Van Expert Tom Roberts

About Tom

Tom Roberts is Vanarama's resident commercial vehicle expert, video presenter & content manager – it's his job to make sure that our information about vehicles, leasing & anything Vanarama-related is easy for customers to find & understand. Alongside those tasks, he reviews the vehicles on YouTube & social media, keeps our website content relevant & engaging, & makes sure the company's industry knowledge is up to scratch. Tom's passion for commercial vehicles is at "diesel-head" level, so it's a good thing he's found a job to channel it into.

Tom's Latest Reviews And Features

Top 5 Vans For 2020

Following a busy launch-filled 2019, Vanarama van expert Tom Roberts takes a look forward to 2020 & everything he's looking forward to seeing in the light commercial vehicles marketplace over the next 12 months

Best Medium Van 2019

Having reviewed & driven a fair few medium vans in 2019, it's time to reveal the top 3 & crown a best medium van of 2019.

Why Is The Ford Ranger So Popular?

The Ford Ranger is a popular & iconic compact pickup truck with a dominant grip on sales in the UK, but what is it about this truck that makes it so popular? Vanarama's Tom Roberts reports.

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