comes to style and panache, no other panel van can come close to the Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive. So, while the Sportive will only ever be a niche vehicle mainly chosen by owner/drivers, nevertheless some will be bought with company cash. And what’s more, it’s made in the UK.

At a glance

It’s hard to believe that this futuristic van shape is now 12 years old. It stood out from the crowd back then and it still looks stylish today. That’s mainly down to the distinctive streamlined profile that runs at a rakish angle from the radiator grille, across the bonnet and up the windscreen into a ‘bubble-topped’ cab. The van was given a make-over in 2006 that included new profiled front and rear bumpers and a revised ‘Griffin’ logo in a new bolder V shaped, chrome finished grille. New headlight units were added, with integral indicators as opposed to the separate units previously fitted in the bumpers, while the rear light clusters have benefited from fashionable clear lenses as opposed to the previous ‘smoked’ finish. Smart alloy wheels add the finishing touch. The result is an unusual but smart looking van which should keep its looks thanks to the plastic mouldings. In addition to the plastic bumpers front and rear, there are plastic guards along its flanks and shrouding the high-up rear light clusters. Engines and spec.

The Vivaro slots in just below the Movano in the Vauxhall van line-up and is the manufacturer’s answer to the shorter and lower versions of the Ford Transit. Similarly, the most popular version is a panel van, available in short or long wheelbase forms. But other body styles are on offer including a 12-seat minibus, double cab and a low deck drop-side.

Powering our Vivaro test vehicle was the 2.0-litre common-rail diesel engine, with the option of 90bhp or 115bhp outputs. Plus, at launch the Vivaro was one of the first vans to be fitted with a six-speed gearbox as standard. This helps to deliver low fuel consumption, although it’s possible to boost economy further by choosing a Vivaro ecoFLEX. These models use green tweaks such as low-rolling-resistance tyres, longer gear ratios and optimised aerodynamics – plus an optional speed limiter – to deliver up to 42.7mpg economy.

At the wheel

Little has changed inside the Vivaro cab since the vehicle was launched and perhaps that’s down to the fact that it was so good in the first place. The instrument lay out and their visibility in bright sun light is good and everything seems logically laid-out and where you’d expect to find it in a van. If there is a niggle, then leg room and shoulder room are a bit tight for the larger figure although the range of adjustment in the driver’s seat is among the best in class. The test vehicle also had the optional driver’s seat and single passenger seat, as opposed to the standard two-seater passenger bench, which had the effect of creating more room for two burly blokes. The glove box is also a bit on the shallow side, although it has a deep pocket above it, while there is another handy A4-sized slot above the main central radio panel that’s ideal for storing the all-important driver’s clipboard. The top of the dashboard is steeply raked, like the windscreen, so nothing can be placed on it without it sliding down against the glass and covering the air vents. For eating out (in lay-bys!) there are a couple of ‘stepped’ can holders at each end of the dash which are ideal for cans and Styrofoam cups, though they don’t hold 500 ml bottles securely. There is also a curry hook on the left side of the dash, which may not sound too important at first. But the next time you buy a takeaway – curry or otherwise – and try transporting it home without this particular item, it can become very important indeed!

The Vivaro remains competitive in terms of dimensions, as well as payload, with even the SWB version capable of carrying a heavier load than short-wheelbase versions of its competitors.

On the road

Vauxhall’s Vivaro has been using the 2.0-litre diesel to power the van since the 2006 face-lift and it provides good performance. Owners who regularly do motorway work or drive the van fully laden will find the 115bhp version we tested a better choice than the 90bhp engine, though. Refinement is decent whichever you go for, and the six-speed gearbox helps to keep noise to a minimum when cruising.

Handling is crisp and clean, allowing for some pretty nifty work on the corners. It’s no exaggeration to say that you could sometimes forget you’re in a van and driving a big car. In fact, this must be one of the best riding vans on the road, whether running empty or loaded. No doubt that is down to the independent front suspension with McPherson struts and the semi-independent rear end with trailing arms and load-adaptable shock absorbers. The power steering is not too strong either, offering a decent bit of feedback when at speed or manoeuvring. Enhancing the whole package is the comfortable seat and pretty good driving position. Overall, the Vivaro handles well, with good ride quality either laden or unladen, and it's a comfortable van to drive for long distances.

Our Verdict

A week with this van and I really did not want to give it back. It’s fast, it’s feisty and it’s fun. It will turn heads and should retain a high percentage of its original price at selling time as long as it is well maintained and kept in good condition. On the plus side, the Vivaro is designed with the driver in mind in that it is quiet, practical, has lots of storage space in the cab and the cargo load area in the rear is also well laid out and spacious. There are very few ‘cons’ worth mentioning, other than that the cabin can be a little tight for the fuller figure, the overwhelming grey-ness of the dashboard and centre console could have done with a cosmetic make-over and how to tune the radio still remains a mystery to me!

Our man with a van

Adrian Foster

Motoring journalist Adrian Foster has been commissioned to write impartial van and pick up reviews for our website, specifically to help with your decision making process. We have provided him with a van and the spec and nothing more, so you can rely on his views being real and honest.

Adrian began his career in the motor retail industry with Perry’s Group before turning his hand to motoring journalism. He launched the Drivelines motoring press agency as a means of providing high quality journalism on new cars, commercial vehicles, motorsport and the motor industry at large.

Customer reviews

Below are our customer reviews for the Vauxhall Vivaro. Want to have your say? Leave a review for the Vauxhall Vivaro now.

  • January 06 2020

    Great vehicle - bags of room and great on fuel.

