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Vanatomy: Why the Vauxhall Vivaro is a trustworthy choice for van drivers

Published on Friday 25 November 2016 in Van News

Vanatomy: Why the Vauxhall Vivaro is a trustworthy choice for van drivers

Professional from bonnet to bumper, the Vauxhall Vivaro's recent update has made its interior even more comfortable and stylish.

With its roots in the classic Renault Trafic vans from the 1980s, today's Vauxhall Vivaro is a stylish van that doesn't compromise on storage space while offering improved driver comfort. Gary Lemon, Vanarama's Sales Director, said: "The Vivaro's gone through its fair share of facelifts over the years, but the current models are reliable and good-looking vans. There's good space in the back too, with roof heights and wheelbases to suit differing business needs."

True, the Vivaro operates in one of the busiest van market sectors, filled with competitors like the Ford Transit Custom, but its many loyal customers love its simplicity and British-built trustworthiness – both major plus points to drivers like Vanarama customer Nicholas Langley who summed it up perfectly: "Best van I've ever had. Simple as that!"


"Like driving a performance car"

Looking at engines, it's diesel across the board, so long journeys won't cost you – miles per gallon sit nicely in the 40s across the available models. One of our customers, Brett Barker, highlighted this in his review, saying: "This to me is the most practical and economical van on the market – really happy with the mpg I'm getting."

There are various engine sizes available, the one you go for will be determined by the amount of power you want and the amount of load you regularly carry, but even with the smallest engine available it still packs power. Vanarama customer Mark Skellam said: "To drive the Vivaro is like driving a performance car." High praise indeed, and a common theme in many of the customer reviews on our site who compliment the van's ability to pick up speed quickly when needed.


Pack it in, pack it high

With a simple choice of wheel base length – each with two choices of roof height – Vauxhall has made it easy to narrow down which version of the Vivaro you plug for. The surprisingly-large storage space in particular is a major pull for Vanarama customers, with William Booker commenting he is "impressed with the load area".

The driving position, though not as high as some gives you a great view of the road, and the big door mirrors combined with the Vivaro's compact size help with tricky manoeuvers into tight spaces.


Hey, good looking

At the Sportive trim level, the Vivaro's body elements include body-coloured front bumper, side mouldings, vertical rear bumper corners and side mirrors, and the grille has chrome accents – so it's got the looks to back up the utility and performance.

Happy customer Michael Booker told us: "I'm really impressed with this van. I have the platinum silver colour and it looks great. The other builders and roofers have van envy." Need we say more?

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