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Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian: Everything You Need To Know

Mitsubishi l200 barbarian: everything you need to know

Want to find out if the Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian) deserves a crown? Keep reading because we've got everything you need to know right here. Prince or pauper? Vanarama's Tia Richards reveals all.

If you've never seen the Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian, take a look at our full video review here:

And before we tell you all about this pickup truck, get a load of this…

The Mitsubishi L200 has had 5 revamps to its exterior AND interior design and 10 name changes, yep 10! Ever heard of the Mitsubishi Forte? No? What about the Mitsubishi Mighty Max or Mitsubishi L200 Express? Nope, me neither. Anyway, the point is, this pickup truck has always been a popular choice and it currently ranks as 10th for the best-selling LCV.

Wondering how long this face has been around for? The Mitsubishi L200 or Mitsubishi Forte first appeared in 1978 in Japan. And now? Well it's on its fifth facelift and the name Mitsubishi L200 has stuck (for now anyway).

Let's get back to business – the current-gen Mitsubishi L200 gives you the choice of an automatic (5-speed) or manual (6-speed) gearbox, but the engine stays the same, you'll get 2.4 litres of diesel.

Want to find out more about this Mitsubishi L200? Keep reading…

Flashy On The Outside


First impressions? It's flashy. The look of this pickup truck certainly puts others to shame… okay, maybe not the Ford Ranger… but our point is that the Mitsubishi L200 is a VERY pretty picture.

What makes it a beauty?

Let's start with the grille. It's mesh and it's marvellous! But you'll only get this if you opt for the Barbarian trim which is this model. Want to know why we're shouting about it? Well if you look at its previous design, the grille was half the size. Now, it's split in 2, which frankly in my opinion looks MUCH better, it's got more of a presence and persona about it. Just look at it sparkling…


If you look slightly to the left and to the right you'll spot the headlights and they have their own windscreen wipers! Okay… the actual name for the 'mini windscreen wipers' are washers, windscreen wipers, washers, who cares?! They wash the headlights, what more could you want? And you'll get Bi-Xenon headlamps which are, how shall we put it… VERY bright. These lights haven't got the best reputation – they are the ones that are near blinding when you're driving. I mean it's better to have them, than not have them – you'll be able to see EVERYTHING! (especially when it's dark).

Moving onto the wheels. At the top-spec Barbarian trim level and on the more basic trims you'll get 17-inch alloys dressed in brushed aluminium. Need we say more?

Electrically powered wing mirrors come as standard too.

And if you're wondering what sets the Barbarian apart from the more basic models keep reading…

  • Door handle recess trim – Mitsubishi have engraved 'Barbarian' on the aluminium inlay.
  • Attention to detail on the fuel filler cover. 'Barbarian' is engraved here too.
  • Barbarian engraved on the tailgate handle – maybe Mitsubishi have gone a bit overboard, but I suppose it's nice to show off that you've got the top-spec L200, right?
  • AND, if you pull the handle you'll notice that the tailgate is soft drop.

It's Plush On The Inside Too


Take a seat, but don't strap yourself in because we're going to be showing you around this plush cabin, front and back.

So, let's start with the front of the cabin.

Right, jump in. Actually, before you do you'll have to open the drivers side door. Nope don't step in yet, cast your eyes down towards the bottom of the driver's door skirting… BEHOLD THE LIGHT-UP DOOR ENTRY GUARDS! Impressive, right?

The second thing you'll notice are the luxury leather seats – a feature that is exclusive to the Barbarian. I know we're focusing on the front, but if you peep in the back, you'll see the plush leather seats there too.

And guess what? This pickup truck is keyless! You won't need a key to unlock it and you won't need a key to start it – it's the little things.

Up next is the tech – and there's LOADS of it. Look on the steering wheel (which is also leather), there's 13 buttons! Wondering what you can control from here? You can do the obvious like control the sound of the infotainment screen and answer calls.

Let's move onto the middle, you'll notice tech here too. This pickup truck has 4 driving modes; rear-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, low-ratio rear 4-wheel drive and low-ratio 4-wheel drive with lock central ratio. And if you look just above the driver information display, you'll see a diagram of the wheel placement on this pickup, and it illuminates the wheels in green to tell you which ones are in use.

And now for the headliner you've all been waiting for – the 7-inch touch-screen infotainment display, which also doubles up into a reversing camera.

If you don't fancy using the standard display which includes DAB radio, link up your phone by pressing the 'AppleCarPlay' app icon and there you have it – a screen that mirrors everything you see on your phone. And if you've got an iPod, yep I said iPod, you can connect it – does anyone have an iPod anymore?

Now let's get to grips with the reversing camera. Move the gear stick into reverse and anything that's behind you will show up on the 7-inch screen. Handy if you have a few dents from bumping into billiards.

Before we move onto the back, here's what we think about the storage. You'll get the usual cubbies and storage stowage in the door pockets, but if you lift up the arm rest, you'll find storage space here too. Not only will it give you 2 storage options – a tray and storage bin, there's a 12-volt socket too.

Now it's all about the back, here's what to expect…

  • Leather seats
  • ISOFIX points
  • Blue LED lighting in the footwells
  • MORE cubbies – pull down the arm rest and BOOM you've got 2 more.
  • Oh, and you'll get more storage space too. The front seats have pockets on the back for you to store anything from magazines, snacks and more.
  • We've saved the best till last – the toolkit. But where is it you ask? Pull the toggle that's located in the middle of the back seats and BINGO, there's your tool kit.

Look At The Length On That!


Long, reliable and VERY robust – say hello to the loading bay. You didn't have anything else in mind did you? Anyway, here's everything you need to know about the loading bay.

The loading bay on the Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian is 1470mm in length and width (or 1085m in between the wheel arches). And the payload? You'll get just over 1000kg.

If you're looking for a longer loading bay, choose from the single cab or the club cab models. Both models are slightly longer than this one. The single cab measures to 2230mm in length and the club cab packs 1810mm in length, but you'll get the same width measurements (including the 1085mm in between the wheel arches).

But if you're after a bit of luxury, choose the Barbarian. It might not have the longest loading bay, but it's the best from the bunch of L200's. 

The Road Test

Is it a car or a pickup? Want to know our verdict, read all about our road test below…

So, we put the pedal to the metal and drove the Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian on our usual route, and it was a pleasure to drive.

Let's introduce you to its engine… 2.4-litre, in-line 4-cylinder 16 valve, 180PS, (with turbo charger), 6-speed, manual diesel engine – it might be mouthful to say, but driving this pickup proved to be a piece of cake.

So, what was it like to drive? Smooth, powerful and very car-like, need we say more? Okay, maybe we should give you a bit of an explanation.

Pickups are built for tough terrains, so it's no surprise that the L200 handles humps and bumps on the road with ease.

Now it's all about how powerful this pickup is. Even though it doesn't have Ford's duratorq engine which guarantees that extra bit of control, the Mitsubishi isn't far behind, it's certainly not lacking in power.

And now for how car-like this pickup is. As we mentioned earlier, it's loading bay can hold over 1000kg, but rest assured that this won't affect its car-like capability. The Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian is very light on its feet.

But if you really want to know what it's like to drive this pickup why not get yourself one from Vanarama, browse our range of Mitsubishi L200 pickups.

The Perfect Pickup

Final thoughts? Erm why wouldn't you want one? You'll get 1000kg in the back and a plush cabin in the front? This pickup truck is comfortable and capable, what more could you want?