  • January 06 2020

    Very good

  • January 06 2020

    It's a nice van

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    December 15 2019

    Great van, lots of torque, nice to drive, not quit as big as the previous version but great for my needs

  • December 05 2019

    I've been very comfortable driving the van, the handling is good I've no complaints at all.

  • December 05 2019

    Smaller than expected but a decent van

  • October 08 2019

    Overall good van, Cant quite get the perfect seating position and it could do with there being a facilty to get a 2.4 length through into the cab somehow

  • July 30 2019

    So far it's a great van in every way, would definitely recommend to anyone .

  • July 26 2019

    superb van that does all the jobs for economical running costs

  • June 03 2019

    All good vehicles

  • May 13 2019

    I personally am unable to comment as I don't drive the vehicle but the staff who do drive it are very pleased with its performance

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    April 10 2019

    Seems to be a good van so far

  • April 03 2019

    Week into lease happy so far,just what i needed in terms of an upgrade to a bigger vehicle

  • April 03 2019

    Week into lease happy so far,just what i needed in terms of an upgrade to a bigger vehicle

  • March 28 2019

    Comfortable, economic and ideal for my business

  • March 27 2019

    Very nice to drive and looks fab , ideal size for my needs .

  • March 24 2019

    looks superb for the money - well thought out and drives superbly well - great for distance work

  • March 22 2019

    I was originally going to go for a Ford Transit Custom, but having done more research for what I needed the van for, i found that the Vauxhall Vivaro was by far, more value for money. Very comfortable to drive, spacious in the cab as well as the loading area. I thought that the fold down split seat to make a “desk” and clip board for paperwork was a nice touch. And the ability to load longer items into the van via the hatch through the bulk hold was also great idea.

  • March 22 2019

    Drives like a car ..incredible

  • March 19 2019

    The nicest van I’ve had, it’s the right size for my requirements, and looks professional when pulling up outside clients properties.. very smooth, nice to look at, quiet, comfortable .. fuel efficiency is really good.. very happy!!

  • March 14 2019

    Comfy but the older version had better interrior layout

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    March 11 2019

    It suits my business needs

  • March 05 2019

    a strait forward van ideal for my needs

  • March 04 2019

    Fantastic van, loads of room, roof rack is fantastic loads of room in the back

  • March 03 2019

    good all rounder

  • February 19 2019

    love the van, think it might cost me more in fuel tho

  • February 18 2019

    Does the job

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    February 15 2019

    At the moment the van is very good,I will see what it is like after it’s done some mileage.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    February 13 2019

    Very basic interior. Very comfy though. Looks better in the online catalogue.

  • February 05 2019

    Nice van, seems OK thus far. Good price against against the Ford Transit.

  • January 31 2019

    Seats not very comfy takes a while to get the seat right and in the perfect place. Apart from that the van is perfect

  • January 31 2019

    I’ve had one for 8 years previously, love the van and it carries on in the same vein.

  • January 28 2019

    Good van ideal for purpose

  • January 24 2019

    Superb value for money.

  • January 21 2019

    It’s ok. A few niggles like a sqeeky seat(annoying) radio loses signal when on dab.again annoying, but overall good, although it’s only done 800 mls!

  • January 17 2019

    Had to purchase this extra length van to allow us to carry 8ft x 4ft sheets of material

  • December 31 2018

    All fine apart from the spec states it will take loads of 2.4m long. A normal sheet size. This it does but only flat and on the floor! Anything that needs to be on its side of is 2.4 meters long but not a sheet will not fit. I required a vehicle that takes things 2.4 meters long as I install signage and some of my signs cannot be flat packed but on their edges. This van does not accommodate this as the bulk head comes into the loading bay by 500mm so reduces the loading area to just 1.9m not 2.4m. You have dealt with this situation by providing a roof rack as a good will gesture but I would like to know if you are dealing with this issue for further customers.

  • December 12 2018

    A good van it's my second one so something must be right for me. Not keen on the new sportive paintwork spec with it not being fully colour coded. But overall a very good useable van.

  • December 12 2018

    Good so far

  • December 10 2018

    Excellent drive real smooth lots of comfort very economical on fuel

  • December 06 2018

    Very good van and practical for my job

  • November 28 2018


  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    November 28 2018

    Nice car like interior , and the drive is nice and smooth, the fold down seat in the middle is a good feature .

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    November 27 2018

    Very good, I knew what I was getting, still miss my sat nav from my previous traffic sport!

  • November 15 2018

    Already lease the same model and happy enough with it to lease this 2nd one.

  • October 31 2018

    Great thanks

  • October 23 2018


  • October 23 2018


  • October 22 2018

    Looks good Nice to drive Excellent

  • October 17 2018

    Nice van with good load space

  • October 14 2018

    Great looking van overall and a quality looking cockpit with nice technology. Cup holders are too small in width and the dashboard ones restrict tall travel mugs/ bottles being stored- useless really- nice pen pots though. Rear very spacious, ply lining not the best in terms of how it is fitted. Lack of power when pulling a trailer- feels quite heavy. Thought the plastic side bumpers and door handles would be colour matched to the vehicle like the bumpers are, they are just standard black vinyl ones. It’s a shame that the older model roof bars don’t fit this new model, different connections required. Should have alloy wheels or bigger wheels as standard basic ones look too small.

  • October 11 2018

    Very pleased - good spec and looks great

  • October 09 2018

    Well made vehicle

  • September 27 2018

    Smaller engines leave a little bit of grunt behind, need to work the gears more than old 1.9 engines but ultimately still a great van. Obviously smaller engines, more eco friendly are the way to go.

