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Volkswagen Caddy Lease Deals

The Volkswagen Caddy is the smallest van in the range, but it’s not short on offerings. Depending on the exact model and engine type you choose, the payload can be as much as 739kg. A comfortable ride and great road holding is provided by front MacPherson strut suspension and telescopic shock absorbers, while VW keeps you safe with ABS, Engine Braking Control and Traction Control System.

Your load is kept secure with six load-lashing rings, and the vehicle is protected with an electronic immobiliser ‘Transponder’.

The Caddy also features glazed asymmetric rear-wing doors, and a full height bulkhead, with a solid lower ad plastic mesh upper to keep the driving cab separate from the load. A side sliding door on the left makes access even easier when loading and unloading, and the larger rear door features a heated rear window (for a quick start on cold mornings).

In the cab, you’ll find a number of storage features such as storage trays in the dash, overhead storage, an open glovebox and four drinks holders. Entertainment comes in the form of a radio/CD player, which can also be connected to your MP3 player so you can listen to all your favourite tunes while driving.

Choose the Caddy BluMotion Technology model and you’ll benefit from cruise control, a trip computer and tyre kit and compressor.



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