Running your own business is no horseplay, Vanarama customer Paul Hughes tells all

Being in the business of developing and distributing unique supplements for performance horses, means Paul Hughes' equine clients have probably got a quicker 0-30 speed than his pickup!  But this doesn't mean running a commercial vehicle is any less important to his company It's true.  The different types of businesses that rely on a van or pickup truck to operate is huge.  Although our latest van hero's company is one of the more usual trades Vanarama supplies to, he shares the same ups and downs of running your own firm as us all.  "There comes a time when you realise the ideas and dreams you have must become reality or you'll forever wonder about what might have been." says Paul about setting up Superfix eight years ago.  We asked Paul a few questions about his Gwynedd based business.

What's great about running your own business?

I love the total commitment you have to make to your business.  Knowing it's your creation and that you can't let go of the rope until you are ready.

What are the greatest challenges you face running your own business?

"There comes a time when you realise the ideas and dreams you have must become reality or you'll forever wonder about what might have been"

There are two main things here; firstly – being able to maintain the drive to grow and develop - at times it can seem like a steep hill to climb.

Secondly – Don't get stuck in the profit vs turnover trap – never forget it's a quality end product your customer will want as you grow and develop.

Top business tip

Focus 100% while you are establishing your business.  You'll have enough time to relax once you're up and away!

Greatest Success

Helping the economy…seeing our UK distributor (which only sells our products) growing from two to seven employees in eighteen months.  It's a great sense of satisfaction to see my business having a positive impact on others.

Biggest Mistake

Placing too much trust in the outcomes given you by other people.  Remember, your business is your number one priority of course, but isn't the top priority for everybody else.


Your dream superpower: See into the future

Favourite drink: Coffee

Favourite Sports Team: Wales Rugby

Favourite Holiday Destination: America

Dream car: Jaguar F Type

Prime Minister for a day? I would make a law to allow clinical research results to be used on Natural Product Labelling to give people an informed choice.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Start a manufacturing plant for our products where we are currently based

We hope that you've enjoyed reading about Paul's thriving business.  Paul relies on a Ford Ranger Wildtrak to get him and his kit where his business needs him to be. If you are a pickup truck enthusiast and are looking to replace, perhaps even upgrade your current make and model take a look at our leasing deals here which include this great Wildtrak

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