  • September 27 2018

    Lovely van drives lick a car

  • September 26 2018


  • September 19 2018

    finding the performance a little disappointing but hoping this is down to the way im driving and not watching the dash telling me when and where i should change gear etc. Find it slightly frustrating.

  • September 09 2018

    my last van was a vivaro and never let me down so it was a no brainer

  • September 08 2018

    1.6 cdti 120 bhp sportive lwb h1 metallic cassio grey. Best colour. 20" multispoke rims on. Really sets it off nicely. Bought vivaro 10 month ago. Had 02 traffic before. Vast improvement😁 I'm a plumber. I do a lot of short journeys + some 5 hour drives a few times a year seeing family, that said very comfy ride and good on fuel with this journey. I average 35mpg locally, with lots of stop start journeys and van full of tools and materials I consider this brilliant fuel economy. I really cannot fault this van, I really like everything about, it's faultless in my opinion. There is more powerful vans on the market like the transit custom and transporter Recently had mine remapped to 162 bhp and boy it likes to go some now 😀👍 Cab is nicely set out. Nice seats and trim Coffe holder rubbish mind. DOES NOT HOLD MY COFFEE MUG, tends to sit in door for now haha Nice big centre pocket on dash for paper work etc Pocket under steering for receipts handy Other mid size pocket on passenger size and 1 under passenger footwell Big storage under both passenger seat Driver seat fully adjustable to suit your liking Steering wheel also fully adjustable I would recommend this van all day long Very well built with great cab trim and comfort

  • August 30 2018


  • August 22 2018

    It’s very early days but I had the Renault traffic last time this is pretty much the same vehicle does exactly what I want love the speed limiter

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    August 03 2018

    Nice comfortable ride excellent for loading with side door and rear doors the power of the engine is more than sufficient

  • July 31 2018

    Whilst new and untested, if its anything like my previous van ( same model bar a couple of upgrades) then it will do exactly what I want, at a price thats right and a joy to drive

  • July 26 2018

    Good looking van that's practical easy to drive and with the eco mode can cover the mileage really well on a tank of fuel.

  • July 22 2018

    Didn't think it was great value for money. Thought it would of had more gadgets as it is a sportive. Love the color.

  • July 17 2018

    Excellent van

  • July 03 2018

    Feels and drives like a car with plenty of storage in the cab. Its great to have air con and bluetooth.

  • July 02 2018

    Up to date, economical and best of all made in Britain.

  • June 29 2018

    Very nice van perfect for the job and looks the part

  • June 26 2018

    love it

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    June 19 2018


  • June 18 2018

    Just like driving a big car - very comfortable

  • June 04 2018

    Absolutely great van. It’s like driving a car doesn’t feel that big but manages to fit everything in

  • May 31 2018

    Have only done 1000 miles but so far but so far so good.

  • May 30 2018

    Very good

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    May 26 2018


  • May 24 2018

    Great van plenty of room

  • May 23 2018

    Early days but seems like a good quality van

  • May 18 2018

    Very very good should off done it mouths ago

  • May 15 2018

    good vehicle, drives well, comfortable and does the job

  • May 15 2018

    Clutch pedal abit high and no alloy wheels but a great work horse

  • May 14 2018

    Comfortable , quite and economical to drive. Great sized load space.

  • May 14 2018

    Top van, very pleased.

  • May 14 2018

    This van is in a different league compared to my previous transit custom especially in fuel economy and handling.

  • May 10 2018

    Good on fuel good comfort

  • April 27 2018

    Spit on does what it says on the tin

  • April 26 2018

    Fantastic vehicle

  • April 26 2018

    Brilliant van

  • April 23 2018

    Good vehicle

  • April 09 2018

    Great to drive head turner

  • April 05 2018

    Economical and very practical

  • April 04 2018

    its a bit early to rate it yet. one disappointment was a plastic cover in the back that hides the electrics came loose on the first day. waiting to hear from Vanarama as to where to take it to get it fixed.

  • March 30 2018

    The van is great for the work I do , I can get all my tools in there and know it's not a struggle! I think both vanarama and clients would benefit from being offered extras on the van e.g , seat covers, trim covers(rear bumpers) , paint protection as these will protect the van from daily workloads especially in my trade ...... Had to get these done after receiving the van . But generally really happy with both the van and the service from vanarama just hope if there is ever a problem the service level is still great 😀

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    March 23 2018

    Its a good all round vehicle which looks very good and drives very well. It appears to be reliable but that remains to be seen

  • March 17 2018


  • March 14 2018

    Bit sluggish compared with Ford , but fuel wise brilliant. A bit tiny and not as solid feeling as the transit.

  • March 04 2018

    Really nice van

  • February 28 2018

    Great van, nice and comfy, plenty of room in the back as well.

  • February 27 2018

    It's a very nice van that suits our business. A very nice van with enough standard features . Great to drive.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    February 21 2018

    A bit early as ive only had it just over a week but it seems to be a good van with plenty of room in back. Under seat storage is a handy feature for fitting bundles of conduit in

  • February 21 2018

    Comfortable and looks smart, so happy I chose this van...

  • February 15 2018

    Having had the old type vivaro, this new model knocks spots off it for comfort and practicality. The turning circle is still very short for doing a turn in the road or tight junctions. The eco is a good addition because without the vehical is a tad thirsty. I like the extra storage under the seats provided and small niche's dotted about. Overall I love the vehical though

  • February 15 2018


  • February 14 2018


  • February 06 2018

    Very nice van to drive,ideal for what I wanted. Plenty of storage really comfortable to drive.Highly recommend.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    February 06 2018

    Brilliant van.

