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Volkswagen Caddy Van Review

5 Stars (8 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Byron Morris - 24/11/2019

    Great van - it's my second one.

    5 Stars
  • Alex Jordan - 17/06/2019


    5 Stars
  • Jonathan matthew Hinchliffe - 24/11/2016

    Excellent choice of van. You know when you buy VW you are buying quality.

    5 Stars
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  • Quality: STARS
  • Reliability: STARS
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  • Practicality: STARS
  • Running Costs: STARS
  • Value for Money: STARS

Our Review

Though the Volkswagen Caddy C20 is a little more expensive than its competitors it is arguably the best from the perspective of performance and comfort. The small van market is a curious niche as it slots in behind small wheel base commercial vans and slightly bigger than the car - van market. To that end, the Volkswagen Caddy is a well thought out and designed model.

The Volkswagen Caddy 1.6 TDi gives a driver 102 brake horse power to play with, while the impressive 250Nm torque ensures the van can shift an impressive capacity payload of 697kg around town and from a standing position without any problems at all. Fuel consumption stands at 48.7 miles per gallon.

Load space wise it is quite impressive for a van of this class. The load length is 1780mm, width 1558mm narrowing to 1170mm between the wheel arches, and the load height of the Volkswagen Caddy is 1257mm. Loading the Volkswagen Caddy is a lot simpler than most vans in its class thanks to the sliding door which allows easy access to the front of the loading area.

The Volkswagen Caddy handles city life with composure and class. The build quality on Volkswagens generally is outstandingly high and the Volkswagen Caddy is no exception to the rule. The van's wall to wall turning circle is just under 12m, but nonetheless, the drive behind the wheel is one that allows for fairly complex manoeuvres at low revs.

To enable the driver to have better control of the vehicle, Volkswagen have given the Caddy ABS and EBD braking systems together with engine braking control technology. The Volkswagen Caddy comes with driver's airbag and height adjustable seatbelts with pretensioners, together with an iPod compatible CD and MP3 stereo.

The build quality of Volkswagens is second to none with only Mercedes coming close to matching the German make of van. This is nicely illustrated in the cab where an uncluttered practical layout of the dashboard controls has a very solid and sturdy feel. There is no feeling that if a button is pressed the wrong way it will fall off with the Volkswagen Caddy.

Though the Volkswagen range tend to be a little more expensive than their competitors they do offer a lot more for the money. They have a better build quality, logical design, and excellent road handling and power output. All in all, very hard to beat.

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Customer reviews

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  • Volkswagen VW Caddy
    November 10 2016

    A quality small van, sturdy handling and amazing fuel economy, the build quality is typically German.

  • September 02 2016

    I have to say the new Caddy is much better than I thought. Looks great, drives very smooth with more space in the cab than I thought there would be. All round I'm very happy. Thanks again.

  • Volkswagen VW Caddy
    August 23 2016

    Great van, it's an upgrade from my old one so I know how good they are.

  • Volkswagen VW Caddy
    June 09 2015

    Had Caddys since 1996. I now run a 2012 102ps TDI. It has good pulling power and great economy. It's just like driving a Golf and feels like a car not a van. It's reliable, good paint finish, mine's silver with aircon. The aircon should be standard at this price of van. Nice spec, clear dash, well laid out. It's far better than anything else in its class, no rust issues as galvanised body. My 55 plate old Caddy had 83,000 miles when I sold it, still on original pads and exhaust at 8 years old. Well done VW, you are market leaders. They are a pleasure to drive just like your cars.

  • Volkswagen VW Caddy
    August 24 2011

    Too early to mark for Reliability

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