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Can You Guess Which Cars These Vintage Adverts Belong To?

Published on Friday 09 October 2020 in Car news

Can You Guess Which Cars These Vintage Adverts Belong To?


The 1970s and 80s are infamous in automotive circles for throwing up some of the most hilarious print advertisements of all time. In those days, car brands would regularly use outlandish comparisons between themselves and other manufacturers to sell their cars, cheesy straplines and poke fun at a fragile male ego.

Our Favourite Examples Include:

  • "How To Survive A Midlife Crisis With Dignity."
  • "You Don't Need A Big One To Be Happy"
  • "Honestly now, did you spend your youth dreaming about someday owning a Nissan or a Mitsubishi?"

Unlike today, the advertisements hardly have anything to do with the cars they feature, and instead focused on the what the car means to people socially. You would never guess what car many of the straplines are referring to. To find out just how much the slogans are comparable to the cars they're selling, Vanarama has removed the car from 10 of the best advertisements of the time and created a quiz. Your job is to guess which car the advert is trying to sell.

We've Put Together Some Tips To Help You Get The Best Score Possible:

  • Remember, car advertisements at the time were extremely cheesy. They were often being humorous, self-deprecating or bashing competitor cars.
  • Straplines can often be misleading as car manufacturers paint their vehicles in the best possible light.
  • Check out the small print, which car company would describe their car that way?
  • Most car companies have completely rebranded their image since the 1970s and 80s, so the manufacturer you're least suspecting might be the correct answer.

Simply press the "Start" button to begin the quiz.



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