  • January 31 2018

    So far so good ,a good choice of van

  • January 30 2018

    Smart. Nice features.

  • January 27 2018


  • January 25 2018

    I've only had the van for a couple of weeks, but a pleasant drive, nice to look at. Plenty of space in the back etc.

  • January 20 2018

    It is a works van for us to deliver products, handles very well.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    January 12 2018

    It's great. I love it. Comfortable and handles well. Lovely vehicle.

  • January 11 2018

    Van is very light on the steering.

  • January 11 2018

    Fantastic van for our line of business, looks smart and trendy gives the right buying signals.

  • January 07 2018

    Perfect for our needs.

  • January 06 2018

    It is like driving a car.

  • January 04 2018

    The right van for our operatives. Comfortable, practical and economical but not to flash.

  • December 30 2017

    A higher level of comfort and performance than expected.

  • December 19 2017

    Very pleased with the van. Having owned the 2 of the 1st generation models the updates are a much improvement.

  • December 15 2017

    No a bad van to be fair lwb makes life alot easier !

  • December 12 2017

    Nice van to drive.

  • December 10 2017

    Upgrading from previous Vivaro. No concerns with the vehicle.

  • December 04 2017

    Again, 1st class van.

  • September 11 2017

    Fantastic van and lovely to drive!

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    August 19 2017


  • August 02 2017

    I really am over the moon with my new van. I've been using the vehicle for a couple of months now and I could not be happier. Customers and strangers alike have complimented the van on several occasions, telling me how smart and professional it looks. I still look forward to driving it everyday and feel that customers feel more at ease with me when I arrive in a brand new signwritten van, and I am certain that it plays a factor in securing work, particularly when dealing with large commercial contracts.

  • July 14 2017

    Meets all requirements but on a personal note lack of driver consul storage space.

  • July 11 2017

    Engineer is very happy with the vehicle.

  • June 26 2017

    It's my third one although tempted to try a different one I like what I know.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    June 16 2017

    Very easy to drive. I like the stop-start feature, good driving position. All round great to drive.

  • June 15 2017

    Very impressed, great for work and family.

  • June 03 2017

    Great bit of kit thank you.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    April 26 2017

    Drove better.

  • April 24 2017

    Delivery mileage a bit high (316), but other than that we got what we expected.

  • April 23 2017

    A well built, practical panel van. I really enjoy getting into this van in the morning. It looks great and performs well.

  • April 21 2017

    A pleasure to drive daily.

  • April 04 2017

    So far so good.

  • April 04 2017

    I love it!

  • April 03 2017

    Lovely van.

  • March 22 2017

    A really comfortable drive. Has lots of little things that make it more practical, like the opening under the passenger seat.

  • March 20 2017

    Very good. Lots of thought gone into making details such as the fold down seat etc in cab. Shame the lights in the back are still rubbish, will have to buy and fit some aftermarket LED lights if I want to be able to find anything in the dark.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    February 22 2017

    A brilliant, great looking van full of additional extras to help you as a driver. A perfect addition to our ever growing business.

  • February 21 2017

    Very economical van. Does exactly what I require. Perfect work horse!

  • February 14 2017


  • January 24 2017

    Absolutely beautiful van and very nippy and economical although like any van with a roof rack you notice the difference in fuel.

  • January 24 2017

    Ideal van for our Business (Painting & Decorating).

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    January 13 2017

    Overall great van

  • January 13 2017

    Very nice van like driving a car.

  • January 13 2017

    Can't comment on reliability or running costs have only had van for a week. But after coming from a 13 year old Renault Trafic this is a pleasure to drive with nice extras which add comfort and convenience.

  • December 30 2016

    Perfect can't wait to get back in it!

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    December 22 2016

    This is the best van I have driven, so comfortable.

  • December 20 2016

    Excellent van. Easy to drive, perfect for business needs.

  • December 06 2016

    Lovely van drives like a car highly recommend.

  • December 02 2016


  • December 01 2016

    Very comfortable and well thought out vehicle, to drive is very easy. I do the school runs and then go to work so it's great the cab is just like being in a car and with it being a LWB the back has loads of room for all my equipment!

  • November 22 2016

    It's like driving a car.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    November 21 2016

    Nice van very pleased with it. Just like driving a car quite and smooth.

  • November 16 2016


  • October 27 2016

    Smart, practical, modern and slick.

  • August 16 2016


  • July 25 2016

    Nice to drive and handles well, build quality seems very good but only had it a couple of weeks, time will tell on reliability and quality.

  • July 18 2016

    Great, solid, comfortable vehicle. I love it.

  • July 15 2016

    I love it!

  • July 01 2016

    In the few weeks I've had the van I can't really fault it yet, comfortable, easy and enjoyable to drive. Only time can tell on reliability.

  • June 22 2016

    Impressed with the load area. Quiet engine, easy to drive and very economical. Also, a good looking van.

  • June 22 2016

    Fantastic, think it's going to be a great work van.

  • May 24 2016

    Lovely van.

  • May 13 2016

    Brilliant van and brilliant features.

  • April 28 2016

    Only had the van a short while but I am very happy with all the aspects of it.

  • April 18 2016

    Very pleased. Drives like a car and fulfills all my requirements.

  • April 15 2016

    Great runner.

  • April 15 2016

    Better than our VW Transporter it replaced.

  • April 15 2016

    Best van I've ever had simple as that!

  • April 08 2016

    Having had previously a ten year old large van which was slow and in need of an update, to drive the Vivaro is like driving a performance car, really pleased so far with every thing about the van, in particular build quality and performance. I can't fault Vanarama really pleased with the service they provide.

