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Volkswagen Crafter Lease Deals

The Volkswagen Crafter is the biggest van available in the range – and it has a powerful Blue TDi engine to make the most of its size. There’s plenty of space to accommodate the most awkward of loads – with load volumes ranging from 7.5m3 to a massive 17m3.

The size of the van means you can carry as many as five Euro pallets – and the sliding side door allows you to load a Euro pallet sideways. And payloads range from 936kg to 2,528kg.

The Crafter is available with four wheelbases, and the choice of a low, high or extra high roof.

VW has also included a number of technological innovations to ensure that you save money and reduce any impact on the environment at the same time. Take the Stop-Start function, for instance. This turns off the engine automatically when it’s not needed – if you park up or are waiting at traffic lights for example. Press the clutch and the engine restarts automatically – not only does this save fuel but its cuts down on vehicle emissions and reduces engine wear.

Another environmentally friendly and economical feature is the AdBlue technology, which combines with an SCR catalyst and long gear ratios to cut fuel consumption and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

To keep your vehicle safe, a Thatcham Category 1 alarm system is available as an option.