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Citroen Dispatch Lease Deals

The Citroen Dispatch is compact, comfortable & capable, no wonder it’s top of the list to pick on a van leasing deal. The medium-sized van will perform on the road even when it has a weighty load. If you want a van that’s nothing but a workhorse there’s no better match than the Citroen Dispatch.

Citroen Dispatch Specifications & Dimensions

The specs & dimensions from the Citroen Dispatch prove how capable it is.

  • Payload up to 1469kg

  • Different vehicle lengths (XL, M, XS)

  • Different models (crew cab, combi)

  • 1.5-litre or 2.0 diesel Euro 6.2 BlueHDi engines

The Citroen Dispatch comes in 23 versions, & now includes a FULLY Electric e-Dispatch version so take your pick because there really is a Dispatch for everyone.


Citroen Dispatch Drive & Trim

Citroen Dispatch is offered in ‘X’, ‘Enterprise’, ‘Worker’ or ‘Driver’ specifications, tailored to your own requirements.

Comfort is key for the Citroen Dispatch when it comes to interior, but don’t get too comfy…

The medium-sized van is built for business too. The Dispatch will make sure you’re not too relaxed because there’s a pivoting writing table built into the middle storage compartment (on certain models).

Other features from the entry-level trim include cruise control, DAB radio, Bluetooth, USB ports & lots more.


Citroen Dispatch Fuel Economy & Emissions

The Citroen Dispatch has a range of engine powers that rev from 100bhp to 180bhp.

If you’re looking for the most economical version of the Citroen Dispatch, it’s the 1.5-litre engine with 100bhp. From the large line up of versions available, this one produces just 130g/km Co2 & is most efficient in fuel consumption with an official overall figure of 44.2mpg.

Add into the mix a fully electric version, the e-Dispatch being only available as automatic, with a choice of 50 & 75kWh battery giving 144 - 206 miles range & fast recharging speeds. This provides a real alternative to the standard diesel options with much lower fuel costs & a great driving experience.

Whatever you choose, all models return a great economy in running costs.


Citroen Dispatch Finance

How Much Does It Cost To Lease A Citroen Dispatch?

When you lease with us you will get a brand-new Citroen Dispatch & there’s no catch! We guarantee the best leasing deals at the most competitive price - you won’t need to think twice about getting a new Dispatch.

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