  • April 06 2016

    They are an absolutely brilliant van.

  • April 01 2016

    Very good high spec for the cost.

  • March 22 2016

    Not as quick as I hoped and not as good on fuel.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    March 22 2016

    All round great van.

  • March 22 2016

    It could do with an arm rest that doesn't gather dirt and dust as much, some more storage on the dash and slightly bigger buttons on the radio as I have to really push them to get them to work. The door handles on the outside are quite stiff and sticky, but a very nice cab and nice to drive.

  • March 22 2016

    Super van, does exactly what it says on the can!!

  • March 15 2016

    This to me is the most practical and economical van of this range on the market. Really happy with the mpg I am getting and its so comfortable to drive. Mostly have 'eco mode' switched on for driving around town, but turn it off and the van has a decent bit of power when needed.

  • March 15 2016

    Great to drive, I had some great looks from passersby's, could be me or the van, either way enjoying the the whole drive to work and back.

  • March 01 2016

    Transit Custom Limited beats this in every department EXCEPT mpg. 30-32mpg as opposed to 38mpg ave. Everything seems cheaper on this and it has annoying alarms going off for different things and doors that don't unlock unless you press button several times. Stop/start doesn't like fast clutch/gear movements. You end up stopped at traffic lights for a few seconds while trying to encourage the engine to start. Radio changes in tone randomly now and then so it's booked in at the garage. Not had it long enough to comment about reliability. But I hired this for the mpg and it's doing well with that.

  • February 17 2016

    The driver is enjoying his experience so far.

  • February 08 2016

    A versatile vehicle that meets all my needs both business and pleasure, so much so I'm now seriously considering selling the family!

  • February 03 2016

    Only had the van a couple weeks so can't comment much but it turned up on time as promised and all looking and working well. Beautiful to drive, just like a car. Went for a LWB again but this new model is noticeably 100mm longer again.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    February 03 2016

    Seems like an excellent van. The paintwork is definitely not hard wearing.

  • January 19 2016

    A true pleasure.

  • January 13 2016

    Value for money.

  • December 30 2015

    Very nice ride well equipped a pleasure to drive

  • December 22 2015

    Not being a petrol head I'm easily pleased, but I'm impressed so far. MPG seams good, drives well, I have it on Eco all the time and use cruise control on duel carriage ways. I have the platinum silver colour and it looks great. A few of the other builders and roofers have van envy. So far so good.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    December 22 2015

    Only had van for 1 week but can't complain

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    December 22 2015

    Great van and nice to drive.

  • December 17 2015

    Like driving my car

  • December 17 2015

    Great van and certainly more cost effective than Transit, Vito & Transporter.

  • December 17 2015

    Really good van the one to have.

  • December 17 2015


  • December 17 2015


  • December 17 2015

    Great van, great colour, good looking all round. Kids love the rear seats plenty of room and space in the back for carrying my tools and materials.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    December 02 2015

    Nice comfortable van, well kitted out in front and rear cabs.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    November 27 2015

    The Vivaro is a very good van and a pleasure to use. My van has a limiter on it which beeps over 70mph, it is being addressed as we speak but I would recommend checking that none of the rest have it as I can imagine having a lot of call backs if this is the case.

  • November 26 2015

    great practical and roomy van

  • November 26 2015

    My Vivaro is great to drive, lots of torque when carrying 500ltrs of water, brilliant mpg and loads of leg room in the rear seats which is ideal for the mother in-law, all round brilliant van.

  • November 20 2015

    Brilliant van but load length would benefit from being 100mm longer.

  • November 20 2015

    It's early days, but on first impression it's very good. It's taken a while for me to get my head around leasing a vehicle, but i'm glad I made the decision to go down this route. I chose this van for its size as i'm a carpenter, at the moment, it fulfils my needs.

  • November 20 2015

    So far a super posh van full of lots of useful extras.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    November 18 2015

    Generally quite pleased with vehicle, just let me down once, after only 2000 miles on clock with battery problems. Eventually, I found a Vauxhall dealership that would help me, they told me battery was fine. I'm not 100% certain the van will start in the mornings now winter is approaching.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    November 13 2015

    This is the second Vivaro Sportive we have in our fleet. We like the build and drive quality of the Sportive and this latest Bi-Turbo has much more torque than the previous 155PS model.

  • November 03 2015

    Having owned the previous model, this takes it to another level! 40mpg urban is an excellent return, and comfort like driving a car.

  • October 23 2015

    Very good spacious sporty van.

  • October 23 2015

    Fantastic van with great fuel consumption, but still with the pulling power.

  • October 21 2015

    It's a fantastic van, I've really enjoyed driving it so far, it looks great and drives great. I couldn't be happier with it.

  • October 21 2015

    very good van

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    October 19 2015

    Very good

  • October 19 2015

    Second time we have bought this van. Great performance and very comfortable.

  • October 16 2015

    Early days yet, but so far so good. Really pleased with it.

  • October 16 2015

    The vehicle is very good, very fuel efficient and very comfortable.

  • October 14 2015

    Overall it’s a great van. A bit plastic on the inside, but an all-around nice van.

  • October 14 2015

    This is the best van I've ever had. It drives like a car and is very comfortable. The driving position is just as good, if not better than the old model Vivaro that I had. It is very economical due to its 1.6 twin turbo engine. I would recommend this van to anybody.

  • October 14 2015

    Practical modern van with all mod cons - Bluetooth, air con., cruise control, eco engine etc. Drives like a car, yet built for work.

  • October 14 2015

    It's like driving a car and very economical. A pleasure to go to work in. Thanks Vanarama!

  • October 14 2015

    This van is exactly how Vanarama said it would be! Great to drive with loads of power and performance but still giving superb MPG and a comfortable car like ride. Packed with all the essential features such as air con, parking sensors, cruise control, electric windows and Bluetooth connectivity. With colour coded bumpers and mirrors our business now has a great looking van and an essential tool in our marketing plan. We've only had this van for 4 months but already it has won us new business. A fantastic van-arama!

  • October 14 2015

    Great van.

  • October 14 2015

    Brilliant would not swap for anything.

  • October 14 2015

    Great van.

  • October 14 2015

    Drives well, looks good and I like the Bluetooth connection. Fuel economy is good and overall I am very pleased.

  • October 14 2015

    It's a good looking, good sized van and perfect for our type of work. The colour is great. The service from Vanarama throughout the purchase was excellent.

  • October 14 2015

    Very smooth, refined drive, amazing engine. I'm getting 40mpg so far and have only covered 500 miles, so expect this will improve further. Sat Nav, carpet mats, passenger airbags and alloys would be nice for this level of modern van - shame it hasn't got these. Good service from Vanarama, very happy, good ply lining. The Vivaro is the best value mid size van in the market place in my opinion. The BiTurbo engine is incredible.

  • October 14 2015

    At the moment its a very good van and I'm pleased so far.

  • October 14 2015

    Top vehicle, very happy !!

  • October 14 2015

    I should have leased this van earlier. It has had a positive direct impact on the business, both in profit and image! I was initially concerned that the 1.6 would be underpowered but has surprisingly more poke than our old Vivaro. It handles the weight we have to deal with too. Imagine a cut up double garage door on the side rack with a van full of tools and supplies! I would also like to recommend Vanarama for the transaction. It went as smooth as can be.

  • October 14 2015

    An excellent vehicle. Absolutely love my van, it looks so professional in my business. Handles superbly and very comfortable. It has all the refinements of a car. Really pleased with Vanarama as well so courteous and professional.

  • October 14 2015

    The L2 Vivaro stood out from the crowd due to the extra load space through the bulk head. With good looks, practicality and great performance for the amount of load we carry, it really is a great van to own. The styling is spot on, and the Sportive model has all the modern day equipment as standard. Once ply-lined and racked out, it carries all the essentials to run a carpentry business, as well as the capability to carry materials, including 8x4 sheets with ease. The colour options on the Sportive really make the van stand out on the road, and it's really like driving a modern family car rather than a van. Alloys as standard, like on the old model, would have been nice. For the price, you can't really go wrong. So far, it's been a pleasure to own.

  • October 14 2015

    Excellent van, comfortable, good looking, economic on fuel and a great specification. Well pleased.

  • October 14 2015

    Value for money against other makes/models.

  • October 14 2015

    I've had this van for about a month now and it's easily the most comfortable and easy to drive van I've driven so far. The bluetooth connectivity and the DAB radio are major perks and the cargo/tool space is spacious and easy to use and customize. Motorways are less tiring with cruise control and overall it's built for comfort. A big thumbs up from me.

  • October 14 2015

    Very good sporty van.

  • October 12 2015

    Lovely van, thanks for all your help.

  • October 12 2015

    I had a VW transporter before but fancied a change. After looking at all the vans available, I chose the Vivaro for looks and I liked the fact I could get a 3M pipe inside with the neat little lift up flap under the passenger seat.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    October 12 2015

    I’ve only had the van for 3 months, so hard to tell if it is reliable or not. Downsides are 1. Brakes are a bit spongy, 2. MPG isn't that great. 3. Inside the cab isn't really well thought out. On the plus side 1. Very practical. 2. Ride quality is good. 3. Like creature comforts. 4. Good looking van. Overall I am very pleased with it so far.

  • October 12 2015

    Perfect van, looks good and drives well, best purchase I've made for a vehicle.

  • October 12 2015

    I love it. I am a kitchen and bathroom installer and I need to carry a lot of kit. I seem to have space to spare with this long wheelbase layout! I've only had it a couple of weeks but it has made a huge difference to my working day. Although I have been an installer for 17 years it makes me feel much more professional. I like the easy driving style, it's just like driving a good car really. Air con, electric everything, parking sensors, cruise control...what else could you want in a VAN! I'm getting over 40mpg driving locally, according to the comprehensive trip computer, so absolutely no complaints there. Very nimble even when fully loaded - brilliant! Only downsides are the horrible digital speedometer and lack of temperature and oil pressure gauges. Radio graphics are also disappointingly basic. Can't imagine that the flimsy plastic fuel cap cover will last long either and I don't think it was a clever idea to make me open the passengers door every time I need to fill up with diesel. And it would be better if you could turn off the Autostop feature PERMANENTLY instead of having to disable it every time you start the vehicle. But overall it was a superb choice and I look forward to driving to my jobs now!

  • October 12 2015

    I'm now two weeks in. Really happy with the van overall and the service provided by the guys at Vanarama. Really quick turnaround from initial placing of my order, to delivery! I am an electrical contractor and my vans are key to my business so having smart, reliable vehicles capable of carrying all the equipment used on a day to day basis is very important. This Vivaro ticks all the boxes. Very practical in terms of load carrying in the back and storage in the cab. Loads of cubby-holes. It's a very nice spec with everything I need. Bluetooth allows me to answer the phone while on the move, cruise control for the longer journeys. The cab feels more like a nice car than a van! The 1.6 BiTurbo engine is very impressive. Smooth and very quiet. Plenty of power even when loaded - shows up the equivalent Ford model! No problems climbing and motorways are a breeze. MPG is pretty good when driven fairly conservatively, but be warned, it is easy to get carried away where the engine pulls so nicely! Overall, the package is excellent and I would definitely have another based on my experience so far!

  • October 12 2015

    The van looks fantastic especially in Black. It shouts professionalism when you turn up at a client’s property. I am a builder specialising in extensions and refurbs, new kitchens and bathrooms all top end quality homes. I was concerned that a 1.6 was not going to have enough power despite the horsepower figures. I was wrong it has muscle and refinement is smooth and so quiet in the cab, it’s like being in a modern car. I have had the van for about 6 months now and it’s a real pleasure to own and drive. The load through hatch is great and saves leaving the rear door open for gear to get wet. We drive locally every day about 50 miles and a few times per month to London, which is about 300 miles there and back. It’s a dream and eats the miles. The fuel consumption really needs to be seen to be believed it uses so little even at speed and with a load on. The built in Bluetooth system to the stereo is great and my iPhone connects straight away and the handsfree clarity is great, never had anyone say I sound like I’m underwater etc. Just a note to say that the headlights are very good the daylight running lights look good but at night the main headlights really do work well. The centre seat is folded down and I use it as my desk, iPad on it and clipboard up it makes it so easy not to forget materials etc. as I just write it down and it’s in my face all the time which is great if you’re busy and forgetful. A great van. Only problem I have had is the service due light coming on prematurely, but my local Vauxhall swapped the binnacle over and hey presto all is well. PS the cruise control is a real nice feature when on the motorway. GET ONE YOU WILL LOVE IT!!

  • October 12 2015

    I use my van for my heating and plumbing business and have had the van for a month now. The van is the lwb version as I needed to get full lengths of pipe and my ladders inside so no roof rack. The van is averaging 39 mpg considering the van is always full that is very good. Would recommend van to anybody as well as the service from Vanarama first class.

  • October 12 2015

    After having larger vans in the past, I went for something a little bit smaller as I'd taken on a bit more work where I needed to access underground car parks and this van does the job due to the height of the vehicle. The long wheel base is perfect for storing tools and materials, it drives like a dream and is also very reliable.

  • October 12 2015

    Considering it is only a 1.6, I am surprised by how powerful and responsive it is.

  • October 12 2015

    Very pleased. I will be looking to get another in the new year.

  • October 12 2015

    Just what I was looking for! Perfect in all the ways! Very helpful customer service! Ed, Bianca and the rest of the team was absolutely outstanding! Thank you Vanarama!

  • October 12 2015

    I use this van every day for work. It's comfortable to drive and is very good on fuel, great size van for all my work purposes.

  • October 12 2015

    Very good all round vehicle.

  • October 12 2015

    A very good all round van, great on fuel and very good performance.

  • October 12 2015

    leased a van 2 months ago. I am very pleased with it, great drive, looks like a car inside and it has all the mod cons. Cheap to run saves me at least £70 pounds per month on fuel. All in all very happy.

  • October 09 2015

    A good all round long wheelbase van. Good mileage numbers and comfortable cab area.

  • October 09 2015

    I've had my van almost a year now and I can't fault it - it is vantastic. Very comfortable and looks the part too. Definitely recommend.

  • October 09 2015

    My van is very good for me because off the mileage I do. Very comfortable too - thanks!

  • October 09 2015

    Overall very pleased with this van. Car like drive and and comfortable...only thing I'd like is adjustable front passenger seats. Definitely recommend the Vivaro crew :)

  • October 09 2015

    So far so good

  • October 09 2015

    Vehicle replaced ten year old van for my carpenters use. They travel 35 miles to get into work and work around north London so need a van that is comfortable and reliable. The Vauxhall Vivaro is a great edition to our company fleet.

  • October 09 2015

    Very comfy van to drive with loads of room for tools and material in the back. Delighted with it😀😀

  • October 09 2015

    We use our van for driving to work and back, we have had the van approx. 8 weeks, very comfortable and drives great compared to our old Vivaro although we have one problem the space between the gear stick and the passenger seat is smaller and also if you put anything on the passenger seat it slips off and goes between the seats. Would like it to have sat nav.

  • October 09 2015

    This van is used for our fire protection engineer to attend sites all over the UK. It is large enough to transport the tools and consumables we need to carry out our works efficiently. In the 4 weeks we have had the van we have not experienced any problems. We have found it to be comfortable and economical with fuel consumption. Our engineer finds the Vivaro to be comfortable to drive which helps keep him happier on the road. At this stage we do not have anything negative to review and overall are extremely pleased with our choice.

  • October 09 2015

    Very good at the moment but early days yet as I have only had it a couple of months

  • October 06 2015

    First impressions very good, however too early to make a considered opinion.

  • October 06 2015

    We have transits but thought we would give the cheaper vivaro a go. Not in the same class but it is a cheaper vechile so I guess you get what you pay for. But not unhappy with it!

  • October 06 2015

    A little under powered compared with previous model

  • September 30 2015

    Perfect.....Exactly what we were after.....

  • September 29 2015

    Easy drive, looks like a car inside. Loads of space on the rear.

  • September 29 2015

    A great bit kit!!

  • September 24 2015

    Great van with lots of extras, long loads can be stored inside with the with lift up door in bulk head.

  • September 22 2015

    Perfect for our needs

  • September 16 2015

    No comment

  • September 11 2015

    Delighted with the van, becoming more like a car comfort wise!!

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    August 19 2015


  • August 12 2015

    Had the van a few months now. A good drive. Downsides - struggled pulling box trailer up hill and its the Bi-Turbo!Also not keen on the gearbox as its easy to select the wrong gear.

  • August 12 2015


  • August 11 2015

    Great van.

  • August 10 2015

    It drives like a car, it is so smooth. Amazing on diesel and is extremely comfortable. I definitely recommend the Sportive.

  • August 06 2015

    Good work van.

  • July 30 2015

    Fantastic. Leased as a second van but can't find enough excuses to go in the Vivaro. Great in every way.

  • July 29 2015

    Really like the van, however the seat belts are small in comparison to most other vans on the market. So you feel a bit trapped once your all belted up.

  • July 20 2015

    Very practical and comfortable. Looks great with my stickers on.

  • July 16 2015


  • July 15 2015

    Very good. Only one thing lets it down, it can't carry 3 metre lengths of pipe in the under storage passenger seat compartment without lifting the load through hatch up.

  • July 15 2015

    Great little van for what we want it for. Every bit as good as we hoped.

  • July 10 2015

    I love this van. My first ever brand new van and this is how I will go in the future. When my contract is up I will get a new one again with Vanarama.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    July 07 2015

    Very nice looking has all the toys except sat nav, which should be standard in today's expectations.

  • July 06 2015

    Nice van

  • July 06 2015

    Amazing new vehicle. Very comfortable and great on fuel.

  • June 15 2015

    It's early days yet, but I am glad I traded my old Transit in for this new van with all the extras blue tooth, air con, reversing sensors, cruise control and much more. I am pleased with the pulling power of this 1.6 bi turbo 120 PS version Vivaro sportive van.

  • June 10 2015

    Happy with the van. Ideal with what I need it for.

  • June 10 2015

    Really nice van. Drives & handles like a car. I was a bit dubious of how well the 1.6 diesel would do, but the BIturbo 120 makes my old VW T5 2.5 TDI seem like a dinosaur. The only downside is that the sat nav and alloys are extras, even on the Sportive, yet come as standard on the Renault Traffic version. Other than that, a lovely van all round.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    June 10 2015

    Over the moon class van and great power. Only averaging 34.9 to the gallon but I'm in the country, so no probs with that.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    June 09 2015

    Excellent van. Really nice smooth van to drive, plus very good on fuel.

  • June 08 2015

    This vehicle is a excellent van. Total comfort and all the tech too. The Eco button is an amazing piece of kit.

  • May 20 2015

    The van looks great, drives well and is very economical.

  • May 05 2015

    Having always bought vans before, I always stuck to the lowest spec - less things to go wrong! This van is sheer luxury to me. I still don't think I've worked out everything it does. Top marks.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    April 27 2015

    This van is perfect for the job I have for it. Running costs are good and great comfort is all there with the Vauxhall Vivaro super van.

  • April 07 2015

    Great van so far, hope it lasts aswell as I think.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    April 07 2015

    I have only had the van for a week but am very impressed so far. The styling is great and the extras in the Sportive add to its appeal. It looks like I should get 600 miles to a tank of fuel which is significantly better than my previous Vivaro.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    April 02 2015

    Very good

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    March 27 2015

    Very nice van. Looks good and feels solid. Very quiet inside when driving. I like the power and fuel economy too. I also like the level of features as standard.

  • March 24 2015

    When it was getting delivered my first impressions were wow, what a smart van and after driving it even more impressed.

  • March 23 2015

    It's fab!

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    March 16 2015

    I have only had the van for a few hours, but up to now I am very pleased. The van looks amazing. The cab is really stylish and seating is very comfortable.The van drives very well and is very responsive. As for reliability and running costs, it is too early for me to tell.

  • March 11 2015

    Too early to judge reliability, but this van is a real pleasure to drive. Last van was an 07 plate and the gulf in comfort and quality between the two is massive. The front cab looks and feels like a top quality car. I'm a bit gutted to have to install the seat covers. The rest of the van looks good too. I took it on the motorway and the engine performance was great. Really pleased.

  • March 09 2015


  • March 06 2015

    Nice so far, but early days.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    February 23 2015

    Better economy than my previous Vivario

  • February 19 2015

    Excellent van

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    February 11 2015

    Good all rounder, that drives like a car. It's a little under powered for steep hills and overtaking when in ECO and a little more space in the cab for a 3rd person would be better. The seat belt could do with being a little longer for larger people.

  • February 02 2015

    First impressions - excellent. Having only driven the vehicle for one day I cannot fully comment on reliability/performance/running costs.

  • January 09 2015

    So far I can't fault it.

  • January 08 2015


  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    January 05 2015

    Only lack was the alloy wheels, but maybe next time they will be in stock.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Diesel
    December 24 2014

    Vans have come along way nowadays, like driving a car!!

  • December 19 2014

    Great, very pleased.

  • December 18 2014


  • December 16 2014

    Great value for money. Good size and easy drive.

  • December 16 2014

    The van is a nice looking van and is so nice to drive.

  • December 03 2014

    I had previously owned a Vivaro, so I was expecting the same or better and I got much better. Drives like a good quality car and everything is at hand for the driver. Only had it one day so I cannot give it 5 stars on all points, as a lot of them will take time to determine the ratings. But over all, a fabulous looking van with everything I need to make my business and working day a pleasure. Would certainly recommend one to others.

  • November 13 2014

    Looks great, drives great and good on fuel.

  • October 30 2014

    I had a Vivaro before and if this one is half as good, it's going to be great.

  • October 15 2014

    Very comfortable to drive. Good looking and very economical. Perfect van to carry everything I need for my job. Love it!!

  • October 15 2014

    Really pleased, it's a completely different drive to my Renault Trafic, a lot more responsive in every way.

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